Portal to Another Dimension! DC Superhero Girls vs SuperHeroKids

Portal to Another Dimension! DC Superhero Girls vs SuperHeroKids

– [Narrator] This a paid
advertisement for Mattel. – Oh, watch out. – [Eden] Bat girl, back to the Batcave! – Yeah, these DC Superhero
Girls are so fun to play with. – (laughs) Yeah. (slime squishes)
(ominous music) – Hope, did you hear something? – Nope. Here, come on. Come out Katana. (slime squishes) – Hear it now? – Where is that coming from? (mysterious noises) – Spider! (screaming) – Hope, don’t move. They’re all over you! – (screams) – What is this? Some kind of futuristic
force field barrier? – Nope. Just plastic wrap. – Ah! Wait, what? – Oh, come on Noah. – What? They’re fake? (sighs) (evil laughing) – I can’t believe Noah. He’s been messing with us all day. I just wanna play with our
awesome DC Superhero girls. I mean, why can’t he leave us alone? Look, he’s still doing it. – (evil laughing) – He’s been laughing
for the past 82 minutes. Get over it. What are we gonna do about him? – We’re gonna use this. (dramatic music) – (gasps) Is that a portal
that transcends time and space to banish annoying little brothers? – What? No, it’s just a portal to
another dimension away from Noah. – Oh! (laughs) My idea was better. – Okay. I got the DC Superhero Girls. Are you ready? – Ready is my middle name. – What? No, it’s not, it’s Marie. – Well it’s pronounced Ready. – Here we go! (shooting beams) – [Both] Whoa! – Wait, I wanna come! – Quick, before Noah catches us! – No, wait for me! No! Eden, Hope? Uh-oh. This can’t be good. – Whoa. (panting) – Everything looks the same to me. It doesn’t look like it worked Eden. – I think it did. I don’t see Noah anywhere. We must have gone to a
dimension without him. – Are the DC Superhero girls okay? – They look okay to me. Whoa! I’m Supergirl! – Whoa. – You must be able to turn
into DC Superhero Girls in this dimension. – That’s awesome, let me try. Whoa. This is so cool. – This is amazing. We can be our favorite superheroes. – And the best part is no Noah. – [Noah] What’s all this ruckus? – Huh? – That’s the lab sign of hurt. Or my name is Noah Nickson. – [Both] Wait, Noah? – Is that really you? – How’d you know my name? And, what are you doing in my house? – Your house? Why are you old? And, what are you talking about? – It’s Mr. Nickson to you. And, why aren’t you kids in school? And, what’s that doo-hickey over there? – Noah, I mean, Mr. Nickson, please don’t take our machine. – Huh? Talking back to your elders, huh? – Well, I’m gonna call your principals and you’re gonna get
100 years of detention. – No, you can’t do that. – Oh, more lip, huh? Well, watch me. And, I’m taking this with me. – No, you can’t do that. – Seriously, you can’t do that. We have to get that back. – Huh? – There it is, there’s the machine. But, how are we gonna get it? – I can’t believe we got rid of our Noah, but now we’re stuck with a
more boring and older Noah. – Well, how’s doing on this button? How do you turn this thing on? (grunts) – This is making me angry. (laser beaming) Whoa. This is perfect. I have a plan. – (snoring) – Okay, remember the plan. (buttons cracking) – Ahhh, where are my glasses? Where are my glasses? – Ah, I gotta do good before he sees me. (laser beaming) – I smell burning. Hot, hot, hot. – That works. – Those darn kids! I’m gonna get those parents. Glasses. Oh, this is an interesting book. (intense music) – Okay, Eden! Quick, fix the portal. – I don’t have any of my tools. And, my DC Superhero Girl
doesn’t have any gadgets! What do we do? – [Both] But these do! – (breathing heavily) Those hooligans. – Whoa. – Let’s fix this. – Eden, how much longer? – One more thing. – You hooligans. Why, I oughta– (gasp) – Done. – Done. – Go, go, go – Ready and jump. – Nu-uh! Not on my watch. – Noah, let go. – No, you’re not getting away! – Did it work? Are we back? – I think so. Wait, what’s that sound? (crying) – Leave me alone. – Noah, is that you? – Eden and Hope! I thought I’d never see you again. I thought I broke your portal machine. But, I never saw you again. I couldn’t play with you again. I’m so sorry you ruined your fun. – No, Noah we’re sorry we
didn’t let you play with us. – We’re just happy to be back and see you. Hey, do you wanna play with
our DC Superhero girls? – Yeah, that sounds fun. But, let me go do something really quick. (upbeat music) – I wonder what he’s doing? – What are you hooligans
doing in my house? – [Both] No! – (laughs) gotcha! – [Both] No! – Noah! – Make sure you check out DC Superhero Girls’ YouTube channel. – [Noah] Make sure to
check out these awesome DC Superhero Girl toys. – [Eden] We got Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Katana, and Supergirl. – Plus, a bunch more! – Check the description box
down below for more info. – Make sure to click
subscribe and check right here for another awesome Superhero Kid’s video. – We’ll see you there! (electronic music)

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