Pokémon – Infinity War (Animation)

Pokémon – Infinity War (Animation)

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Pokémon – Infinity War (Animation)

  1. Leah Hodges says:

    I now know the pain a marvel fan is feeling

  2. Princess danabar says:

    I don't like how my favorite legendaries (Latios and Latias) have gone erased. Even my Lopunny, Cutiefly, Tropius, and most Pokemon that haven't made it to the cut. I'm crying Q^Q

  3. Bakugan Alliance says:

    Turkish version:

  4. Jack Coleman says:

    I cried it’s so sad

  5. Piranha 66 and Carlee-hee says:

    They're coming back

  6. Tulle Navn says:

    Aegislash is in the games u know

  7. Niño Rafael V. Zalameda says:

    Lol he blipped the Pokémon that are not in Pokémon sword and shield

  8. Juliana Bruekers says:

    You make no sence 1000 dislikes

  9. Juliana Bruekers says:

    Masuda:no disrespectful coments. Me:10000000000 dislikes

  10. Krispy Boi says:

    well rowlet isn't totally gone

  11. Adrian Iballo says:

    0:49 surprised pikachu face

  12. Salvador Casal Caamaño says:


  13. Dominic Mottola says:

    Every time they are dust I say I don’t feel so good

  14. Matlox says:

    Why did aegislash die there is doublade and literally caught Aegislash

  15. Gabe Animates! says:

    A new pokemon game came out………but at what cost?

  16. Dominic Mottola says:


  17. Ciara Murphy says:


    one more meme before the world ends

  18. Ciara Murphy says:


  19. Yelly Yelmut says:

    noo torchic

  20. DangerLord Infinity says:

    I just realized that aegiglash should have been added in Sword&Shield, cause it makes more sense

  21. Super Speres says:

    Rowlet's in the game.

  22. Chara Dreemurr says:

    i love how when masuda snapped, pikachu made his :0 face xd

  23. code insta-zLeurian says:

    Noooo torchic

  24. Mega Furret says:

    I knew someone was going to do this…

  25. Roger Argueta says:

    You should make a end game one

  26. Mr L gaming says:

    This is sad

  27. Ask Kruse says:

    Pokémon Home have come so you can get the gone Pokémon🥳

  28. Alexander Schmid says:

    Its for these who knows that not every Pokemon exists in Sword and Shield

  29. jude Doran says:

    some pokemon that were snapped are in the game

  30. TNTGamerVNTM The says:

    Aegislash is literally Leon's first pokemon ;-;

  31. SubZeroPeep says:

    Pokemon dust and Pokemon infinity

  32. THE FIFTY DIAMONDS 2 says:


  33. Munchy Playz says:

    makes video
    Pokemon Home has joined the chat

  34. ・DaRkNeSs・ says:

    2020… There coming back. Most of them… but my Fav Pokémon is back GARCHOMP

  35. Oren gaming says:


  36. That Guy K says:

    This made me cry but the movie I didn’t cry?

  37. Sn0wbearYT says:

    Garchomp be: it’s the endgame now

  38. Mew ✓ says:

    Every pokemon sad
    charmander 😀

  39. Jon says:

    Could you make an animation where they all come back because of Pokémon home lol

  40. Game Over says:

    Pokemon gone 🙁

  41. Blue_gamer2001 says:

    The cover off this made me cry torching dying

  42. flowered camera says:

    scraggy is in Pokémon sword and shield though…

  43. Furryratchet says:

    But some of these are in the game o_o

  44. EVERYTHING IS Weird ._. says:

    Rip to all Pokémon that didn’t make it to sword and sheild

  45. Teresa Waller says:

    why take away garchomp :C

  46. Tlot Pwist says:

    Sudo Widow
    Captain Unova
    Black Luxray

    (* Zapdos but i had to cheat this one by using his french name)

  47. Noob Jojo vn says:

    Uhhh what about the egg lmao xD they still can born xD

  48. sftellez says:

    Scraggy is in the game! So is luxuray! And Bellosem!

  49. Julio López says:

    I see pokemon dispearing.

  50. Jorden Mariscal says:

    Wait EEVEE is a girl in this animation so does that kinda mean EEVEE and Pikachu are sorta dating maybe?just asking.

  51. Jorden Mariscal says:

    You don't have to take this seriously.

  52. Tyler owo says:

    I Can’t Be The Only One Who Got Emotional

  53. 4rthur Tuber BR says:

    Why Thanos No Would Be The Mewtwo

  54. Ianne Chrish says:

    All pokemon on different reagions died

  55. Gloribet Arrieta says:

    Me: realizes bulbasaur and squitle arnt in the game NOOOOO NOT THE OTHER STARTERS pokemon home: i got you

  56. Voiletkit AJ says:

    The surprise Pikachu face was there… owo

  57. Alpha Weegee Mon says:

    Game freak:I am inevitable
    DLC:And I am expansion pass!

  58. The Red Diamond Channel says:

    Who left a bowl of onions here?!

  59. Wolfrader 13 says:

    That was so sad😭

  60. Jun Paolo Dedamo says:

    Then why is scraggy in the game
    This is all false

  61. Nicholas Brown says:

    😢I cried when alohabnnb vulpix was hatched in sun and moon anime lol

  62. Emir Demirbas says:

    good I am sad

  63. Dave Beckett says:

    <3 all pokemon :(……..

  64. Dave Beckett says:

    I hate that the pokedex leaked

  65. Dave Beckett says:

    I almost wanted to.cry lol

  66. Xav J says:

    Nooooo Garchomp dead

  67. Sarayalexis Bustajana says:


  68. Mitchell Williamson says:

    Most of the pokémon that got snapped are actually in the game so this is a little inaccurate
    Just in case you didn't know this isn't a hate comment i'm just saying

  69. King Furret says:

    3:05 one of the best pokèmon cry ever :3

  70. Jared Smith says:

    So sad

  71. ShootMeSoftly says:

    Sad boi vibes

  72. Daisy Lee/bindy28 says:

    Pikachu: surprised pikachu face

  73. Kaitlyn Wolford-Osborne says:

    Lol um pokemon home =p

  74. BLAST DARKNEST says:

    Hey Aegislash in swsh

  75. Dgdh Bdh says:

    My little Pokemon on my name is Hannah.

  76. Allan Espinosa says:

    Pokemon Home: Ima Just Bring Everyone Back

  77. Honey Angel says:

    It’s really sad.”😢

  78. Zack Hughes says:

    Masuda is az trying to revive his Pokémon

  79. Agent Smith says:

    Never forget how Gamefreak lied before release and how they locked favourite Pokemon behind DLC paywalls

  80. 김미선 says:


  81. WilczyForever says:

    Masuda: 1:58
    2:11 vulpix

  82. pokemon with umar says:


  83. Sweet Sid Mariano says:

    You mean rowlet will never be a pokemon again!??!?

  84. ThePlushieRoom says:

    Scraggy made it in :/
    and Rowlet, (kind of)

  85. InfinityPlays says:

    Who else Will go with me for the endgame


  86. psy beam says:

    Vulpix-gen 1

  87. Ryan Poop says:

    Little did you know scraggy had a reverse card and got into sword and shield

    And aegislash

  88. Caio pc says:

    I want see Pokémon endgame

  89. Jamie Cheung says:

    People who hate pokemon and marvel will still feel very sad

  90. PolloMaster OwO says:

    And where's my incineroar and my jigglypuff

  91. Kenneth Zarling says:

    Did anyone notice that phantump got snapped but he is actually in the game?

  92. Red says:

    Masuda it's Nintendo?

  93. Life 23333 says:

    In other versions:Add some pokemons
    In this version:Cut some pokemons

  94. The Spy says:

    Wait but Aegislash is in the game

  95. shiny furret says:

    I hope more Pokemon get added in the Pokemon sword and shield expansion pack including me or some one at game freak will go missing

  96. StewartSage YT says:

    This was really good animation and stuff, loved it

  97. stephanie rachal says:

    This is so sad seeing the other Pokemon left alone while all the others fade out of existence…
    It's almost making me cry….

  98. That’s Unspeakable says:

    No scraggy

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