Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 3 | Pixar Did You Know by Disney•Pixar

Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 3 | Pixar Did You Know by Disney•Pixar

[MUSIC PLAYING] That girl is totally
eyeing me, like all five eyeballs right at me. I know. I saw that too. H-hey! There’s monsters
in our closet. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, it’s been a while. Oh, Rex, are you OK in there— [MUSIC PLAYING]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 3 | Pixar Did You Know by Disney•Pixar

  1. Steve0 ‽ says:

    No I didn't but I do now

  2. Joao Vitor Soares says:


  3. Guilshad Joseph says:

    The director of get out stars in toy story 4
    Please give me likes!

  4. xXRenegadeXx says:

    Who's Excited for Toy Story 4?

  5. cars gameplays says:

    When you like a video that you didn't even finish

  6. Matiac82 says:

    Hermoso <3

  7. Unheardmeat Studios says:

    What about vol 4

  8. DaVa Studios says:


  9. Lacey PowerPuff says:


  10. LJ Brouillette says:


  11. SempreTon says:

    Toy Story 4 is coming!😭😀😍

  12. Thomas Fan140 says:

    I thought it was another Toy Story 4 teaser 🙁

  13. suseJ says:

    RIP Stan Lee now give me likes

  14. Rory says:

    Hahaha this is Funny! Love it! Who else is excited?!

  15. Carlo Reallism says:

    42 views 54 likes :v

  16. Funny Videos for Kids with Toys says:

    Gotta love Monsters and Coco!

  17. Srinjoy Paul says:

    I love pixar

  18. David.ramirez.19 says:

    Who’s here before 100 views

  19. Family Email says:

    These basically confirm the Pixar theory

  20. Dylan Moore says:

    I have been waiting for this

  21. Deaddy Fazpool says:

    WE HAVE A 23-19!

  22. Dr Carvo Johnson says:

    I didn't know thanks for telling me Disney

  23. Justin Frazier says:

    Toy story 4 is coming on June 2019!

  24. Honeybunnyハニーバニー says:

    More likes then views itself! unbelievable!

  25. Yeeto Skeeto says:


  26. Legocat studios says:

    I watched the first two a long time ago can't wait for vol 3

  27. Sparkle Shine Prime Productions says:

    What about a bug's life 2

  28. Dexter Stokley says:

    Real fans already knew about Toy Story 4 back in 2014

  29. LuckyKidDane Studios // Dane Parsons says:

    Pause at 0:53 It’s that dog is the one from Tin Toy! is right next to the rubix cub

  30. No Filter A Nintendo Podcast says:

    Absolutely adore the shorts. However i feel the last few havent been as great as others that came before.

  31. Filip Janík says:

    When i was like 10 or 11 i had volume 1 and few years after volume 2 and was excited about the next shorts, now im 17

  32. Loading says:

    Read so slow gotta slow down the video, smh

  33. Signal says:

    Love this

  34. S Gals says:

    These short insight and Easter egg videos are great!

  35. Paelorian says:

    Ugh, I wanted to forget that Lava exists.

  36. KeybladeMasterAndy says:

    I was wondering if we would ever get another one

  37. Tactit Aphid9002 says:

    T O I N F I N I T Y A N D U R M O M !

  38. Coded Xtreme says:

    Don't reveal your secrets Pixar , let people do that.

  39. Koral Davis says:

    Finally! Volume 3!

  40. Carlos Alberto says:

    This was great. Can you make a sequel to the good dinosaur? If you made a cars sequel, then this one wouldn’t hurt.

  41. Koral Davis says:

    The gods in "Sanjays Super Team" makes me think of the "crystal gems," little bit of "The avengers" and "guardians of the Galaxy."

  42. Moises Ramirez says:

    Como quisiera saber ingles :,v

  43. barbie Vlogs says:

    Ya me tienen asta la pij* con sus tráiler

  44. MLG NOSCOPER420 says:

    What is 60/5(7-5)?

  45. Leonardo fuentes says:


  46. Lightening McQueen says:

    2:20 The Wilhelm scream was in a low pitch there.

  47. angel david duarte padilla says:


  48. Emmett Turner says:

    Red doesn’t “pop against the trees” for a whole lot of people with common red/green color blindness.

  49. Tsum Tsum Mommy says:

    I love Lou!!

  50. ꜱᴇʀᴄʜ ꜰᴏɴᴢ says:

    Amazing details

  51. Riduan Ishak says:

    please disney give me a love

  52. Jason366 Guerrero says:


  53. Mario Hiccup Witwicky says:

    More easter eggs like the Pizza Planet truck!

  54. Overlandlord says:

    1:32 perfect possible SSBU world of light meme edit right there.

  55. Cassandra Anne says:

    Pixar pointing out their own easter eggs

  56. abhishek saxena says:

    Piper was one of the best short film i ever watched

  57. BryanStopMotionProduction says:

    I love Piper

  58. Amin Limbu says:


  59. scuttle06 says:

    I never seen most of these

  60. TheMagnificentOrange says:

    Yay pixar back on track

  61. Dining Heartboy says:

    Did you know that Piper is most saddest Pixar short film out of all the other ones released in theaters?

  62. Freddie the angry lizard says:

    to infinity and YOUR MOM

  63. Mariah Wessell says:

    1:06 i see the pink bunny from toy story 3 the movie and I see a blue ducky.

  64. Mariah Wessell says:

    1:04 before Rex gets pushed off you can see the bunny from the movie toy story 3

  65. Mariah Wessell says:

    1:11 there is a dog and the bunny is back in the background.

  66. Mariah Wessell says:

    2:15 you know people use that scream 24/7 in videos right?

  67. Black Knight gaming says:

    What happened to 2D animated movies

  68. Bradley PerrouxYT says:

    I knew the Wilhelm scream reference

  69. Terilyn Lo says:

    Ooh, I know a tid-bit. I know the elementary school that’s based off of in Lou in IRL. It’s not too far from Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, and the best part is that I actually went to that school! ☺️

  70. Braneyes Gaming says:

    1:23 nah that's the T from T-Series

  71. Omar Islam says:

    I only came her bc of the thumbnail

  72. Omar Islam says:

    There's a snake in my boot

  73. Matthaus Lam says:

    Are the size of Lou's "eyes" similar to Forky's in the upcoming Toy Story movie?

  74. E E says:

    Wait Sanjay Patel? Wasn’t that Sanjay’s last name in Sanjay and Craig

  75. He Who Sees In The Dark says:

    So we have short movies..!!??

  76. Mia Brimm says:

    Watch Partysaurus Rex

  77. Pixar Fun says:

    what an incredible video

  78. TheProGamerYT Free Fire says:

    There will be cars4

  79. sonic 24 says:

    Pixar si me entiende que pasao con aviones 3

  80. Matthew Mc Queen says:

    Hey Pixar! Can you sell The TSSC (Toy Story Signature Collection) in any Toy stores (Target, Walmart, Kmart, Toy City, Etc.) in Dec. 14, 2018 with Thinkway Toys for the preparation for Toy Story 4? Also, can you sell the toys from The whole 3 movies? Including the Buzz lightyear with utility belt from Toy Story 2? And finally, Can you make Toy Story 4 teaser 3?

  81. Aldo Jnrnsyh says:

    Cars 4 please)':

  82. Julita Pepek says:

    Cz bełcie auta 4 jak tak to sajćie Cruz ramirez

  83. Ohana T 6-pack says:

    When you gonna make a trailer 3 for toy story 4

  84. JustaCatchup Studious says:

    Wheres the 2 easter egg stuff 1:03

  85. ExDu S says:

    I see T series

  86. Dankmemesbear says:


  87. Dino Mono says:

    To infinity and your mom!

  88. Галия Оразалиева says:

    Ok (okey)…TOY STORY…

  89. Галия Оразалиева says:

    & MORE…

  90. Жан Сарбупеев says:

    "toy story of terror" and "toy story that time forgot" will be included in volume 3?

  91. tracey flores says:

    Ooh, ooh. What’s your favorite short film?

  92. Tery liuhoo says:

    Wait, so sounds wheezy makes is what piper makes?

  93. J Luns says:

    Uku what's this

  94. Trouble Some says:

    1:22 T series

  95. Justin Vader says:


  96. TenKid Does BFDI says:


  97. Benjamin Russell says:

    The poster of the yellow six wheeled car is a reference to mikes new car

  98. Harth Productions says:

    2:17 love the wilhelm scream

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