Peppers Market, Coronado Springs Resort, Walt Disney World, Florida

Peppers Market, Coronado Springs Resort, Walt Disney World, Florida

You good? We’re ready? Ready! We gone! Today’s a special edition because we finally made it to Disney at Coronado Springs because it is birthday Okay, so this is a special edition. We’re headed over to ahh…. ahh Pepper Market pepper Market here on the Coronado Springs resort where we’re staying and We’re going to check that out. its kind of like one of those Places you can eat if you have a fastpass so it’s not going to be that great or that amazing, but we’re going to check it out because its been a long day, we dont really feel like doing anything crazy and just want to make a fun video so anyway hang out, and we’ll check it out Hey Coleton. Sir? How is peppers dude? Good, we didn’t really record anything because it was like cafeteria and like it meh It was meh food was meh Was it better or worse than what you have at school? tastes the same, what i have at school really? yea So its basically, you’re saying like elementary Cafeteria food style yea Really? Yeah. There you go, there you have it. I didn’t eat. All right, we discovered a new pool where’s the new pool at? all the way down on the other side of the resort. Its on the other side of the resort in the… Cabanas area I think we’re gonna go check it out Coletons supposed to know where we’re going but I’m going to say 94.25 percent he don’t know. huh? I know where I’m going. This is the size of my brain! where we’re going I’ve never been to and I’ve been all over this before We we’ve even stayed right over there before The Cabana pool, I’m going to I’m going to up it to 98.25 percent or lost no no no there’s even a map, I can show you. Well yea you can show me on a map good lord we’re rocking i see that baby you are as stiff as corpse you need to relax, lighten up a little bit. I’m trying to keep my feet out of the sand Okay bub we got a dilemma. Now we’ve got to find the pool because We need to clean our feet off dude I hate having sandy feet even though I live on the beach I hate like what I don’t like is whenever you have sand and in between your toes And you’re wearing Sandals. I just I don’t know something about that I don’t like so let’s go find the let’s go find the pool. alright lets go I can’t believe it. I literally cannot believe it we found the pool Okay There’s a jet flying over. There’s always an airplane fly over And there’s a helicopter flown over helicopt That’s what Coleton used to call helicopters when he was a baby helicopt… because I flew on them all the time So we’re at Coronado Springs. This is our third time to stay here? Yea We went to peppers is that what it was called? pepper market It’s like like cafeteria food. It’s like that food that’s mass-produced because they know that there’s gonna be a bunch of people there, it wasn’t really that great Man, I’m almost out of battery dude so we decided that we’re going to leave this little pool and go to the dig site pool. Which is really cool I don’t know if I can make it because I’m almost out of battery and there’s no towels hmm. I got another battery problem is this all the way back in the room room. I’ll give you guys an idea where the room is See all the way across the water about right It cant even focus Anyway, about right there is the Is where the room is so its a ways away But I’ll head over there pretty good pretty good stuff Bub, its way more crowded over here dude what do you think, pretty cool? na I want it to be the pool and me and that’s it You don’t like it I’m gonna get a new battery I’ll see yall in a minuet I’m gonna get new battery they’re going to the pool, the small one the other one was too crazy whoa the lighting is better here it don’t look too bad I don’t know if it’s better, but people wise it’s better its not as crazy I’ll show you here real quick hang on There’ Coleton right there is it good? what? is it good? yea! I’ll be down there in a minute Ok! Makes you want to dance No!

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  1. Flute Løøps says:

    Hehe! I went there last April! The food was so expensive though! I got an orange juice, and it was $5! And yeah, in my opinion, it tasted worse than school food.😂

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