Pete Davidson’s Friends on Ariana Grande’s New Song – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

Pete Davidson’s Friends on Ariana Grande’s New Song – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

– Looking like I do. – [Dan] Yeah. – And sounding like I
do and my name is Chad. – [Dan] Yeah. – Anytime I’m at a coffee
place, they’re like “what’s your name?” I just go nope. – [Dan] Yeah.
(laughing) – We’re not doing this shit. (rock music) (fire crackling) – Do you get worried
that your son’s 19 and just out there now? As you know like… – No, not really. I’d like to think that I Well, I don’t know if
I instill great values. – [Dan] Yeah. – You know, good enough. – Okay so you putting him out there like Jay’s daughter is gonna be 16 in October. – Okay I have a daughter that’s 14. – Nutty. Huh? You have
a daughter that’s 14? – My daughter’s gonna be
a freshmen this year yeah. – Is that terrifying? Was that, I mean cause. – In every step of it. – It’s terrifying a little because I talk about, and she said
it was okay to do, but I talk about her first period
she had at my house in my act. – [Dan] Yeah. Oh man you don’t think about that. If you’re the daughter of a comedian and you’re like, uh man, with Isabella. – [Chad] Yeah. I asked. – And your daughter. – I said here’s what I like to say and I told her everything
that I was going to say. But grown men will come
up to me after shows, and she goes “Oh, she’s a woman now.” And I’m like, I will fucking murder you. (laughs) No she’s not, she’s a
little girl, so back it up. ♪ Girl, you’ll be a woman soon. ♪ – Cause I noticed you talked
about your little girl becoming a woman. And you’re like, “I’ll rip you God damn throat out.” Who’s at a comedy club
like, “I enjoyed that act, let me go talk to him about
his daughter’s period.” – Several people, you’d be surprised. – And how old is this little princess, 14? Countdown starts. – [Dan] There he goes. – Nice to meet you Mr. Daniels. – Anyways, good show. Is this the new lady of the lake? (laughs) He goes, “good jokes.” – A mature woman in Tijuana. (laughs) – He goes, “You know in certain
kingdoms, you’d be a queen.” Anyways, good jokes. I’ll see ya later. (laughs) – My palms are sweating right now just thinking about this shit. – Ah dude, yeah! If someone
without kids, like Jay and I… – Soft features. Anyway man, love the closures. (laughs) – Been a fan for quite some time. (laughs) – I follow all of your work. – He goes, “Ay ay ay, good stock. Anyways. Yeah, I really enjoyed… – I remember listening to stories about her when she was three. (laughter) – You know, I thought she
aged nice in your act, turns out better in person. – Well look who’s filling out. Anyway, can you make it out to Steven. – Seriously, I got every
one you put out there. – This is for my friend: To Steve, you’re a fag for not coming. Check, you write that please. Guys, he’s asks you to write
something like volatile. I don’t know
– Yeah. – I’m gonna stab you in the throat, I don’t want to put that down. (Chad laughs) – I pray for your death. I hope your mother never
recovers from her surgeries. – Yeah! Hey dude, I
understand that you’re fan, you came out, I can’t
write ‘death to America, praise Allah’, I just feel like that’s… – My girlfriend couldn’t
make the show man, but if you could write like,
“If you would’ve been here, I’d try to fuck you, that’d be great”. – Yeah, uh.. – Yeah, I’m gonna put my name on that. (laughter) – Or the Shanghai, you’re
making a video with me right now for this asshole who couldn’t come. – Aw dude, no his kid just
got hit by a car, hold on. Steve! Look what you’re missing! Your son’s bones are weak! Aw, awesome dudes, thanks, man. – My friend couldn’t make it, man. He’s being shipped home from Iraq. He’s legless. Hey, Thomas! – [Dan] Wish you could run to the club! – Look who I’m with! – Dude, this would’ve put
you in such a better mood. – Yeah, aw man, no, yeah, my friend just found out his
wife just completely fucked him over like financially,
emotionally, and spiritually. Hold on real quick. Hey, Boner! – Yeah, what’s up, Dick-nuts,
look who I’m sittin’ with! – [Dan] I’m ’bout to do a shot
with your favorite comedian, Fuck-face! Yeah, he’s crying. Like, we’re on suicide watch. All of us have to call
him, to check in his house. So you called me last
night while I was watching Hard Knocks, which is great this season. Really enjoying it. But, (mumbles) about Jay just the same way they called me out for
looking like I’m dressing for a Rock N’ Jock bit softball game. When you called me, I go, yeah dude I’m watching Hard Knocks. And you go, “what are you
watching? Some wide receiver “taking his baby mamma out to dinner?” I’m like, oh no.
(laughing) I go, “no I’m watching the
fourth ring quarterback take his stripper girlfriend
to some fuckin’ bug place. And you go, exactly.
– [Jay] Exactly. But he called me because
you were like, dude, did you know that Ariana
Grande, or as I call her, airy-anna-gran-dee. – You’d been watching Total Divas, is what you were watching? – Yeah, hey shut up. – [Jay] I like to follow everyone. – I was watching SmackDown, dude. – I follow everybody. – Fight me. (laughs) But you called me and were like, dude, Ariana, which I knew that she had a song called Pete Davidson, but. – I was late to the game on this. – But I knew it was
coming, I just didn’t… – Isabella told me. – She told you about it? – Yeah. – [Dan] It’s called Pete Davidson and then you said at the end, she says it’s only like a
minute forty-five seconds long. – I’m sorry, how long are the
songs gettin’ written for you? – Which, I didn’t know she
was gonna do a fuckin’ Ramones fuckin’ punk lines.
(laughing) ♪ Why can’t they fuck.
Do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ I love Pete, I love Pete,
I love Pete, oi oi oi oi ♪ ♪ Oi oi oi, Pete Davidson ♪ ♪ Pete Davidson ♪ ♪ And we all love Pete Davidson ♪ (laughing) ♪ Oi oi an ♪ ♪ and I ♪ ♪ love Pete Davidson ♪ ♪ oi ♪ ♪ One, two, three, four
oi oi oi oi, neh neh neh ♪ ♪ Staten Island’s where he’s from ♪ ♪ Where he’s from ♪ ♪ Tall and funny’s what he is ♪ ♪ What he is ♪ ♪ I met him at Saturday Night Live ♪ ♪ Night Live ♪ ♪ S. N. L. Living hell ♪ ♪ Kill your masters ♪ ♪ Pete Davidson, I love you ♪ ♪ God bless the queen ♪ – God bless the queen. I didn’t know she was British. – Holy shit, man. She did a whole thing, huh. She wore tight plaid pants
with a bunch of suspenders on. – Oh my God. Did you have a bunch
of fuckin’ silver rings hanging out of her plaid pants. – Pete, I wrote this song for you. ♪ One, two, three, four oi oi oi oi ♪ – I wrote it for you
baby, ‘cuz I love you. From the top. ♪ One, two, three, four,
oi oi oi, I love you ♪ ♪ And I love Pete Davidson ♪ ♪ I drank his blood, I
drank his cum, I drank him ♪ ♪ Oi oi oi oi ♪ (laughing) ♪ And I, I, I, I ♪ ♪ love Pete Davidson ♪ – Young Iggy Pop’n it,
rolling around on glass. (laughing) – Yeah, just cutting herself. Man! She is going out for it. ♪ Let the blood go ♪ ♪ I love Pete Davidson ♪ – I just wanted to tap into
a different part of my art, ya know. Why can’t I be a singer in cross genres? – Oh God, let’s listen to the actual, there’s a music video now? – It’s not a music video is what she said. It’s a montage of pictures.
– [Jay] One, two, three, four! – I could do it all day. (laughs) – We’re gonna be doin’ it all weekend! When I’m by myself in the shower. ♪ Pete Davidson! Pete Davidson ♪ ♪ Now, stand up, make it bleed,
aw yeah, you’re my queen ♪ ♪ Pete Davidson ♪ ♪ You’re my girl and I love ♪ – All right, let’s get to the actual song. We’re gonna hear it and
not our fuckin’ punk song. Are these all videos that she took of him? – Yeah. ♪ I thought you into my life ♪ ♪ Look at my mind ♪ (laughing) – This is so weird – It’s very, It’s just weird
from our perspective ‘cuz… – [Jay] I mean, It’s adorable. But it sounds really weird. – Yeah. – I feel like Pete left
his phone here and I looked through it and the
guys were gonna be like, ah we’re gonna laugh so hard,
and then we’re like, aw. I don’t know these days. It’s makin’ me uncomfortable. – No, these kids really
care about each other. – Aw, she makes him hang out
with so many gay people, I bet. (laughs) – Ah, the amount of gay people in my life has sky-rocketed significantly. – This is Ronaldo, he’s
completely dope, I guess. He talks to me about a
lot of people he fucked, uncomfortably sometimes. – He goes, It’s pretty
graphic about the sex. Well, I don’t know. Ariana likes him. – This is Xun Shixin
Tao, he lives here also. He’s a spiritual voice. – He makes us sushi. (laughs) – He makes a kind of fish that, like, if he cuts it wrong, we die. – It’s, you’re not gonna
like what I’m gonna do, but this is the part that
I want to talk about is, you called me and you’re
like, listen for the end. It’s only a minute and forty-five seconds. Of course they’re doing
all that punk shit. (laughs) – You were like, dude, listen for the end because it sounds like
she’s saying uppy uppy. – I wanna be uppy uppy. – I wanna be uppy uppy and
you said you texted him and he was like, no, the song. – That’s not. – That’s not what it was. – I mean, he laughs. He enjoyed the uppy uppy, I guess. – Here’s the thing, when we
sent the clip of the Ariana, of me calling her Arry-anny-granny. – Airy-anna-grandy. – Airy-anna-grandy and he was like, yeah. We listened to it and we were laughing, and you’re like, oh, yeah, hey, what’s up. (laughing) – You were like that,
like, weird older dude, where you go, man, I’m cool. – God damn, that stuff’s annoying. – [Dan] You guys went over there, you guys hung out at the apartment. – I felt so old. – [Dan] Let’s play the part of the song where you can hear her go uppy. She put out this video? – Yeah, no, this is like her. – A video of the time
Pete attacked a gay guy. – Yeah, it was shocked by ’em. – [Jay] Don’t touch me, homo. – Good for Pete, he got
some shoulders on him. – Oh, yeah. – That’s gotta be awful
just to come out of every building and just. – Bee line for the car. – She’s had it her entire life. She doesn’t know anything else. – I get that at VFW wrestling events. (laughing) – You go, “Big Jay!” He goes, “Just let me live.” – Yo, hey man, can I
just go take a piss, man, without having to be a whole thing? There’s already, that’s
been five people tonight. – [Christine] Here’s to Pete. (laughs) – Yeah, wait where’s the uppy part? – We’re gonna bounce on that thing. ♪ I’ma be happy, happy. ♪ – There it is. ♪ Wanna be uppy ♪ ♪ Gotta be uppy uppy ♪ – I can’t believe that’s
Pete’s girlfriend. (laughs) – It’s just weird ‘cuz it’s
like your friend’s girlfriend and she’s like writing a song about him. Like, if someone was like ♪ Garrapay ♪ (mumbles) (laughing) You know like you spoke
about one of my best friends to this day and he’s like ♪ I love Garrapay ♪ I love him, too. ♪ Benji Klapholz ♪ ♪ You are the boy of my dreams ♪ ♪ Benji Klapholz ♪ (laughing) ♪ I love you, Fu Jack ♪ (laughing) ♪ Dwan Nials, you are Dwan Nials ♪ ♪ You’re the man of my heart ♪ Something that I can’t get
out of my head that you said when you hung out at
their apartment with them, whenever I think about this
it always makes me laugh, is that you said you’d just
be in another room with Pete and just out of the room
you could hear, like ♪ Ohhh ♪ Yeah! You gotta live with that! – That’s gotta be a dream come true. – Like the way you gotta live
with a comic be like, blah! You fuckin’ ya dick! Like you just gotta. – Well, I’ll tell you, and I hope he didn’t mind me saying this, it was such a great sentence he said. I go, “so how’s it like, dude?” He goes, he goes, “ay, you
know how good you think it is? “it’s way better.” – That’s awesome. – I was like, right, he goes, “it’s so much better than that even.” And you would, you’d just hear her, like, hittin’ notes and it was great. – [Christine] And they’re
like giggly in love. – They’re so lovey-dovey happy. – But I’m wondering,
like, you know, let’s say this goes 15 – 20 years, and
they’re married, and he goes, “hey honey, I’m tryna’ have
a conversation in here. “I know you’re, (coughs)
writin’ another song about me. “This time I don’t
think it’s so positive.” (laughs) – “I’m writin’ Pete Davidson
part three and four right now.” – She goes, “It’s my open.” ♪ All and all, you were just
Pete Davidson in the wall. ♪ – He goes, ♪ And now you’re back to me ♪ ♪ I’m in love with Pete Davidson ♪ Look at Jacob. Just stares at that screen when she’s on. She’s perfect sized for you, Jacob. Here’s the problem, – She’s with Pete. – she love’s Pete. – Like, she loves him a lot, dude. – I mean, she’s way into him. You couldn’t even keep up. – I’m really happy for the both of them. Yeah, you know what I heard? Pete just texted me that
she bought him a shark. (laughing) – Very happy for him, yeah. – He goes, “I don’t know, Ariana got
me shark-riding lessons.” – (laughs) Yeah, we have a pet. He goes, “Pete, is that a
saddle on a shark in that tank?” He goes, “Yeah, (mumbles) didn’t even know
you could ride sharks.” – Yo, Ricky started a saddle
for sharks business. (mumbles) – Fashionable. Ricky and his wife started a
high-fashion shark saddles. – Yeah, look at this performance. You didn’t watch the thing. You should look at her performance, man. It really is, like, I don’t
think the song’s for me as a 40-year-old white dude
– What? The performance is unbelievable. She can all right, man, she’s
so talented of a singer. All right, turn it off before
Jacob creams his shorts. – He goes, “It’s happening again. “Insides are coming outside.” – He’s like, “oh God, I’m ’bout to poof. “I’m about to poof!” (laughing) – “Oh no I’m gonna ink! “I’m gonna ink right here. “I can’t” – “Oh no, poof’s coming! “Poof’s coming!” – Yeah, she’s insanely talented. – She’s insanely talented. – And she’s fuckin’ gorgeous. – And she’s gorgeous
and insanely talented. And that’s why she’s Ariana Grande. – [Jay] Hell yeah. That’s why she’s my niece, Ariana Grande. – And Pete has to pause Madden. It’s just weird to know your friend, like, Pete’s texting me, like,
“we all play Madden.” – She’s like, “Baby, is
this a sexy dance move?” – He goes, “it’s pretty good baby, “you could probably do better. “What’s up dudes!” (laughing) – He goes, “hey Gorgeous,
do you wanna play Madden?” – He goes, “I don’t know, babe, “I mean, I guess you’re
not practicing enough, “but you’ll figure it out
at some point, I mean. “Hey, what’s up Fart-bitch.” – “I don’t think the lyric “‘love is a mystic forest’ makes sense. “I don’t know, you hit random three times, “and if you do a fourth time
you have to keep the team.” – “Which just sounds a lot
like (mumbles) lose people.” (heavy metal music) (fire crackling) (beeping)

David Anderson

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