Power Rangers Super Megaforce – All Legendary Ranger Battles | Episodes 1-20 | Superheroes

Power Rangers Super Megaforce – All Legendary Ranger Battles | Episodes 1-20 | Superheroes

Legendary Ranger mode, Samurai! [Rangers] Ready! (energy hums) (laughs) Yeah, they’re
doing it, woohoo alright! This is an historic moment
for the Power Rangers. Ready. [Rangers] Go Go Samurai! Power Rangers Samurai! [Gia] Sweet! [Jake] Let’s try another legendary mode! [Rangers] Legendary Ranger
Mode, Mystic Force, ready! Magical source, Mystic Force! Pink Mystic Ranger! Green Mystic Ranger! Yellow Mystic Ranger! Blue Mystic Ranger! Red Mystic Ranger! [Rangers] Power Rangers Mystic Force! [Noah] Whoa, Righteous! I think you’re having
an identity crisis. It doesn’t matter who
you are, this ends now! (explosions echo) Quick, Legendary Ranger mode, SPD! [Rangers] Ready! Power Rangers SPD! [Troy] Take out his
missiles, and then hit him! (explosions echo)
(rangers yell) (grunts) I’m not that easy to take down! You can block my missiles,
but you can’t block me! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Ninja Storm! Ready! [Troy] Thunder Staff! [Gia] Ninja Sword! (rangers yell) (monster grunts) [Troy] Let’s make him see red! [Rangers] Legendary
Red Ranger Mode, ready! Whoa, we can all be red? Color me impressed, this
mode’s got some serious power. I’ll say! Let’s turn this guy black and blue! (rangers yell) (grunts) What, I’m seeing red? Red Rangers, it’s time to get fired up! (explosions echo) (monster yells) (Troy yells) (monster groans) [Monster] At least it
took five teams to beat me! We need to go Legendary! [Noah] We could use RPM’s weapons! [Rangers] Legendary Ranger Mode, RPM! Get in gear! Turbo Cannon! (explosion echoes) [Gia] Burn rubber, X-Borg! Zip charger! Turbo Axe! (yells) Rocket blaster! (yells) [Rangers] Let’s switch things up! Legendary Ranger mode! [Emma] Bring on the new powers! They’re sure giving me an extra kick! These guys are toast! Nice, time to take these
new powers on a test drive! Make that a test fly! There’s so much power
running through me! You guys are about to
get swept away! (yells) Let’s find out what happens
if we combine our new powers. [Rangers] Right! Final strike! (explosions echo) Let’s go SPD! Legendary Ranger mode, SPD! SPD emergency! (energy hums) (monster growls) (rangers yell) [Gia] You’ll never take over our planet! (explosions echo) Take that!
[Noah] Whoa! (Troy yells) You picked the wrong planet
to mess with this time. (monster grunts) SPD Delta Blaster, locked! [Rangers] SPD Delta Max loaded, fire! No, stop! (yells)
(explosions echo) [Gia] Let’s show him our full fury! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Jungle Fury! (explosions echo) Jungle Beast, spirit unleashed! [Troy] Battle Claw, unleashed! (laughs) Nice. Say goodbye! (rangers yell) [Emma] Rhino Morpher! Super Blade attack! [Troy] Let’s unlock some
blasting power and finish them! [Rangers] Legendary Ranger mode, SPD! SPD emergency! SPD Delta Max loaded! [Troy] Fire! (explosions echo) (triumphant music) Ultimate Ranger Saber strike, activate! Do your worst! This is the part where you say goodbye! Fire! Mega Force, Samurai,
Mystic Force, Ninja Storm, Lost Galaxy, Super Mega Blue! (monster yells) Let’s take a queue from Jake, and give him a black eye! Good idea! Yeah! [Rangers] Legendary Black Ranger mode! Dino Thunder Black Ranger! Alien Black Ranger! RPM Black Ranger! [Troy] Let’s power up! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Wild Force! Wild access! (yells) Ha, a costume change won’t help you! Attack! [Troy] Let’s go wild on these guys! (rangers yell) [Noah] Let’s take out the trash! (pterodactyl calls) (zord roars) In honor of the Red Lion, let’s go Wild Force! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Wild Force! Wild access! (animals roar)
(energy hums) Guardians of the Earth, united we roar! Power Rangers Wild Force! [Monster] Tear them apart! (rangers yell) (intense music) Blue Shark Fighting Fin! (yells) [Jake] Nice one! [Monster] Attack all you want, I won’t fail my mission! (grunts) Come and get me! (lion roars) (monster yells) [Troy] The Wild Force power’s with us, I can feel it! And we can focus all
our power through this! [Rangers] Wild Force, ready! [Troy] General, your mission is over! [General] Bruisers, cover me! Jungle Sword! [Rangers] Jungle Sword, savage slash! ♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ (monster grunts) [Troy] Let’s go Legendary! Legendary Ranger mode, Mighty Morphin! [Rangers] It’s Morphin Time! (energy hums) (rangers yell) Power Daggers! (yells) Power bow! (explosion echoes) Power Axe, fire! (Matacore grunts)
(Jake yells) Power Lance! This guy’s crazy tough! (grunts) [Troy] Enough already! [Matacore] At least
try and put up a fight. (Troy yells) (General laughs) Well done, Matacore! Even powered up, they’re no match for you! Now finish them off! [Troy] We gotta try
another legendary mode. Yeah, let’s mix it up! Excellent. These fools can’t make up their minds. [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Lost Galaxy! Go Galactic! [Noah] You guys keep him busy, I’ll take care of the Prince! (yells) [Prince] (yells) Protect me! [Monster] Stop right there! Fine, I’ll take you both down! Choose your words carefully, blue. They could be your last. [Noah] Yeah, bring it! (monster grunts) (explosions echo) Whoa, he knocked me
outta legendary mode! (Emma and Gia yell) Trans Blaster, fire! Right back at ya! (Jake yells) Might of Flame! (yells) (Troy yells) We need our legendary powers! It’s morphin time! Jaden said to use our instincts
to sense their next move. Let’s do that, and use our best legendary modes to fight them with! Legendary Ranger mode,
Operation Overdrive! (yells) Legendary Ranger mode, Ninja Storm! (explosions echo) Ninja Sword! Legendary Ranger Blitz! Troy’s right, we just need to
stay one step ahead of them. Legendary Ranger mode, In Space! Surprise! (yells) I sense a new attack coming! Legendary Ranger mode,
Dino Thunder, power up! (intense music) My turn! (yells) Legendary Ranger mode, Zeo! (yells) Bet you didn’t see that coming! And here’s a little
something extra to boot! Legendary Ranger mode, Time Force! Time’s up, boys! Time strike attack! Enough, finish them or I will! [Troy] I don’t think so! (yells) Guys, we need to keep
some power in our tanks to fight Matacore. Let’s go legendary again guys, this one’s for Jaden. [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Samurai! Go go Samurai! (rangers yell) (Matacore yells) [Matacore] Don’t you get it yet? Whatever powers you call upon,
I will match them and more! (swords ping) [Jake] Troy, use the
double disc Jaden gave us! Right, it’s time! Fire Smasher, double disc mode! (yells) (explosions echo) That disc is awesome, let me try! Double disc, two sword strike! We need to go legendary. He’s too strong! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Wild Force! Wild access! (monster grunts) [Gia] Hand over our weapons! (yells) [Noah] Or we’ll make you regret it! [Monster] Afraid to
get your hands dirty? (Troy yells) [Troy] No, we’ll do
whatever it takes to stop you! [Monster] You don’t have what it takes! (monster yells) That wasn’t supposed to happen! Time to get wild! (rangers yell) [Monster] (grunts) You’re
better than I thought, but don’t worry, I’ll be
back to finish you all. [Gia] Yeah, yeah. [Jake] Yeah, hey guys? Follow our lead! [Rangers] Right! Legendary Ranger mode, Jungle Fury! Jungle Beast, spirit unleashed! [Jake] Purple Wolf, right behind you! (rangers yell) [Monster] What, no, stop! Not enough rangers! [Jake] Let’s sink our claws into him! Enough games, Raring Fists! [Troy] Use your animal
instincts to evade them! [Monster] What, how can
thwart my ultimate attack? [Gia] Just like Master Casey taught us! Unleash your animal spirit! You have the spirit of the snake. You have the spirit of the phoenix. Just like animals do, you trust
and control your instincts. You know how to defend yourself. (rangers yell) Or attack. [Troy] Jungle Fury, Claw Booster, fire! (monster yells) (rangers yell) [Jake] Together, Emma,
release the power of the pack! (monster grunts) Let’s go legendary! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Lost Galaxy! Go Galactic! (rangers yell) [Gia] You okay? That’s it? Come on, I’ll even give you a free shot! [Rangers] Trans Dagger! (rangers yell) [Emma] What? [Noah] Some kind of force field! Not just some kind, the
kind that can block anything you throw at me, so try
as hard as you want. You can’t defeat what you can’t hit! (explosions echo) (rangers yell) We’re not going down that easy, come on! (rangers yell) (monster grunts) (energy hums) (rangers yell) [Troy] Hey guys, keep at it! Give him all we’ve got! (explosions echo) Man, that was rough. This guy’s strong! [Jake] I’m tired of
getting knocked around. I’m gonna finish this, now! [Troy] No!
[Gia] Jake, don’t! (monster grunts) (explosions echo) [Jake] Quasar Saber! (yells) What? (energy hums) [Jake] Whoops! (yells) [Troy] Move in, the force fields down! [Monster] But I’m not! (explosions echo) I must retreat for now, Rangers, but know this, next
time I will finish you. [Jake] So close, I just wish I knew how I deactivated his force field. [Rangers] Let’s go legendary! [Orion] Uh… We know you can do this. Okay, show me. Legendary Ranger mode, Samurai! [Rangers] Go go Samurai! Samurai Blue! Samurai Yellow! Samurai Pink! Samurai Green! Yes, the Samurai sixth ranger key. Legendary Sixth Ranger mode! Samurai Gold! (morpher beeps) I did it!
[Troy] Nice! [Monster] You won’t find this so nice. (explosions echo) (rangers yell) [Rangers] Spin Sword, Quintuple Slash! [Orion] Barricuda Bite! [Emma] Let’s go legendary. [Orion] Good call, this guy’s
much tougher than he looks. [Rangers] Legendary Ranger
mode, RPM, get in gear! [Troy] Full throttle! Go for it, guys! Amazing, now it’s my turn to go legendary with RPM Sixth Ranger power. Cool, another silver key. Wait, I have a second key, a gold one. What’s going on? [Noah] Orion, we need your help! Morph already! Uh, but to which one? What, where am I? Wait, it’s you two. So, which should I choose? [Gosei] You don’t have to. Rangers, fuse! (energy hums) [Orion] Whoa! [Jake] Orion, stop
messing around and help us! You won’t believe what
just happened to me! No way! Can’t wait to see what this key can do! Time to go legendary! Legendary Sixth Ranger
mode, RPM Gold and Silver! (morpher beeps) [Gia] Huh?
[Jake] What? [Noah] Impossible!
[Troy] Nice! [Gia] Wow!
[Emma] He actually fused RPM Silver and Gold Ranger together! (triumphant music) Sorry for the wait,
but now it’s showtime! RPM Silver, and RPM Gold! Ready for action! And now I have two Cloud Hatchets, which means double the trouble! Jet mode, liftoff! (rangers yell) (Orion yells) Oh come on! [Monster] You’re strong,
but without the fancy suit, I bet you’re nothing! [Orion] Good thing I have it on, then! [Noah] The fusion’s
made him unstoppable! [Troy] He’s a great
addition to the team. [Noah] Yeah. [Gia] Exactly, he’s amazing! What, great, Mr. Impressive
just got even more impressive. (Orion yells) [Monster] Take a whiff of this! (explosions echo) [Emma] Orion! Smell ya later!
[Jake] Oh no! [Emma] Jake, get down! (grunts) Em, are you okay? I’m sorry, I froze up! [Monster] I guess it
is true what they say. There’s plenty of fish
in the sea! (laughs) (rangers yell) No! Legendary Ranger
mode, it’s morphin time! Cool, a new ranger mode, and boy does it pack a punch! Prism Punch, activate! You have your fishy fist,
I have my flashy fist! (yells) Enough of this rubbish! [Orion] Please, sixth
rangers, join together with me, and help us fight for Earth! [Gosei] The power of
six is now yours, Orion. Whoa, the fusion worked! This is incredible! (Jake yells) [Orion] Jake, are you okay, buddy? [Jake] Don’t worry about me, access your new powers! Okay, this monster’s in for a surprise. Super Mega Gold, power up! (energy hums) (yells) [Monster] Am I seeing things? Whoa, awesome! Earth’s defenders, never surrender! Super Megaforce Gold! [Monster] Silver, gold? Whatever, you’ll be black and blue once I’m finished with you! (laughs) [Jake] He’s just green with envy, man. Go get him! Yes, let’s finish this! (rock music) [Jake] Yeah, Orion, go! (monster yells) You wanted this to be
finished, you got it! Legendary Final Strike, charged! ♫ Power Rangers Megaforce ♫ Go go Power Rangers ♫ This doesn’t look good! Super Silver Spear! Power of six unite! ♫ Rangers forever, Megaforce all together (explosion echoes) ♫ Power Rangers Megaforce ♫ Legendary Mode! (explosion echoes) [Noah] Dino Thunder Tricera Shield! (monster grunts) [Monster] No, where did it go? My power prism! [Troy] Time for legendary Squadron mode! [Orion] I’ll go Mighty Morphin! [Rangers] Legendary Ranger
mode, it’s morphin time! Mighty Morphin White
Ranger, Saba! (yells) [Troy] Orion, duck! [Rangers] Legendary Strike, ready, fire! [Orion] Right! Curse you! He sure is a stubborn one. A hard head’s more fun to pound on. [Orion] We’ll stop him with
the power of Zeo crystal! (intense music) [Rangers] Legendary Ranger mode, Zeo! Power Rangers Zeo! Let’s go for it! (monster yells)
(rangers yell) [Rangers] Dynamite attack! (energy hums) (monster yells) (explosions echo) [Troy] Guess he couldn’t
weather that storm. [Orion] Alright! Legendary Ranger mode, Mighty Morphin! Ready, it’s morphin time! (rangers yell) Power Lance! Power Daggers! Power Axe, like that? Power Bow! Power Sword! (explosions echo) [Emma] That was rockin’! I’m a lover, not a fighter! But if you push me, I have to fight back, for her! (rangers yell) [Noah] Get him! (rangers yell) My turn! (yells) Uh oh! Ha, didn’t even tickle! [Troy] Yeah, how about this? Yep, that hurt. I better get reinforcements! I’ll be back! [Troy] Now or later, we will stop you! [Jake] Legendary Ranger mode, Turbo! [Rangers] Shift into Turbo! Red Turbo Ranger! Blue Turbo Ranger! Yellow Turbo Ranger! Green Turbo Ranger! Pink Turbo Ranger! Bring it on! (rangers yell) (rock music) What’s wrong, green? Too weak to fight me one on one? Leave him alone! We work as a team. [Rangers] Turbo Attack! Lightning Sword! (monster yells) Let’s tap into the
strength of our legendary prehistoric powers! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Dino Thunder! Power up! (rangers yell) Dino Thunder, white! Dino Thunder, black! Dino Thunder, yellow! Dino Thunder, blue! Dino Thunder, red! [Rangers] Power Rangers, Dino Thunder! (monster yells) (rangers yell) [Troy] Keep on him,
I don’t know how long we can hold this legendary mode! [Monster] You’re still no match for me! Thunder Max Saber, blaster mode! (explosions echo) Ptera Grips! (yells) (monster yells) (Jake yells) Brachio Staff, Fire Strike! (monster grunts) [Noah] Hello, miss me? (monster grunts) Tricera Shield! Drago Sword! (monster yells) [Troy] Now it’s my turn! Tyranno Staff! Uh oh, I feel my legendary
powers weakening, better use it while I can! (explosions echo) (monster grunts) Dino Rampage! (yells) Let’s get out of here and
come up with a new plan! Alien Ranger mode! [Rangers] Powers of Aquitar, activate! Legendary Ranger mode, Jungle Fury! Jungle Beast, spirit unleashed! [Noah] He’s yours, Gia! [Gia] Just the way I like it! (yells) (explosions echo) Nice Emma! [Troy] Spirit of the tiger!
[Noah] Spirit of the Jaguar! (spirits roar) (explosions echo) [Troy] Two down, one to go! (rangers yell) Time to punch a hole in his defense! [Rangers] Jungle Fury
Claw Booster, fire! (explosions echo)
(rangers yell) Did you forget already? Your attacks are worthless
against my shell. I don’t know how much more we can take. We gotta keep fighting. What next, Troy? Let’s tap into the dragon
powers of legendary mode! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, dragon power! (rangers yell) Then just call me Dragon Slayer! (explosion echoes) Is that all you’ve got? I think you’ll be afraid of this! Legendary Ranger mode, RPM, ready! [Rangers] RPM, get in gear! (energy hums) RPM, red! [Gia] RPM, yellow!
[Noah] RPM, blue! [Jake] RPM, green!
[Emma] RPM, black! RPM gold and silver! (rangers yell) [Rangers] Power Rangers RPM! Attack! (rangers yell) (rock music) (explosions echo) They tried to get rid of us in Corinth, now the power of Corinth
is gonna get rid of you! These power boots are awesome! Seriously, I’m totally
revved up! (yells) These guys don’t have a chance! I feel the need for mach speed! (explosions echo) Cool, ow! What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, a little help! (Troy yells) Thanks!
[Troy] No problem! Now to take out the rest of this trash! [Gia] You okay?
[Jake] Yeah, thanks. That really grinds my gears. Stop all that winning! [Orion] It’s just down
to you now, Professor Cog. Yeah, well too bad for
you, that’s all I need. Sprocket Spirals! (explosions echo) Ha, it’s over! Not yet, Turbo Cannon!
[Emma] Rocket Blaster! (energy hums) Zip Charger! (explosions echo) Cloud Hatchets! (yells) Straight Saber!
[Jake] Turbo Axe! No! [Jake] Whoa! [Troy] Straight Saber Strike! [Jake] Turbo Axe, strike! Legendary Sixth Ranger mode! Wolf Warrior! Knight Power Strike! What, huh? (energy hums) (monster yells) Legendary Ranger mode, Mystic Force! I’ve had enough of that Green Ranger. Hey Damaras, how come
you’re sitting this fight out? Too chicken to face me? Chicken!? I am the greatest warrior in the universe! (grunts) I will pulverize you! Uh oh!
(Damaras yells) That hurt! [Rangers] Legendary
Ranger mode, Mystic Force! Mystic Shield! (explosions echo) Follow my lead! [Noah] Yes, we have to end
this before the Armada shows up [Rangers] Legendary Ranger mode! Mighty Morphin mode, red! Blitz mode, black! Prism mode, green! Lightning mode, blue! Supersonic mode, yellow! [Rangers] Super Megaforce! Red’s mine! [Emma] Prism Shooter!
[Jake] Blitz Blaster! [Gia] Supersonic Flute!
[Noah] Lightning Rods! Power Sword! Attack!
(Levira yells) [Levira] I refuse to let you stand between me and redemption. [Troy] You don’t deserve to be redeemed. Redemption comes from changing
who you are on the inside. [Levira] Nonsense! (Troy yells) [Gia] This new mode
is loaded with power! I’m gonna make the most of it! Supersonic Flute! Sonar Blaster! [Noah] We need to
finish off these Kingsmen and help Troy! (yells) And with these two rods, I’ll
take this guy down double time Lightning Slash! [Jake] Nice, Noah, give me a second, and I’ll handle this guy too. Alley oop! Weapon Magma Galaxy! (yells) (monster yells) (grunts) Prism Pulse! Prism Gauntlets, activate! (explosions echo) Prism Punch! (explosions echo) No, this can’t be happening! Not now! [Troy] Yeah, good job, now wait for it! (explosions echo) [Orion] Legendary Ranger
mode, Mighty Morphin, green! Troy, use my Dragon Shield! Thanks Orion! Just the power boost I need! Legendary Ranger mode, Mighty Morphin! (yells) (triumphant music) [Gia] No way! (explosions echo) [Rangers] Legendary Ranger mode! [Troy] Operation Overdrive! [Noah] Squadron!
[Orion] Megaforce! (monster yells) [Troy] Lock him up! Green Samurai power! Aquitar Ranger power! (monster yells) [Gia] Ptera Grip!
[Emma] Power Bow! Pathetic! [Rangers] Fire power! (monster grunts) [Jake] Battlizer Gauntlet!
[Noah] Battle Booster! (monster grunts) [Orion] Finally, a solid hit! Keep it up!
[Troy] Let’s do it! (rangers yell) Legendary Ranger mode, Zeo! (monster yells) Had enough? I don’t even have a scratch! (yells) (explosion echoes) [Rangers] Legendary Battlizers! [Troy] Jake, take the lead!
[Jake] No problem! SPD emergency! (monster yells) [Noah] Here we go! Jungle Fury!
(Noah yells) Magi-Bolt! (monster yells)
(rangers yell) [Troy] Samurai Shark Attack! [Orion] Troy!
[Troy] Right! Power of six! (monster yells) Yes!

David Anderson

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  54. Yohan Pluviose says:


  55. Yohan Pluviose says:


  56. Nilesh Behera says:


  57. Rogue spear1919 says:

    That moment when you realize the "squadron" powers are the dairangers, or the source season for the white might morphin power ranger

  58. Sandraa Dimaas says:

    Go GO megaforce haaa

  59. Ky Bennett says:

    Remember when that Vilgax looking guy at 2:02 and he said "I'm seeing red" it must have been from that thing on his head

  60. Ameer Alaa says:

    ู„ูˆู„ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุณู„ู…ูƒ ู…ู† ูขูฆูขูฅูู„ุณุฏู„ุฏุทุฏุทุณุฏุฒุทุธุธุฒูˆุงู„ุชุจุชุจูŠูŠุชุชุงู„ู…ุฑุฒุฑูˆุฒุฒูฅูฅูงูค

  61. Abdullah Unal says:

    Best of all 9:38

  62. Abdooo Abdoyvhhjjj says:

    ุงุญู„ุง. ุจุงูˆุฑ. ุฑูŠู†ุฌุฑ. ู‡ูˆ. megaforce๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜—

  63. Unplugged Rung Pahadi says:

    It should be called Power Rangers Hackers ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  64. Duduzile Makhathini says:

    Power rangers lol so amazing

  65. Angry Rantman says:


  66. ุฒูŠู†ุจ ุญูŠุฏุฑ says:

    Birthright sheath few d dude

  67. DissidentMedia says:

    Im 10 minute and my brain is aleady broken.

  68. SansationalTom says:

    How do they know all the names lmao

  69. Najat Almasalmah says:

    You are my best movie i love you gaes ok

  70. Sisi Kyulavska says:

    Anyone noticed that at 26:14 Jake's key was black, not green?

  71. Jaadu says:

    22:25 thats just gay bruv not cool…..

  72. anjola aina says:

    My favourite moment is when they usually go to legendary power rangers

  73. anjola aina says:

    Legendary power rangers samurai

  74. Ben Nguyen says:

    Vy qwaint

  75. Hybrid Beastling says:

    So they can use the Sentai teams that never came to America

  76. Bart fukin simpson says:

    the nostalgia

  77. Ttisha Taylor says:

    I love the concept of a ranger team turning into past rangers a concept that was wasted sadly

  78. ghoul mist says:

    Green ranger has a Shield that reflects atackes and regenerates. Mighty morphine and i dont know if tgats full power white ranger from dino thunder i know he can absobe powers

  79. Theamazing AT says:

    Do they just have the costumes already on set everytime and just have them lying around and the blue mystic ranger was female so how can noah be in the blue mystic ranger suit

  80. Cleonice Dantas says:


  81. Trey Artemov says:

    They didnโ€™t even morph into Lightspeed rescue , time force & operation overdrive as a team.

  82. Oreb Napoleon says:

    1:24 Vilgax Are you suppose to be fighting Ben 10?

  83. estiven cejas says:

    pa que bueno que esta

  84. Scorpion says:

    English: Legendary Ranger Mode!
    Japanese: Gokai Change!

  85. Master Govind says:

    Pause at 33.05 see what key it is

  86. Milton Alvarez says:

    Buenas transformaciones de los rangers legendarios

  87. ameya joshi says:

    ๐Ÿ˜ Yehh … Thats y i like thise session like very very mutch .. they can use power in all lagandery ranger mode .. who bcome In past .. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  88. sam pound says:

    It eventually gets really annoying having them all shout everything at the same time

  89. Brittany Nickles says:


  90. zyuohger fan says:

    Mabye Noah should be yellow mystic ranger and gia blue mystic ranger cuase blue was a girl and yellow was a guy in mystic force and magiranger

  91. zyuohger fan says:

    Mabye they could of done all blue like in gokaiger

  92. zyuohger fan says:

    Don't just say bring on the new powers

  93. Gerald Howell says:

    Un in Unuh

  94. Luminosity says:

    This is SO trashy and iconic at the same time I love power rangers so much. Watch it high, it's s the funniest stuff ever!

  95. Solange Santos says:

    Eu gosto desse

  96. Melvin Alvarez says:

    Me encanta los modos legendarios

  97. Ackerman caahcaveiraseugado2k19 says:

    Gokaiger is best of the super mega force

  98. Richard Marchรกn says:

    Like si eres del aรฑo 90 y viste el video completo. Power Rangers For Ever.

  99. Saurbhi Srivastava says:

    Samurai without Orion

    Mystic force without orion
    Spd without orion
    Ninja storm without Orion

    Red ranger mode without orion

    Jungle fury without Orion

    Black ranger mode without Orion

    Wild force without Orion

    Mighty Morphin without orion
    Lost Galaxy without Orion

    Operation overdrive without orian
    In space without orian
    Dino thunder without orian
    Zeo without orian
    Time force without orian
    Samurai with orian
    RPM with orian
    Orion gold ranger

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