PAW PATROL Toys Go To Superhero School

PAW PATROL Toys Go To Superhero School

Paw Patrol Toys go to Superhero School Wow it’s Super Rubble. Hey Dino Pals, this is Toy Rex here. Let’s see what Toy surprise we have today. Are you Pups excited today Ryder has a super cool training mission for the Paw Patrol Toys. Oh Look! Here he comes. Hi Paw Patrol Pups. Hi Ryder. What’s the mission today? Today the Paw Patrol Toys go to Superhero School. Wow Superhero School that awesome. Wow Superhero School that awesome. The paw patrol are going to be super pups. Do we get super hero costumes? Yep every super pup gets a super hero costume at the Paw Patrol Super Hero School That Super Duper Awesome I can’t wait. Alright super pups lets go on the bus to the super hero school. Your super hero teacher will be waiting at the Super Hero School. Awesome Lemma get on the Bus me first! Ok Paw Patrol Toys have fun going to the Superhero School!

David Anderson

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3 thoughts on “PAW PATROL Toys Go To Superhero School

  1. Funny Toys & Surprise Egg says:

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  2. Desenhos para crianças says:

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  3. Tabitha Garnett says:

    I like the voice

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