PAW PATROL SUPER PUPS TOY REVIEW Superhero Rescue Surprise & Kids Mega Adventure

PAW PATROL SUPER PUPS TOY REVIEW Superhero Rescue Surprise & Kids Mega Adventure

– [Mr. Hands] Hey everybody
and welcome to ToyTimeTV. Here on ToyTimeTV we love to play games. And we’ve got a fun game, do
you want to play it with us? You do? Well this game is one
of Bobby’s favorites. It’s called The Flip and you at home get to
flip ToyTimeTV’s video on its side. Now, I can tell you’re on the tablet and you might be on a cellphone. Go ahead and turn that tablet or cellphone off of it’s side where
it’s sticking straight up. Okay, there you go. Well, when I count to three, I want you to turn it on it’s side again. And you’ll flip us, here on ToyTimeTV. Okay, here we go. This is so much fun. Are you ready? You are? Okay. One. Two. Three. Whoaaaah-ho-ho. That was fun on ToyTimeTV. Well, we’ve got other fun
stuff here on ToyTimeTV today. We’ve got the PAW Patrol and these are the PAW Patrol Super Pups. Oh, wooooow, look at all the cool costumes that our PAW Patrol pups have. They are absolutely awesome. Wooooooow. This is so cool. Hey, look, we’ve got all six of the PAW Patrol. And they are ready to be super heroes. Hey, look at that. That’s Rocky, and he’s
a recycling superhero. And Rubble on the double,
Rubble is here to save the day. And look, it’s Marshall. He can put out fires with
his superhero powers. And my favorite, Chase is on the case. And Zuma, there he is. He’s a cool chocolate lab. And also it’s Skye. She’s gotta fly with that cape. Wow these look really cool. I can’t wait to take
these out of the packaging and show you. Hey, what’s that? (gasps) It’s a secret present. It’s a secret present, I love secret presents. Do you love secret presents? You do? Oh man, I can’t wait
to take that one out of its wrapping and see what’s inside. I wonder if it’s another cool PAW Patrol, but you’ll have to stay with
us and find out, won’t you? Well guys, let’s look at these
Super Pups a little closer. I know Bobby. He reeeeally wants that Rocky one. (laughs) Rocky’s really neat, their
capes are so awesome. Alright, let’s look at it
and we can see what that secret, super present is behind it, too. – Wow, Mr. Hands, the
PAW Patrol are awesome. – [Mr. Hands] Yes, they are, Bobby. The PAW Patrol is very cool and we’ve got all six
members here, don’t we? – Yeah, we have Skye. – [Mr. Hands] Yeah, and Zuma, and Chase, and Rubble and Marshall, and Rocky. – [Bobby] Woooow, this is so cool. And what is this? (giggles) – [Mr. Hands] Well,
Bobby, this is a surprise and everybody at home
saw the surprise, too. And they wanna open it up. – I wanna open it, too, Mr. Hands. I wanna open it really bad. (Mr. Hands laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Well, we’re
gonna have to wait a little bit and open it up later on
in the show, won’t we? – Yeah, it’ll be a surprise. I bet its another PAW Patrol. – [Mr. Hands] Well,
Bobby, you might be right. Well, these PAW Patrol
pups from Spin Master are really cool and really neat. They’re all Action Super Pups. – Yeah. – [Mr. Hands] Haha, well, they are neat. I love Nick Jr’s PAW
Patrol, don’t you, Bobby? – Yeah, I love Nick Jr. – [Mr. Hands] Well, all we need to do now is use our ToyTimeTV magic and unbox, that means
take each one of these out of its packaging, right, Bobby? – Yeah, we need to take each one of them. – [Mr. Hands] Yes we do,
and you at home can help. You’ve gotta look at your
screen and think really hard to use the ToyTimeTV magic. – Use ToyTimeTV magic. (Mr. Hands laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Okay,
guys, think really hard. Use ToyTimeTV magic, right, Bobby? – Yeah. – [Mr. Hands] Okay, here we go. Oh, I see the magic happening now. (harp strum) ♪[MUSIC]♪ [toy unboxes] (harp strum)
– [Bobby] Wow. These are really neat. (chuckles) I like the PAW Patrol, do you like them? Who is your favorite PAW Patrol? – [Mr. Hands] I wonder that, too. Who’s your favorite PAW Patrol? Is it Zuma? Chase? Marshall? Rubble? Rocky? Or Skye? – I like (panting) I don’t know, Mr. Hands. I like them all, but I really, really, really like Rubble. And I also like Chase. (giggling) – [Mr. Hands] Well, these are
really, really cool-looking, aren’t they, Bobby? – Yeah. – [Mr. Hands] Well, I guess
it’s about that time, guys. – Ooh, ooh, ooh, is it pretend time? Is it pretend time? – [Mr. Hands] Yes,
Bobby, it’s pretend time. But don’t you remember
our mystery package? – Wow, whoooa, I do, Mr. Hands. I do. I almost forgot about it, did you almost forgot about it, too? Because I almost forgot. So, Mr. Hands, are we gonna open up the gift? – [Mr. Hands] Yes, we are, Bobby. We’re gonna open up the surprise gift, and everyone at home can help. And that includes you, too, Bobby, and you at home. You can help us open up the surprise gift. Here it comes. – Woooow, this is a big surprise gift. – [Mr. Hands] Yes it is. Guys at home, you can
help Bobby open this. Okay, are you ready? – Yeah. – [Mr. Hands] Are you ready at home? You are? Okay, let’s open up the surprise gift. – Yeah. Wow, Mr. Hands, it’s Rocky. – [Mr. Hands] That’s right, it is Rocky. Oh, wow, this is a really awesome. – Rocky is really big. It’s jumbo Rocky. – [Mr. Hands] That’s right,
you’re really close, Bobby. It’s Jumbo Action Pack Rocky. – Wooooow, I can’t wait to open it all up. (chuckling) – [Mr. Hands] Rocky is awesome in the Jumbo Action Pack Pup, right here. He can do all kinds of things
with his recycling tools. ‘Cause Rocky is rescue ready. Haha, let’s go ahead and take him out. Wow, look at that. Let’s open it up and see. Oh my goodness, his rescue stuff is all in here and ready to go. Look at that and look at this, Bobby. – [Bobby] Wow, Mr. Hands, that’s neat. – [Mr. Hands] Yes, it’s Jumbo. That was a really cool
surprise and I love surprises. And when we get all
these cool toys together from the PAW Patrol, you know
what it makes me wanna do? – [Bobby] What, Mr. Hands? – [Mr. Hands] It makes me wanna sing. Come on, guys, you can
sing with us at home. (harp strum) ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol ♫ We’ll be there on the double ♫ Whenever there’s a problem ♫ Around Adventure Bay ♫ Ryder and his team of pups ♫ Will come and save the day ♫ Marshall, Rubble,
Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye ♫ Yay, they’re all on the way ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol Come on, Bobby, you take it over. ♫ Whenever you’re in trouble ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol ♫ We’ll be there on the double ♫ No job’s too big, no pup’s too small ♫ PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll ♫ So here we go, PAW Patrol ♫ wooah-oh-oh, PAW Patrol (Mr. Hands laughs) That was fun, wasn’t it, Bobby? – Yeah, Mr. Hands, that was great. (Mr. Hands laughs) – Well, I think now what
we need to do, Bobby, is use our imagination and
you at home can help us by thinking really, really hard and let’s come up with
a great pretend time for our cool PAW Patrol toys. Here we go.
(harp strum) – Hee hee, da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da. The PAW Patrol were out
playing in Adventure Bay when all of a sudden they
got a call from Ryder. – PAW Patrol, do you read? – We read you, Ryder. – Something really odd is going
on in front of the lookout. A meteor flew down from
the sky and crashed. We need you guys back here
immediately to help investigate. – PAW Patrol, Ryder needs us. To the lookout. – Pups, that weird asteroid
is over next to the lookout on the north side. Marshall, Rocky, I’m
gonna need you to go over and check it out, along with Rubble, Zuma, Skye, Marshall, and Robo-Dog. – Let’s go, PAW Patrol. – There it is, pups. It’s really bigger than I thought it was. And it’s green and it’s glowing. – Rob rob rob-rob rob rob rob. – Robo-Dog just said that he senses this is a special meteorite that gives special super
powers to whoever touches it. – Special super powers, oh wow, I have to touch it first. – Oh, no, Rocky, don’t touch it just yet. You didn’t hear what else Robo-Dog said. – [Rocky] Well all I have to do is touch it with my paws one time. Woooaaahhhh
(harp strum) I’m huge. I’m Giant Rocky. – Robo-Dog said that you
have to touch it twice to get super hero powers. – Oopsie, I guess I will
touch the rock twice to become a Super Pup. (harp strum) Woah, I’m Super Rocky. Up, up and away. Super Pups, to the rescue. – Rubble on the double, I wanna be next. Rubble Rubble, Rubble Rubble. Rubble Rubble. Oh, I touched it once,
(harp strum) I touched it twice
(harp strum) I’m Super Rubble. Up, up and away I go. – Oh, I wanna be next, I wanna be next, I wanna be next everyone,
I wanna be Super Zuma, yay. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Touch it once
(harp strum) Touch it twice
(harp strum) Whoaaah, I’m Super Zuma
and I can do anything. Up, up and away, Super Pup. – Let’s go, go, go. I’m gonna be Super Marshall. I’m gonna rescue everybody. Hoo boy, here I go.
(harp strum) Wow, I’m Super Marshall, watch me go. – This pup’s gonna fly. (harp strum)
Whoa, I’m Super Skye. – Chase is on the case, it’s my turn. Touch, touch, wow
(harp strum) I’m Super Chase, to the rescue. PAW Patrol Super Pups. – Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark. Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark (harp strum) Bark. – [Ryder] Oh, Robo-Dog, the
meteor doesn’t work on you because you’re a robot and
you already have super powers. – Bark bark bark bark, bark
bark bark bark bark bark. – Well, I guess it’s my turn. Let me touch it and see what happens. (harp strum)
Woah, that’s not right. (harp strum)
Woah, that’s not right either. (harp strum)
Whoah, that’s better. I guess this meteorite
is good to turn pups into super heroes and not people. So who is your favorite
of these super heroes? And who do you think looks the coolest? Do you think it’s Marshall? Do you think it’s Skye? Do you think it’s Rubble? Do you think it’s Chase? Or do you think it’s Zuma and Rocky? PAW Patrol, you’re all Super Pups now. It’s time to go save Adventure Bay. PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll, yaaay.
(harp strum) – That was a fun pretend time. Did you have fun at home? – [Mr. Hands] I think they
did, because we had lots of fun here on ToyTimeTV. Bobby is excited because he got to play. All that play really gets him going and really helps with his
creative skills, right, Bobby? – Yeah, I love the PAW Patrol. – [Mr. Hands] Yes, he
loves the PAW Patrol. And now, in this part of
the video here on ToyTimeTV, we’re gonna look at each of
the toys that we played with and we’re gonna talk about them. So you parents at home can
learn more about the toy and how it works and how to interact with your child with it. Well, the first one we’re
gonna look at right now is Jumbo Rocky. Doot doo doo do, I’m Rocky. And I love to recycle, green means go. Yes it does, Rocky. Green means go and we’ve
got a lot of green here, don’t we guys? Well this Jumbo Action
Pup Rocky from Spin Master is very similar to the
small action pack pups, only this one is different in the fact that you can’t press the badge
and everything shoots out. But other than that, it’s
basically all the same. It’s highly detailed, made of
a very hard, durable plastic and this one can be
thrown around a little bit without things breaking on it. At least, I haven’t been
able to break them, yet. Well Rocky’s head moves around and Rocky can take a
look at the camera there. See ya, Rocky. He can also turn to the side and he can turn to the other side, there. Now, Rocky is smiling, look at that. He’s a happy puppy. And Rocky is Recycling Pup,
so he has a recycling badge which is pretty detailed
there in the front. Now Rocky’s legs do not move and this is kind of
reminiscent of the smaller Action Pack Pups because
he doesn’t articulate in the fact that his legs won’t move but he does have the head
feature that moves around. And his action pack right here. On the top you can see
there’s a recycling symbol, he has recycling symbols all over him, even on his hat right there, he’s got one. And he wears a hat to keep
the sun out of his eyes, ’cause you don’t want too
much sun, right, Rocky? Yeah. And the pack itself
opens up on both sides. You can see right there, he’s
got his grab claw in here, which you have to pull out manually. And we’ll pull that out so
you can see his grab claw. It has right there, you can see that, a little knob where you can close it and open it. Look at that. So Rocky can use his claw to grab things. He’s gonna grab some trash and recycle it. And on the other side of his action pack, he has his tool pack with his
flat-nose screwdriver in it. See that right there? So he can fix things. Because Rocky’s motto is
“Don’t lose it, reuse it.” Right? Well this is the Rocky Jumbo
Action Pup, right here. You can see the features we showed you, the hard plastic, the interactivity. It’s good to learn with kids
that like the larger toys because the smaller ones
can be a little too small, but the larger ones they can interact with a little bit better. So it was a nice little surprise that we had here on
ToyTimeTV with this toy. Now let’s move on to the Super Pups. Doot-doo-doo-doo, look who I have here. It’s Super Chase. – [Bobby] Wow, Super
Chase is neat, Mr. Hands. – [Mr. Hands] Well, Super
Chase is all decked out in his superhero outfit. He has his cape right here which is made of a fabric material, and the rest of him is made
with a kind of hard plastic. It’s not really soft plastic. He is articulated, unlike
some of the other pups. He’s not really an Action Pack Pup, because his backpack
really doesn’t do anything. It just kind of comes off and goes on. But his legs move out and forward and he does that so he can fly. – [Bobby] Yeah, he can fly. – [Mr. Hands] So you’ve got Super Chase right here, flying through the air. He is wearing a yellow
and blue superhero outfit. He has his face covered there
with a little puppy smile and he is a German Shepherd,
Bobby, did you know that? – [Bobby] Yeah, Chase
is a German Shepherd. – [Mr. Hands] That’s right. And his pack, which is right here, is made of a little
bit of a softer plastic it’s got Chase’s bullhorn
and his net gun on it. So that he can rescue small creatures that might get away. Now Chase, on the back of the Super Pup, you can see right there,
there’s a little hole. It’s a hexagonal hole and there’s the hexagonal peg on the pack. Well this goes on Chase just like this. And you can put his cape up like that. Now his head does move back and forth and it’s also attached to
his cape, too, back here. So he can be kind of difficult sometimes, to move his cape in the
direction that you want because of that. And something else I’ve noticed, too, about the Super Pups. The pack goes in and it’s not very stable. It does fall off really
easy, I guess one way to stop that and fix that situation is to glue his pack in, but why
would you want to do that? So this is something I think Spin Master should have spent a
little bit more time on, getting the pack to go
in properly and stay in. That’s the one thing I
don’t like about this toy, but other than that, he’s a
pretty nice little rendition of a superhero pup. And I like these overall, but anyway, that’s what
I’ve noticed so far. And it seems to be a trend
across all of the Super Pups, but let’s move on to our next super pup and take a look at them. Next it’s Super Marshall, dun-da-da-dun. I love Marshall, he’s a
very cool dalmatian puppy and he’s made of the same hard plastic as the other Super Pups. He’s wearing a red and
yellow superhero outfit with a yellow cape that’s made of fabric. And his pack here on the
back is his water cannon so he can put out fires. Now he’s articulated. His front legs and his rear legs do move, so that he can soar through
the air, look at that. His head does move and he’s
got some of the same problems with the cape, as the other PAW Patrol pups that are Super Pups. His pack goes on his back with a little hexagonal hole
like the other Super Pups. Now to me, he looks like Flash. Doesn’t he to you, Bobby? – [Bobby] Yeah, he could
be really, really fast. – [Mr. Hands] Yes, he
could, but he puts out fires that’s his super power. Hey everyone, it’s Skye the Super Pup. Well, this is what comes in the packaging. You get Skye and her jet pack, right here. Now Skye, like the other
super pups has a cape, like all super heroes. Right, Bobby? – [Bobby] Yeah. – [Mr. Hands] And her cape is pink. She’s also wearing a pink
outfit with a pink mask. Now, her mask is
different from the others. I think only Rocky has a
mask that covers their eyes. The other PAW Patrol members
have basically a mask that covers their entire head so you can’t see who they are. Well, Skye looks really neat. She’s made of a hard
plastic like the others, her head does move just like the others, and it suffers from the cape, too, moving. But you know, that kind of
adds some dramatic flair because she can turn
sideways and her cape is over there and dun-dun-dun. It’s Super Skye. Now, her legs, the front and back do extend out so that she
looks like she is flying. So that’s pretty neat. And she has the hexagonal
piece on her back and looks like she’s
got a utility belt, too, around her waist like most of the PAW Patrol pups. Lets see. She has her little Skye logo in the front to show that she’s Super Skye. Now, the difference between this one and the other ones that I’ve noticed is the fact that her pup pack does like to stay on once you put it on. So let’s go ahead and install it, and I’ll show you what I mean. So we’ll put this on her like this and it basically stays in place. It doesn’t fall out. So that’s different. All the other ones tend to fall out when you turn them upside down, but Skye definitely doesn’t do that. Well, Skye’s a cool pup. She was really neat. She’s not an Action Pack pup,
but she’s just as awesome. Because you can pretend with
Skye to be a great super hero. Dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun-dun. Hey everyone, look, it’s The Riddler. (laughs) No, he kind of looks like The Riddler, but this is Rocky and
Rocky doesn’t riddle. Rocky recycles, doesn’t he, Bobby? – [Bobby] Yeah, he
recycles and fixes stuff. – [Mr. Hands] That’s right,
he recycles and fixes stuff. And this is what you get with Rocky, you get Rocky the Super Pup and his pack. Now, Rocky is a hard
plastic, his head does move. His cape doesn’t move like the other pups, which is kind of interesting. I think some of the heads
are put on so tight, that the cape gets stuck
to it and moves around. But Rocky doesn’t move at all. He’s got a cute face, doesn’t he? Awww. – [Bobby] Yeah. Well, Rocky’s wearing
a mask just like Skye. Not a full whole mask and
he is wearing a green outfit with a little blue utility belt, his paws in the front and
his rear paws do go forward. Because the thing about it
is, if you’re a Super Pup, you gotta be able to fly. And in order to fly, you
gotta be able to extend your legs out, right? – [Bobby] Yeah. – [Mr. Hands] Well, we’ll
move his legs back down like that and his little pup pack, which has his grabbing
arm, which we saw on the Jumbo Pup, and his screwdriver. Now, these do not move. These are straight in there, they’re not gonna go in
the pack or anything. They are painted, but for some odd reason here on the bottom, the
green didn’t entirely get painted. It looks like they may have accidentally painted it with some orange
there instead by mistake. Now his pup pack goes
on just like the others. You slide it on like this. There we go. And his actually stays
in rather nicely, too. So that’s kind of neat compared
to the other pup packs. And we also had some problems
getting his off, too. There we go, we got it. It seems to be that it needs
to slide in all the way so that this little nodule
can slip into something inside the body of the PAW Patrol pups, but it doesn’t seem to
work on a few of them. But Rocky is a different
story and he works just like Skye. Well, Rocky, are you ready
to go do some recycling? Yeah, let’s go recycle. Alright, let’s go recycle, Rocky. And who is this we have right here? It is Rubble. Rubble, Rubble, on the double. He’s ready to do some
rescuing as a Super Pup. He has got a black cape
on, made of a cloth fabric, his head moves, and his cape
actually stays in place, which is nice. He is wearing a full mask, so that his identity will be concealed. And his legs do stretch out
all the way, just like that, so that he can fly through the air, woah, Super Pups. Well, Rocky has his digger right here and going though these, we’ve
noticed that the problem is the nodule has to go all the way in. And they will go in the
pups, in the hexagonal hole. It’s just you gotta press down really hard and let’s listen and see
if we can hear the snap. There. Now this might be something
that a smaller child isn’t able to do, so. And once it’s in there, it
doesn’t wanna come out much. We thought that they weren’t holding, but after experimenting with them as we’re doing this
review, we’ve noticed that it just needs to be
pressed down really hard. Now that’s pretty interesting. So parents, when you’re
putting these together for your little one, you’re
probably going to have to press down on this pretty
hard to get it to stay in because we weren’t expecting that. Now it comes out kinda easy, little snug, gotta yank on it a little
bit, but it will come out. So let’s go ahead and
snap that back in place. And we have Rubble, Rubble, on the double. Look at that cute little bulldog’s face. Isn’t he awesome? Zuma is the hero of the day, yes he is. He is a Super Pup hero in his underwater superhero outfit. Now who else is an
underwater superhero, Bobby? – [Bobby] Aquaman. – [Mr. Hands] That’s
right, but Spin Master’s put together Zuma here with
a cape like the others, he’s wearing orange and dark blue with a little utility
belt around his waist. His front paws do go out
along with his back paws, just like that, so that
he can fly through the air or swim through the ocean
really, really fast. Now Zuma has the hexagonal
hole on the back, just like all the other pups and he does come with his propellers that allow him to go through the water really quickly. So basically they go on
by putting it on like this and turning his head a little bit and pressing down really
hard, there we go. It snaps into place, that was
something we didn’t know about before, but then we learned
as we did this review. And we have Zuma the Super Pup. He is a chocolate Labrador retriever. – [Bobby] Wow, he’s really cool. – [Mr. Hands] Yes, he is. Zuma is awesome. That was a fun review, wasn’t it, Bobby? – Yeeeeah, it was really fun. Did you have fun at home? – [Mr. Hands] Well, I think they did. If you enjoyed this video, be
sure and click the thumbs up and leave us a comment below. You can write anything. – Yeah, I sometimes
just type the keyboard. (Mr. Hands laughing) – [Mr. Hands] That’s right. Well this has been a fun review of the PAW Patrol Super Pups. We have Super Pup
Marshall, Super Pup Rocky, Super Pup Zuma, Super Pup
Rubble, Super Pup Chase, and Super Pup, who’s that, Bobby? – Skye. – [Mr. Hands] And we have gigantic Jumbo Action Pup Rocky, which
was a really cool surprise to open up, along with our Super Pups, wasn’t it, Bobby? – Yeah. – [Mr. Hands] Well all of
these are sold individually from Spin Master and Nickelodeon. Nick Jr, if you want to
watch this PAW Patrol, definitely check out Nick Jr. Because they’re all on
there, the cartoons, the episodes, everything. It’s really awesome, Bobby loves it. – [Bobby] Yeah, I love it. – [Mr. Hands] And these
make great gifts, too. Well, guys, thanks for watching our video and we will see you next time. (upbeat music) Hey, that was fun. You can subscribe to ToyTimeTV by touching the little Bobby image in the middle, or you can watch more of our videos by touching them on top of the screen. (music)

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    can u do anther collcetion video as well

  38. Rocky and Zuma The pup production says:

    can u do Rockys tugboat

  39. Rocky and Zuma The pup production says:

    what other paw patrol jungle pups will come out on youtube

  40. PJ Masks super fan says:

    I like paw patrol super pups

  41. Angela McCurdy says:


  42. Bernardo Salazar says:


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