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(playful ascending xylophone music) – [Woman] Whoa! Where did those gumballs come from? (playful band music) (children cheering) Hi guys! Let’s get all of our Paw Patrol in here. There’s all of our Paw Patrol! Now, they want to play
with the fish right here. They want to go fishing! Isn’t that right, you guys? – Yeah, we want to go fishing, but first, we need to feed the fish some gumballs! – [Woman] You’re right, Skye, we gotta feed the fish some gumballs! Let’s get some gumballs out here. (playful ascending xylophone music) Whoa! Where did those gumballs come from? (playful ascending xylophone music) (screaming and laughing) (playful ascending xylophone music) Okay, I think that’s enough gumballs. So, let’s turn on our fish. Now let’s feed some of them gumballs! We need red, orange,
yellow, green, and blue. First, let’s feed a red fish! Here we go! Oh no, it rolled off! Let’s try that again. That one doesn’t even open! These open so wide! That one opened wide! Come on, red fish, open wide! – Hom nom nom. – [Woman] Look, we got a
gumball in the red fish! Now let’s do orange next. We got an orange one! Now let’s do yellow! (laughing) (“ABC Song”) Alright, next up is green! Here we go! Oh, almost! There we go! Alright, last is blue! There we go, you got it! Yum, our fish got some gumballs! Here they come! (playful ascending xylophone music) Oh my goodness, they
totally ate enough gumballs. Here’s our handy dandy
fishing pole, it’s yellow. So now let’s start fishing
up with our Paw Patrol! Alright, we’re gonna start with Marshall! Here we go! Marshall, go for it! Whoa, look! Marshall got a green one! Good job, Marshall! Let’s keep going! Next up is Zuma! (gasps) No way, look! Zuma got a blue one! Woo hoo, Zuma! Let’s keep going, how about Rubble? Look, Rubble got a blue
one, good job Rubble! Everyone’s doing really good this round! How about Rocky? Look, Rocky got an orange one! Good job, Rocky! Now let’s go, Chase! Ooo, look what Chase
got, he got a red one! Alright Skye, your turn. Look, Skye got a yellow one! Look at that, we got all the colors. Alright Marshall, your turn! Ooo, you missed that green one. How about Zuma? Aw man, he didn’t pick that yellow one. Rubble! Ooo, that was close. Ooo look, Rubble got the orange one! Alright Rocky! Oh, you barely missed that yellow one! Next up is Marshall! Yellow! Oh, you hit him in the face! Alright, Skye. Oh, you didn’t even get it in his mouth! Alright, Marshall. Oh, you missed him. Zuma! Oh, you missed, too! Rubble? Oh, you about stabbed
him out of the water! Alright, Rocky. Oh, you missed that one. How about Marshall? Woo hoo, look! Marshall got a yellow one! Now how about Skye? Ooo, Skye got a red one, good job! That one has a gumball in it, too! Alright, next up is Marshall. Oh, nope, you didn’t get that green one. Zuma! Nope. How about Rubble? No way, Rubble got a yellow
one, good job, Rubble! Let’s go, Rocky! Rocky got a green one! Alright, Chase. This is Chase, this is Marshall! I think I called Chase Marshall once. Come on, Chase, do better than that. Okay, Skye. Oh, you barely missed that one. Marshall? Marshall got a red one,
and that matches him! Let’s go, Zuma. (“Skip to My Lou”) Oh, you missed it. How about Rubble? Nope, Rubble missed it, too. Let’s go, Rocky. Oh, nope, a little too late. How about Chase again? Oh, nope. Skye? Skye got a blue one, woo hoo Skye! Let’s go, Marshall. Oh, nope. Zuma? Zuma got an orange one! And it has a gumball in it! Alright, Rubble. Oh, so close. How about Rocky? Rocky got a yellow one, good job! Let’s go, Chase. Oh, so close. Skye! Super close, Skye. How about Marshall? Marshall got a blue one! Okay, Zuma! Zuma got a red one! Rubble? Nope! How about Rocky? Nope. Chase? Chase got a green one! Oh my goodness, look. Everybody has three! Let’s go, Skye! Oh, it was stuck in his mouth! Skye got one! How about Marshall? Nope. Zuma? Zuma got one, woo hoo! Rubble? Nope. Rocky? Nope. Chase! Woo hoo! Chase got him! Alright. Look! Zuma and Chase and Skye all got four! So let’s put them, let’s put them in here! Along with their fish! Alright. Okay, now let’s put in
Marshall, Rocky, and Rubble! And fill it up with fish. Alright, here it comes! Wow, here it goes! Gumball fever! (playful ascending xylophone music) So many gumballs! (playful ascending xylophone music) Whoa! Oh my goodness, so many! Alright, say bye to Paw Patrol! Bye! – [Child] Bye-bye! – [Woman] Here we go! (engine zooming) (engines revving) Whoo!
(playful band music) (children cheering) Hi, Paw Patrol! Are you guys ready to take
Peppa Pig on her airplane? – Yeah, we’re ready! Let’s go! – [Woman] Alright, you guys. Woo!
(engine revving) Wow!
(engine revving) Woo hoo!
(engine revving) Woo!
(engine revving) Oh, we’re ready to go. (engine revving) Woo hoo, yeah you guys, you guys are good. Let’s go find the plane! (engines revving) (“A Tisket, a Tasket”) (imitating machinery beeping) Here’s our Peppa Pig airplane! Watch what happens when
I push this button. – [Peppa Pig] Look, Teddy, we’re flying! Weee! ♪ Flying high in a plane, up
above the clouds and rain! ♪ ♪ Flying high, sunny skies,
flying high and high and high! ♪ – [Woman] Woo hoo! Alright, and look, we have Peppa Pig and Momma Pig, and their luggage! Boop! Now we need to get our Paw Patrol here. (engines revving) Whoa! We’re here! We’re ready to go. I can fly airplanes. Okay, Paw Patrol, I’m
glad you guys made it. Let’s open up our airplane
and get everyone inside. Let’s get Peppa Pig in first. She gets to sit in the front. There we go, now let’s get Momma Pig. She gets to sit right behind her! Then we can put our
luggage in the very back. Woo hoo! Close that up. – [Peppa Pig] I’m going on holiday! – [Woman] Peppa Pig is going on holiday, and we have Paw Patrol to escort her. – [Peppa Pig] Look Teddy, we’re flying! – [Woman] Let’s open up our front. This is the pilot’s
cabin, and we have Skye who likes to wear pink, she’s
going to fly the airplane! – [Peppa Pig] Let’s take to the sky! – [Woman] Alright, Skye,
are you ready to go? – [Skye] Yeah, I’m ready! – [Woman] Alright, let’s go! Gotta drive to our landing area first, and our takeoff spot. Whoa! Wow! Alright, Skye, take off! (plane engine roaring) Alright, while they’re flying, we’re going to take Paw Patrol in the bus! Whoo! (bus honking)
We got our bus for Paw Patrol! We have Marshall, and Chase,
and Rubble we’re going to take. But first, we need Ryder to drive the bus. (bright music) There we go, we got Ryder all situated, and we put his little skateboard in there. He’s ready to drive the bus, so let’s get our Paw Patrol in there! (bus beeping) Alright, first we’re gonna
have Chase back up in there. Now let’s put Marshall, and
lastly we’re gonna put Rubble! Boop! Alright, let’s take our Paw Patrol! Let’s meet Peppa Pig at the end! Whoa! (imitates bus screeching) Whooo! (bus honking) (bus honking) (“Do You Know the Muffin Man”) Alright, we’ve gone so far! Let’s get our Paw Patrol out. (bus beeping) (mechanical whirring) There we go. Come out, Paw Patrol! Whoa, Rubble, you went far! Marshall, you went far, too! You guys all went super far! Thanks, Ryder, see you later! Let’s check in on Skye and Peppa! (plane engine roaring) Whoa! Whoo! How are you doing, Skye? – We’re so good, we’re just flying around! We’re gonna meet the
rest of the Paw Patrol! Here we go! (plane engine roaring) – [Woman] Well, Chase,
Marshall, and Rubble, what are you guys going to do while we wait for Peppa Pig and Skye? – Let’s race! – Yeah, I wanna show these
guys I’m so much faster! – Whatever, I’m the fastest! – [Woman] Alright, you guys,
let’s see who the fastest is. We’re gonna push you up and see who can come down the farthest. Whoa! Oh man, Chase! Whoo! Oh, Marshall went all the way! (“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”) Oh, look, these two both spun around! They wanna go straight up it. Let’s send Chase first. (engine revving) Whoa, Chase, spin-out! (engine revving) Oh, Rubble went up and back perfectly. (engine revving) Marshall, I think you lose! Rubble went up perfectly, and Chase went all skiwampus,
so let’s try it again. (engine revving) Oh my goodness, Rubble, you
go up and down perfectly! (engine revving) Ooo, Chase did it too! (engines revving) Ooh, you went all skiwampus, Rubble! Looks like Chase wins that round! What is that, what’s that noise? (plane engine roaring) Whoa, Rubble, get out of the way! It’s Paw Patrol Skye with Peppa Pig! How was the ride, Skye? – Oh, it was a really good fly. Let’s get out our passengers. How are you guys, how’d you do? – [Peppa Pig] Weee! – [Woman] Oh, good, I’m
glad it was so much fun! How about you, Momma Pig? ♪ Flying high in a plane, up
above the clouds and rain ♪ ♪ Flying high, sunny sky,
flying high and high and high ♪ – [Woman] Oh, good. You guys had a great drive! Good thing! Alright, you guys, we can
close up their airplane and send it off. And Peppa Pig and her mom are gonna go off and do a nice fun holiday. We still have our Paw Patrol here! (“Do You Know the Muffin Man”) Good job, Skye, we brought your car over. Well, you guys have fun
on your holiday, too! Say bye! Bye Paw Patrol! – [Child] Bye-bye! (playful band music)

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