Power Rangers Dino Charge Episodes 1-20 Season Recap | Superheroes History | Neo-Saban Dinosaurs

(dinosaurs roaring) (epic music) (sighs) Gather around, my friends. You are the mightiest
creatures on the planet. I need your help. These are the legendary Energems. Their incredible power
transcends space and time, good and evil. Your spirits will bond with
them and keep them safe. If they fall into evil hands, the entire universe
will be in great danger. (epic music) (dinosaurs roaring) (Energems beeping) Now the Energems will be safe. Your long search for the
ultimate power is finally over. The entire universe
will grovel before me. What, it’s a bomb! (explosion roars) I’ll make you pay for this, Keeper, if it’s the last thing I do! (explosion booms) My asteroids, no! (explosions boom) (Fury grunts) (explosions booming) (solemn music) Whoa, a dinosaur fossil. Awesome. What is that? (dramatic music) Hmm, some kind of crystal. (dramatic music) (laser whines) (cloaked figure grunts) (Shelby grunts) [Cloaked Figure] No one steals from me! [Tyler] Think again. [Cloaked Figure] No! Give that back!
Hey, are you okay? Hi, I’m Tyler Navarro. Nice to meet you, uh,
Shelby, uh, Triceratops, catchy name. Where’d you come from? Well, you know, just
in the neighborhood. There is no neighborhood. (laughs) I believe this is yours. You won’t! (explosions boom) (dramatic music) Two Energems, this is better than I hoped! (Energems chime) (dramatic music) Don’t even think about it. (Iceage laughs) Million pieces. (dramatic music) What, you broke my precious ice? (dramatic music) (dinosaurs roar) What is this? I have no idea, but it looks like this goes in here. Whoa. (gun whines) (dramatic music) (laser whines) (Iceage grunts) Nice shootin’, Tex. Sorry, I don’t know
how to use this thing. [Shelby] What’d you do? I just started spinning the thing, and it started working, I guess. You’re ruining everything. [Both] Come on! [Shelby] What’s happening? I don’t know. Look out!
(Shelby gasps) [Shelby] What in the world? Whoa
What? They’ve become Rangers. [Tyler] (laughs) You look great. [Shelby] You, too. (solemn music) And a Green Energem. (dramatic music) Out of my way! That’s my Energem. (dramatic music) What? Impossible. Enough playing around! I’m not playing. Hey, you need a hand? Oh, no, thanks, I think
I found the problem. I just got to stick to
the old owner’s manual, and I should be good to go. (wind whooshes) (playful music) (dramatic music) Is that the museum? Yeah, go to the loading dock. It swallowed him! Whoa, a secret passage. Hey, wait! Guys? (suspenseful music) I think it’s some kind of lab. They are Energems. Stay back. Who, what are you? My name is Keeper. I assure you I’m quite harmless. Energems harness untold
powers of the universe. Long ago, I entrusted them
to guardian dinosaurs, but when the dinosaurs went extinct, the Energems were lost. Until, we found them. Exactly, and the Energems
have chosen to bond with you. (dinosaurs roaring) Why would they bond to us? Koda? Chase? Ms Morgan? You fought to defend a stranger
at great risk to yourself. That’s why the Red
Energem chose you, Tyler. Your discipline and intelligence
have given you the skills to protect others. The Green Energem was very
wise to choose you, Riley. Shelby. Why the pink Energem chose
you is anyone’s guess. (playful music) (Shelby grunts) I helped Keeper track down Chase after he bonded to his Energem. Then we found Koda. (dinosaur roars) Welcome to our team. You’re officially Power Rangers. (Tyler chuckles)
Power what? The Energems have given
you magnificent power and the dinosaur spirits
give you strength. Five Energems have been found, but five more are still lost. You must use your new powers to find them before they fall into evil hands. It’s morphin’ time! Dino Charger ready! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] T-Rex Charger, engage! Energize! Unleash the power! (charger beeps)
(Zord roars) (dramatic music) Whoa, now I feel dino-charged! Better late than never. Look good, Tyler. For the first time.
Hey! Are you really in there? No more games! I’ll destroy all of you. That is not Fury. That’s for sure. But whatever it is, it’s about to learn who we are. It’s morphin’ time! Just try to keep up, guys. Dino Charger ready! (playful music) Uh, click. [Shelby] Oh, thanks. (charger beeps) [All] Ready! (chargers beep) (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Para Charger, engage! Stego Charger, engage! Tricera Charger, engage! Raptor Charger, engage! [All] Energize! Unleash the power! (chargers beeps)
(Zords roar) (dramatic music) [Shelby] Wow, we look great together. You’re still just weak humans. [Tyler] Energize, ha! It’s not working. Dino Morpher Blast Final Strike! (Iceage yells) (Tyler laughs) I can’t take the heat. (Iceage screams)
(explosion roars) (laser whines) Monster extinct! (Sledge growls) [Poisandra] The one, the
only, my future husband, Sledge! (Sledge laughs) (epic music) [Sledge] Keeper, it’s you. The Energems belong to no one, especially not to you. [Poisandra] Ha! [Sledge] My dear old friend, you thought that blowing
up my ship could stop me. Think again. I waited in deep space
for millions of years for a comet to pass. I caught it with my electro-nets and rode it all the way to Earth. But it was worth it, because finally, I will destroy you. And then I’ll leave
here with the Energems. The Rangers possess
the power of the Energems and the strength of ancient dinosaurs. If you try to take the Energems, you will be the one who is destroyed. (Sledge grunts) (dramatic music) With Keeper’s help, I’ve updated your Dino
Chargers using the transmuter. Your chargers will now be able to activate a high-strength
armor mode called Dino Steel. It’s morphin’ time! Dino Chargers! [All] Ready! (chargers beep)
(dramatic music) Energize, ha! Unleash the power! (dramatic music) Power Rangers! [All] Dino Charge! [Tyler] Okay, guys, let’s
check out our new armor mode. (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] T-Rex Charger, engage! Dino Steel! [All] Armor on! [Tyler] It’s about to get wild. Hold on, we’ll take care of that. Dino Charger ready! Summon T-Rex Zord! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] T-Rex Charger, engage! (explosion booms) (Zord roars) Dino Charger ready! Summon Stego Zord! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Stego Charger, engage! (Zord roars) Time to see what my Zord can do. Dino Charger ready! Summon Tricera Zord! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Tricera Charger, engage! [Koda] Tyler, the
three Zords will combine? [Tyler] That’s the plan. Dino Charge Megazord, Tri-Stego Formation! (Zords roar)
(dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Stego Charger, engage! Tricera Charger, engage! T-Rex Charger, engage! Zords, combine! Stego Zord, combine! Tricera Zord, combine! (dramatic music) Dino Charge Megazord ready! ♪ Power Rangers ♪ T-Rex Zord, Final Strike! (Zord roars) Unleash the power! [Scrapper] I’m headed
for the scrap heap! ♪ Power Rangers Dino Charge ♪ [Tyler] Monster extinct. (solemn music) (Koda grunts) Taku! (ethereal music) (Koda grunts) Kendall, Ms Morgan was just showing us our new Dino Cycles. Dino Cycle, rev up! (cycles roar) (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Dino
Cycle Charger, engage! (cycle revs) [Tyler] (grunts) Energize! (cycle revs) Let’s try out the battle
mode on these Dino Cycles. Yeah! Yeah, I want to see
what they can really do. (Tyler grunts) (Riley grunts) I’ll whack you both off! (explosions boom)
(Riley grunting) [Tyler] Yeah (laughs)! (explosions roar) Whoa! Whoa, I’ve been waiting for this. Dino Charger ready! Summon Raptor Zord! (dinosaur roars) (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Raptor Charger, engage! (Zord roars) Awesome! Dino Charger Megazord
Stego-Raptor Formation! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Zords, combine! Dino Charge Megazord,
Stego-Raptor Formation, ready! [All] Raptor Zord, Final Flame Strike! (dramatic music) Attack! [Slammer] Oh no! I’m going to hyper die! [Tyler] Monster extinct! And deserves something equally precious. [Chase] What is that? [Moana] Take it, it’s yours. Go on. (ethereal music) I give you the Dino Spike Charger. It should harness the power
of all five of your Energems. Dino Spike? Perfect. Dino Charger ready! Weapons combine! [Mecha Voice] Dino
Spike Charger, engage! [All] Red Ranger, punch! [Tyler] Dino Spike Final Strike, ha! [Spellbinder] No! (laughs) Awesome! But I’m invincible! [Tyler] Wrong again, beak face. We’re the invincible ones. I’ve got a score to
settle with this crow. Dino Charger ready! Summon Para Zord! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Para Charger, engage! (Zord roars) [All] Dino Charge Megazord,
Para-Raptor Formation! [Mecha Voice] Zords, combine! (dramatic music) Dino Charge Megazord,
Para-Raptor Formation, ready! This birdbrain’s in for a surprise. [All] Time to get charged up! (dramatic music) Para Zord, Fireball Finish! Hyah! [Spellbinder] Wait! [Tyler] Monster extinct! Let’s see how he handles all five of us. Yeah! (Koda laughs)
Yes! All right!
Yeah! Stego! Ready for action! We do this together. You said it. All five, ready! [All] Ready! [Mecha Voice] Dino Charge
Megazord, Stego Saber! You’re going down. Ain’t that the tooth! [All] Stego Zord! Final Slash! (Cavity screams) [All] Extraction complete! [Tyler] Monster extinct! He found five Energems,
but five are still lost. Those Energems will only
be found near the fossils of the Pterodactyl,
Ankylosaurus, Pachysaurus, Plesiosaurus and Titanosaurus. We shouldn’t dig here just because we found bones here before. Hmm? Let’s star with Ankylosaurus
bonded to the Aqua Energem. Very well, Ankylosaurus it is. We’ll extract a DNA sample from an Ankylosaurus fossil and blend that DNA with
the energy signatures from your five Dino Chargers to create our first Ankylo Charger. (dramatic music) We’ll build a machine to
search for energy signatures that match the new Ankylo Charger. This Dino Charger should be able to temporarily power our machine while it searches for the Aqua Energem. [Shelby] Does that
mean it could also locate and power the Ankylo Zord? [Kendall] Yes, theoretically. (dramatic music) Voila! This is the Ankylo Charger. It’s the brain that
runs our new invention, the E-Tracer. (dramatic music) [Tyler] Let me see that. Awesome. [Shelby] Yes. You did it, look. It’s using the satellite network, trying to find an Energem signature. (satellite beeps) (Zord roars) It’s the Ankylo Zord. (Zord roars) There’s the stinger. Whoa, whoa! This doesn’t look good. Dino Charge Megazord,
Tri-Ankylo Formation! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Zords, combine! (dramatic music) Dino Charge Megazord,
Tri-Ankylo Formation, ready! [Tyler] Awesome! [All] Hammer Punch! [Stingrage] Whoa, that really stings! (dramatic music) Sweet!
All right! Welcome to the family, Ankylo Zord. [Tyler] Monster extinct! This Dino Charger has been created to detect energy from the Gold
Energem, or the Ptera Zord. Hopefully, the E-Tracer
will locate one of them. (Tyler grunts)
(dramatic music) What’s that? Well, well, well, this
brings back memories. Huh? Then you did know my dad. I should have known you were his son, with those pathetic fighting skills. You’re as weak as he was. What did you do to him? (Fury growls) Tell me! Your father was–
(communicator beeps) [Chase] Tyler, we can’t
beat this monster without you. We’ve got to use the Dino Spike now! Fool! (Fury grunting) Now to finish you! What is happening to me? (Fury screams) [Tyler] What is that? No, I’m in control! (dramatic music) (Fury grunts) With these coordinates,
I know exactly where to find the Ptera Zord. Sledge will love me for this. [Poisandra] No, no. [Koda] Fury is leaving with E-Tracer. [Riley] We can’t let him take it. [Tyler] Chase, you’re
the only one capable of hitting it from this distance. [Chase] Got it! [Shelby] But my E-Tracer. [Tyler] Sorry, Shelby,
if Sledge gets it, he could find all the lost Energems. (gun whines) (Fury laughs) (laser whines)
(explosion booms) [Fury] No! (Fury screams) (dramatic music) Nice job, hotshot. Wait. (laughs) Yes! (ominous music) What is he doing? You didn’t destroy it all, Rangers. With this, I will control the Ptera Zord. (Fury grunting) I can’t believe it’s working. The Ptera Charger is gaining power. It’s almost full! [Fury] I can’t control it much longer! [Wrench] Just a little bit more. (Fury screams) That must be what Tyler saw. Turn it off! Oh it worked! [Riley] (gasps) The Ptera Charger. These are the coordinates
from the Ranger’s E-Tracer. Time to show the world
how furious I can be. Summon Ptera Zord! (dramatic music) (Zord roars) I’ve done it! [Shelby] The Ptera Zord! Fury must have control of it. [Koda] Though we cannot hurt our friend. [Tyler] We don’t have a choice. We have to fight it. (explosion booms) Whoa, the Ptera Zord must have thought it was being attacked. (Fury grunts) That didn’t go as planned. But once I recharge this, the Ptera Zord and I will be back to destroy the Rangers. Which is why I developed these. They activate Dino Drive mode. Awesome. Fury won’t know what hit him. (sighs) Let’s hope so. They haven’t been tested yet, but if they work, they’ll
double your power, but remember, only in the Megazord. [Tyler] Whoa. Recognize this? I have my own Megazord now, Rangers. It changed. That’s the Ptera Charge Megazord. I sure wish it was on our side. [Fury] Deal with this, Rangers. (explosions boom) [All] Dino Chargers, ready! (dramatic music) Dino Drive activate! Ha! (explosion booms) [Riley] Everyone okay? [Shelby] Yeah. [Tyler] Yup. (dramatic music) The Stone of Zandar is– The Gold Energem. (epic music) This is amazing. It’s authentic. Welcome back, my old friend. The Gold Energem is bonded to
the spirit of the pterodactyl. How did it end up in
the treasures of Zandar? Zandar’s in Europe. Lots of pterodactyl fossils
have been found there. If Fury were to get a hold of this, he would have unlimited
power over the Ptera Zord. Then we hide it. Or, we could tell Fury exactly where it is. (suspenseful music) (screams) Surprise! Give me the Energem! (Shelby grunts)
With the Zord and now this Energem,
you Rangers are finished! (Fury screams) I’m invincible! Did he take it? He has the Energem. Now to power the Megazord! (explosion pops) The program will activate
in three, two, one– The Energem’s a fake! [Kendall] Now. They fooled me, no! (Fury screams) [Tyler] Give me the Ptera Charger, or I’ll destroy you! (Fury grunts) You’ve got no choice, Fury! (Fury grunts) No, no! It’s happening again! (Fury grunting) [Koda] Do it, Tyler! Destroy him! [Shelby] Tyler, what
are you waiting for? [Fury] No, no! Is it possible? (Fury grunts) Dad? You will not escape me! (explosion booms) Allow me to introduce myself. I am Prince Phillip III of Zandar, the real prince, unlike the imposters that have been masquerading around here. [Photographer] Can we get a kiss? (Fury grunts) Never! It’s mine (grunts)! No! Not now! [Shelby] What’s happening? (Fury screams) Could it be? Dad, is that you? [Fury] You will not escape! (Fury grunts) (explosion booms) (Rangers grunts) (Fury grunts) (man grunts) Dad? Dad! Dad! Huh? Huh? What? You’re not my dad. Who are you? I am Sir Ivan, Knight of Zandar. (epic music) That Energem’s mine! (epic music) Gold Ptera Morpher! Unleash the power! Still think the stone is yours? (Shelby gasps) Whoa, Gold Ranger? Vivix, attack! (dramatic music) Pterodactyl, Power Ranger, go! Ptera Charge Megazord, activate! (dramatic music) Your evil spell is broken. Hyah, Ptera Lightning Blitz! (monsters grunting) Ptera Lightning Slash! (monsters grunting) Monster vanquished! Prince Phillip. Why are you still here? Sire, I am at your service. This belongs to The Royal Family. (dramatic music) Do you know me? I know the royal blood
of Zandar when I see it. I’ve spent my entire life
faithfully protecting your family. So you truly are Sir
Ivan the Knight of Zandar. And the monster did not destroy you. No, he captured me for 800 long years. Only when aided by the power of that stone could I finally escape. It isn’t just a stone. It’s an Energem. They have more power
than you can ever imagine. Millions of years ago,
10 Energems were lost. We’ve only found five so far. The Stone of Zandar is the sixth. The Energem is yours to use as you will. You, Rangers, perhaps I shouldn’t have
doubted your courage. No worries, mate. And now, (dramatic music) ’tis morphing time! Dino Charger! [All] Ready! (dramatic music) Energize, ha! Unleash the power! (dramatic music) Dinosaur might, ready to fight! [Ivan] Dino Charger ready! Summon Ptera Zord! [Mecha Voice] Ptera Charger, engage! Activate Ptera Charge Megazord! [Mecha Voice] Ptera
Charge Megazord, engage! (dramatic music) Ptera Charge Megazord ready! Activate Dino Drive! Battle mode, engage! When the prince became thirsty, we stopped beside a creek. And there it was, glistening in the water, the Gold Energem. [Beast] It’s mine! (fighters grunting) [Ivan] I was able to keep the monster from harming the young prince. (beast grunts) (explosions pop) But when he blasted us, the Energem was knocked free. And the powerful beast revealed himself to be Fury. (Fury grunts) I was certain he would
destroy me, but instead, the Energem sent a bolt of power up Fury’s sword and across mine, bonding me with the
spirit of the Pterodactyl. What? (Fury grunts) No! (Ivan grunts)
(dramatic music) (ethereal music) How dare you bond to my Energem! (Fury screams) [Ivan] I struggled. I struggled mightily. But Fury was too strong. (Fury roars) And he dragged me into his dark and evil body. (ethereal music) The Energem, where did it go? I’ve lost it! [Ivan] The Energem fell into the creek, where I thought it was lost forever. (solemn music) Sir Tyler, just as we must work together so must our Megazords. Sounds like a plan. [Both] Activate
Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Zords, combine! (dramatic music) Dino Charge Megazord,
Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation, ready! The Dino Armor X jaws are
designed to be that tough. It works with Black Energem power. Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Dino Charger ready! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Dino
Armor X Charger, engaged! (dramatic music) (laughs) It worked! Armor X, ready! You’re never getting
past me, Black Ranger. Nothing’s stopping me. Spiral Attack! [Wrench] Whoa! (dramatic music)
(lasers whine) (Wrench and Gold Digger grunt) (Ivan grunts) (solemn music) This could be it. Ah yes. Finally, an Energem. Help! No, don’t, no, sire! (Phillip grunts) Come with me. (dramatic music)
(explosions boom) Chloe! Are you all right? [Chloe] Yeah. Oh my gosh. Look, these guys will take
you back to the museum. I’ll be there soon. [Chloe] Okay, Chase. Thank you, mate. I owe you one. (dramatic music) (fighters grunting) What, an Energem! (dramatic music) (Phillip grunts) Your Highness!
The Prince! (Tyler and Fury grunt) [Fury] No! (dramatic music) It chose me. (laughs) Congratulations. Energem very smart. (epic music) Whoa.
(communicator beeps) Ms Morgan, you’re not going to believe what just happened. [Fury] Another Ranger? Not for long. Is it morphing time? You bet it is. [Fury] You beat me once, but it won’t happen again. Graphite Energem! [Rangers] Dino Chargers, ready! Energize! Unleash the power! (dramatic music) Dino Charger ready! Summon Pachy Zord! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Pachy Charger, engage! (Zord roars) (explosion booms) [Tyler] The prince! If my Zord can take out those creatures, then I can finish you. Graphite power, Royal Dino Punch! (dramatic music) (Rangers gasp) Error, error, error, error, error! (explosion booms) Robot destroyed! (Zord roars) And I promise to protect
the Graphite Energem, use the Pachy Zord and Graphite Chargers in your quest to find
the remaining Energems, but if you ever require the help of the Graphite Ranger, I will return. Master Sledge, I think I’ve
located the Purple Energem. [Gold Digger] What? [Sledge] I’ll deal
with you later (grunts). (Rangers grunting) Gotcha! (Rangers scream) Thought you were a Bigfoot. Oh, you must be Albert Smith. That’s me, world famous, in New Zealand (laughs). [Crook] Let me go! (Purple Ranger hums) (Purple Ranger grunts) The Purple Ranger. So that’s why Sledge has
been searching New Zealand. He wants Purple Energem. (Purple Ranger grunts) Hey! Don’t worry. We’re on your side, mate. Wait a second. I know you. Albert? Surprise. Excellent! You’re a Power Ranger? Is that what they call it when I change, a Power Ranger? Yes. [Albert] My friends were
hiking in the mountains, and their sweet, little
girl, Cindy, got lost. [Cindy] Help! I was the only one with
a chance of finding her. I know the mountains
like the back of my hand. Don’t worry, little lady. Albert’s got you now. (dramatic music) Hmm, what’s this? Suddenly, could turn into a Ranger. It’s morphin’ time! Dino Charger! [All] Ready! Ready? (dramatic music) [All] Energize, ha! [Sting Rage] You really
think you could escape us? Albert, go, run! (dramatic music) No, not this time. (Albert grunts) Stop, what are you doing? Trust me. You’re not leaving here
with your Energem, old man. Oh at least give me a fighting chance. Hold on a second. (groans) My back aches! (Sting Rage and Iceage laugh) I’m coming to you, scallywags! Old Albert’s gonna teach you a lesson. (Sting Rage grunts) (Albert grunts) Oh, oh, my back! I may be old, but I’ll
still give you a whooping! [Sting Rage] He thinks
he can kick our butts. [Iceage] The only thing
he’ll kick is the bucket. You two need to learn some
respect for the elderly. And I’m gonna teach you. (Sting Rage and Iceage grunting) You fools walked right into my trap. That’s the last time you
underestimate Albert Smith. Tyler, hold still. Ah, thanks. (sighs) So that’s why you
took me all the way out here. You tricked them, you sly dog! Yep, finally caught
myself a couple of Bigfoots. Are you sure about this, Albert? You’d be such a great Ranger. New Zealand is my home. There’s just no way I can leave it. Plenty of other people can be a Ranger. But nobody here can replace me. Albert is right. His duty as the Purple Ranger was to keep the Energem safe from our enemies. But his work is done now. (solemn music) I’m ready, Keeper. Hold your Energem to
the head of my staff. This will unbond you from it. (dramatic music) Thank you, Albert. You’ve made us all very proud. (solemn music) This must be it. (Energem chimes) (Zord moaning) That’s her. A living dinosaur. I need to see it. It’s not something you use just to make yourself famous. You’re right, Shelby. It’s not about press
conferences or magazine covers. I’ve been digging for
fossils my whole life, because when I was a
kid, all I ever dreamed about was meeting a real dinosaur. And you reminded me of that. That’s the Dr Runga I know. And thanks to you, I finally get to meet one. But, it’s not a dinosaur. Yes, it is. I’ve seen the video. (Ivan grunts) Shelby, we got to tell him. It’s a Zord. The Plesio Zord, to be precise. Wait, I don’t understand. Only Power Rangers use Zords. That’s correct. So if you’re after the
Zord, then you must– The Zord is very weak. We’re here to heal it with this. But he said you’ve
discovered a living dinosaur. What scoundrel told you that? Him.
(Fury laughs) Fools! Thanks, Doc. We can take it from here. I’m so sorry. I’ve led him right to you. I didn’t know he was following me. Let’s destroy the Zord
and get out of here. Vivix, attack! (Rangers grunt) I won’t let him get it, Shelby. You, give it to me, or I’ll roast you! Throw it to the Zord in that cavern. Trust me! (Dr Runga grunts)
No! (Zord roars) The Zord’s re-energizing! It’s fantastic. [Shelby] You did it, Dr Runga. I’m proud of you. (Zord roars)
This can’t be good! [Shelby] Look out! Run! [Meteor] I messed up again! (Meteor screams) (Ivan grunts)
Out of my way! [Shelby] Hurry, Dr Runga! (Zord roars) (Meteor screams) (explosions boom) (Meteor screams) (dramatic music) [Tyler] Awesome! [Rangers] Dino Drive, activate! Battle mode! Plesio Zord, great to finally meet you. (Zord roars) Activate Plesio Charge Megazord! [Mecha Voice] Plesio
Charge Megazord, engage! (dramatic music) Plesio Charge Megazord ready! (Meteor grunts) Steady! (dramatic music) Brace yourselves, ha! (Meteor grunting) Deal with this! Spiral Galaxy Blast! [Ranger] Plesio Rocket Punch! (dramatic music) (Meteor grunts) Let’s make space his final frontier. Uh-oh! [Rangers] Three, two, one! Galactic Blast! (laser whines) [Meteor] Not again! (explosion booms) (dramatic music) [Ivan] Oh no! Watch out! [Stranger] Move it! (dramatic music) Are you okay, Miss? Thank you. That was so brave. You’re a hero. I’ll get your purse.
(gentle music) (epic music) Here you go. A hero shouldn’t go unappreciated, right? How ’bout a few bucks, you know, for saving your life and all? You want money for helping me? That’s not heroic at all. Thanks for all your help, mate. (stranger laughs) We need to find a hero for the Purple Energem to bond to. Let’s do it again. Okay. (upbeat music) Look out! (Kendall gasps) [Kendall] Nobody? Really? [Chase] Okay, reset. Look out! (Kendall screams) Hmm, this is pretty. (Kendall gasps) Thank you. You are a lifesaver. I’d save anyone as pretty as you. Check out the gun show, huh? (quirky music) Oh good grief. That’s enough for today. Hey, don’t worry, Ms Morgan. I’m sure we’ll find a new Purple Ranger. I hope. An unbonded Energem can be very dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. (ominous music)
(prisoners chattering) I haven’t been out of
that cell for centuries. (Sledge grunts) I love what you’ve done with the place. Get cute with me, and I’ll throw you back into that cell. Bottom line, you look like a human, which makes you useful to me. So I’ll make you a deal. Bring me the Purple Energem, and I’ll set you free. Set me free, huh? Good idea. (beams crackle) No! Now how about I make you a deal? (Sledge grunts) I get you the Purple Energem, and we’re partners. We rule the universe together. (Sledge laughs) [Sledge] No deal, Heckyl! I think you should reconsider. (beams crackle) [Sledge] What? Fury, secure the prisoners! Fine, we have a deal, partner. Excellent. I hope my shades are still in style. (Sledge grunts) [Sledge] Yes, hold on
to the shades, Heckyl. (dramatic music) You could’ve been hit. Thank you. You are very welcome, pretty lady. Now pay attention and stay out of traffic. He’s my wish. Excuse me. Are you okay, Ms Morgan? I’m fine. This may sound strange, but there’s something I’d
like you to hold for me. What is it? [Kendall] Here. No, no, don’t!
Kendall, don’t! (Rangers yelling) (lasers whine) (Wish Star laughs) Yes, an Energem, my ticket out of here. (Heckyl grunts) The Rangers mustn’t know who I am. I will not ruin my plan
for one single Energem. [Rangers] And Zords! [Mecha Voice] Stego Charger, engage! Pachy Charger, engage! T-Rex Charger, engage! Zords, combine! Dino Charge Megazord,
Ankylo-Pachy Formation, ready! [Rangers] Dino Drive, activate! Pachy Zord Wrecking Ball Final Strike! (dramatic music) [Wish Star] I wish
they hadn’t done that. I was so hoping to avoid this. [Sledge] Just try to avoid this. (laser whines)
(beam crackles) (Sledge grunts) (Heckyl grunts) [Sledge] (laughs) Good work, Wrench. [Wrench] Thanks, Master Sledge. [Sledge] Next up, the Rangers (laughs). [Heckyl] You’ll pay, mark my words. (upbeat music) [Get-Bot] Red Energem found. [Ivan] Good heavens. Awesome. It worked perfectly. And that is how Get-Bot is going to find the Purple
Energem on Sledge’s ship. [Tyler] What, Keeper? You may have an Energem, but you’ll never have
the heart of a Ranger. Stay back, he’s mine. You fooled me once, and today you finally pay for it. (fighters grunting)
(intense music) (laser whines) (explosions booming)
(Keeper yells) First, I’m going to take the Red Energem. It’s mine (laughs)! (Tyler grunts) [Computer] Returning to ship. (engines hum) (dramatic music) (Get-Bot beeps) [Get-Bot] Seek Energem. [Kendall] Oh no. (dramatic music)
(prisoners chattering) Take this to the vault immediately. (dramatic music) [Spikeball] Get the weapons! I’m still shackled. [Kendall] I got this. [Spikeball] You’re brave for a human, but you’re going to regret this. Huh? [Kendall] What’s happening? (Energem chimes) [Spikeball] She has the Purple Energem. [Kendall] What? It chose me. Yes, a wise choice, indeed. (Spikeballs grunt) (Kendall grunting) [Kendall] So this is what it feels like to be a Ranger. (laser whines) Keeper! Purple Ranger? (Kendall grunts) You were always worthy
of being a Ranger, Kendall. You only needed the opportunity to prove it.
(Shelby gasps) No way, Kendall? [Kendall] Yup, it’s me, all right. Sledge is using the Red Energem to power the ship’s lasers. He’s planning to destroy the Megazord. Come on, we’ve got to warn them. What are you doing? We need to go. I have to find the Red Energem. It’s the only way to stop Sledge. (alarm blares) [Shelby] I’ll come with you. No, the others need the Plesio Zord and all the Ranger strength we can find. But you can’t do it alone. I don’t want to do it alone, but I have to, and we both know it. Tyler! Tyler! (Zord roars) [Kendall] Activate
Plesio Charge Megazord! [Mecha Voice] Plesio
Charge Megazord, engage! Plesio Charge Megazord ready! Let’s do this. Plesio, land! (ground rumbles) Laser Cannon! (cannons whir) What? (Sledge grunts) [Get-Bot] Energem found. Who took my Red Energem? [Tyler] I’ll give you one guess. Huh, what? (Wrench groans) I’ve been looking forward to this. I wish you could see me now, Dad. It’s about to get wild. (Tyler grunts) (dramatic music) [Wrench] You need to
stabilize the thrusters. You just had to have one more Energem. You’re a half-brain. After 65 million years, you’re just figuring that out. We’re going down! (Poisandra screams) (dramatic music) (ship rumbles) Activate Plesio Charge
Megazord, Pachy-Rex Formation! (dramatic music) [Mecha Voice] Zords, combine! (dramatic music) Plesio Charge Megazord,
Pachy-Rex Formation, ready! [All] Dinosaur might, ready to fight! You know what to do. [All] T-Rex Blast! (laser whines) [Greenzilla] No! [All] Three, two, one, Galactic Blast! (Greenzilla yells) (gentle music) Eight of the Energems
have been returned. Thank you, Rangers. Koda, Ivan and, of course, Kendall will help me find the last two. With Sledge finally gone, the rest of you can return to your lives and do whatever you like. (electricity crackling)
(ominous music) [Snide] It’s my turn now (laughs).

David Anderson

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