Plants vs. Zombies 3D Anime!!

The zombies are coming. *Upbeat Music Starts* [Plants Vs. Zombies Intro Theme plays] Nooooooo! Noooooooooooooooo! [Plants Vs. Zombies Intro Theme plays again] *Wind Blowing Leaves* [Crushing sound effect] x3 *Death Noises* *Zombie Crunch Noise* [Zombie groan] *Bubbly Shooting Noises* *Bubbly Bomb Falling Sound* aahhh *Slipping Sounds* Yee-Haw! Yeehaw [Music] *Fast Music starts playing* *Glass shattering* [Glass shatter] *Impending Doom Music* [Zombie laugh] *Calm Music Starts* [Cymbals sound effect] *Cymbal Crash* *Panic Music Starts* [Music] *Wooshing Noise* *Sad Lullaby Music Starts* *Nonsensical Mumbling* *Mumbling Continues* *Unsettling Angry Noise* *Wooshing Noise* *Creepy Sharp Music Starts* *Fast Wet Footsteps* *Jumping Whoosh* *Impact Rumble* *Beam Charge Sound* *Explosion* *Falling Whistling Noise* *Crowd Gasps* [Surprise effect] *Tribal Music Starts* *Kicking Woosh Noises* *Metallic Jump Sound* *Charging Sound*

David Anderson

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