Power Rangers Ninja Steel – 3 Red Rangers | Episode 20 “Galvanax Rises” | Superheroes

Power Rangers Ninja Steel – 3 Red Rangers | Episode 20 “Galvanax Rises” | Superheroes

[Galvanax] What, they’re both gone, and the Ninja Nexus Prism
appeared in their place! Just like last time! What, three Red Ninja Power Stars!? Impossible! Wait, come back, I want those stars! Is that two? Brody. Is that you? [Brody] Hey, brother. [Levi] I thought you were gone. [Galvanax] What just happened? So did I. The prism protected me. But if you’re still the Red Ranger– Then who is that? You’re a ranger! That prism has more tricks
up its sleeve than Preston! [Galvanax] What, two Red Rangers? I’ll destroy you both! What’s happening? Our power stars! Who is that? Hello boys. Dad! I can’t believe you’re here. You’re alive!
Aidan! [Galvanax] Impossible, he was destroyed! I can’t believe it, you
were in there the whole time! When I broke the Ninja Nexus
star into six power stars, the blast seriously injured me. But the prism captured my spirit, healed me, kept me safe, until now. [Galvanax] Enough
with the family reunion! I’d rather have some family destruction! Looks like we have to battle
this creep one more time. You should’ve learned a long time ago, you don’t ever mess with ninjas. It’s morphin’ time! [Rangers] Power stars, lock in! Ninja Rangers, fear no danger!

David Anderson

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  1. ThanhD Phan says:

    Don’t mess with naruto’s bois

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    Philliptt1 has been the best day for you to go with us to go with you

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    This is the best video i have ever seen in the whole world and in my whole entire life

  6. Brianna Lockley says:

    We will see how ❤️

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    whoa, brody mick and dane!

  9. محمد طارق says:

    بحبك يا عم طارق

  10. Briones siblings says:

    Mick:the prism has more tricks than Preston


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    thats why in the future season they dont wear the helmets anymore

  13. khatereh khiveh says:

    That that that is awesome

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