Power Rangers Movie Recap | Epic Superheroes Movie | Original Red and Green Ranger | Lgacy Wars

Power Rangers Movie Recap | Epic Superheroes Movie | Original Red and Green Ranger | Lgacy Wars

(Zordon exhaling)
(dramatic music) (air whooshing)
(Zordon struggling) (Rita chuckling) (Rita gasping) (explosion booming) (Zordon and Rita yelling) (explosion booming)
(Billy yelling) – Whoa! Well, that really rung my bell! – [Kimberly] Go, go, go, go, go! – [Billy] (exclaims) Hey, wow! – What are you doin’, dude? – I’ve been diggin’ up
here, for some years! – Hey, easy, guy! Let’s sort this out, huh? – I seen him up here before! – Hey, Jason! – You cannot walk
around, blowin’ stuff up! – I was just tryin’ to
dig a little deeper! Maybe, I dug too deep, huh? – Billy, you don’t have to yell! We can hear you, okay? – Okay! – [Trini] Hey! You guys looking to get
busted, or something? This place is a restricted area! – Aw, really, Einstein? Restricted? As in, we shouldn’t be
standing on crazy rocks, doin’ Karate Kid moves, right? – Guys? – [Trini] Yeah, or campin’ out, on old trains! I see you too, homeboy! (earth rumbling)
– Guys? – [Trini] There’s a lotta
mine security out, tonight! – [Kimberly] Who is she? – [Jason] I don’t know. I’ve never seen her before. (wall cracking) – Oh, no! (earth rumbling) – What? (Trini screaming) – Look out! – There’s something in there! – Move! Watch out, watch out! – [Jason] What are you doing? – No, no, no! No, no, no! – Seriously? – [Billy] What are you doing? (tense music) My dad always knew the right spots. – [Zack] There’s gotta be more. – That doesn’t mean, keep breaking! (glass breaking) – [Jason] What is it? – What is it? – [Billy] Don’t break it! Don’t break it! You broke it. Okay. Oh, what? (energy whirring) Check it out! – Look, it’s Zordon! – [Zordon] The Morphing
Grid is never wrong. If the power coins have returned
to the ship, with these… – Teenagers! – With these teenagers, then these teenagers
are the Power Rangers. – Power Rangers!
(dramatic music) – [Zordon] It is called, the Zeo Crystal. – Oh, I love this part! This is good!
– And every planet, in the universe, that has life, has a piece of the Crystal,
buried inside of it. – 65 million years ago,
Zordon’s team died, defending the crystal, here, in what is now Angel Grove. – [Zordon] The coins have chosen you five. Now, you must protect the Zeo Crystal, and life, on Earth. – It’s morphin’ time. (Jason gasping)
(intense music) (crashing sound) (explosion booming) – We’re going to Angel Grove. – Let’s get the Zords. – [Billy] This is a lot
different than the van! (dramatic music)
(mechanical clicking) (Billy laughing and exclaiming) Yippee-ki-yay, mother! Mother’s good, mother’s good. – Go, go, Power Rangers! ♪ Go, go, Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go, go, Power Rangers ♪ – [Billy] I’m not goin’ the right way! Jason, I’m going backwards! ♪ Go, go, Power Rangers ♪ (menacing electronic music) – [Jason] Okay, everyone. Hold the line. (Goldar growling) (dramatic music) – Thank you, for bein’ my friends! – Hold onto each other! (all screaming) (mechanical clicking) (explosion booming) – Get my Crystal! (tense music) (Jason panting) – We’re alive! – [Billy] Guys, we’re alive! We’re like one, one big
Zord, like a Mama Zord! No, no, no, that sounds lame! A Megazord! – How? (mechanical clicking) (Goldar roaring) – [Jason] Ready! – Ready! – Ready! – Ready! – Ready. – Now! (Trini and Billy exclaiming) – [All] Slip! (Billy cackling) Grab! (Kimberly yelling) Lift! (Trini exclaiming) (all screaming) – [Jason] Kim, Trini,
move back on the arms! I’ve got swords! (mechanical clicking) (Jason exclaiming) – Wait! – Guys! – Look at me! (pants) You think you’ve won? I came, for the Crystal! Others will come! What you have? It can’t last! You know, I’m right! – No! – No. – [Jason] I don’t know. But, for now, I need you to
give your staff, and your coin, to us, and we’ll take it to Zordon,
and let him be the judge. – Zordon? Judge me? Never! No matter what Zordon says, I know, I am worthy! (Rita yelling) – [Jason] Trini, now! (Rita screaming) (mid-tempo hip-hop beat) ♪ There’s a moment, in your ♪ ♪ Heroes, everywhere we go ♪ ♪ We can have all, that we ever wanted ♪ – [Zordon] You should keep that. You’ve earned it. – I’ll come back for it. – That was terrifying! See ya, buddy! ♪ We can be heroes, everywhere we go ♪ ♪ Keepin’ us down, is impossible ♪

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  1. Power Rangers Official says:

    What is your favorite scene from Saban's Power Rangers Movie?

  2. Sudha Sharma says:

    Is there sky dad is red rangers

  3. Stephan Ramchan says:

    Great movie ?

  4. Kev Gamer says:

    Did anyone noticed tommy oliver when the crowd was taking pictures make this blue if you agree

  5. Chaya Natalia says:


  6. NC5S Music says:

    thêm 1 cmt đủ 1k này :v

  7. Ramchi Queen of dOrkness •w• says:

    I actually liked this movie
    Is decent and a sequel can take that potential and make it better

  8. Emilane Oliveira says:

    a única parte Boa do filme

  9. SIBA BHUYAN says:

    I like

  10. Aron Sauding says:

    Pls i want see this video at yutube

  11. Horacio Sanchez says:

    I like power Rangers

  12. Xd Gamer says:


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  14. ahmed fauzi says:

    This is the 1st time i really loved the power ranger since 2003
    It looks like a combination of Pacific rim and avengers. But i really appreciate the animation amazing ????

  15. Anthony Gaddi says:

    Tommy Oliver is there that’s my fav part of this scene

  16. Malcolm Arengh says:

    I love green ranger

  17. Tinker Music says:

    Pacific rim 3 : rise of new dawn

  18. Kurpma Konah says:

    Why was the old pink and green ranger in the ending

  19. Christian Payne says:

    Transformers, more than meets the eye
    It's like predaking on crack

  20. Adetola Olusegun-Babatunde says:

    This is not true

  21. Daffa Firza says:

    Vidio nya bagus ???

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    It is alien tech so might be dimas bayu


    Where is the dragon sheild in the chest rita

  26. ITZ AUSTIN says:

    Wait rita was a green ranger in the movie?

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