Passengers stuck on Disney gondolas

Passengers stuck on Disney gondolas

David Anderson

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40 thoughts on “Passengers stuck on Disney gondolas

  1. M Johns says:

    Praying for these people especially the poor children, scared and stuck in the hot gondolas. ?

  2. Asuna Moltiare says:

    Fortunately they'll be okay…

  3. Margaret Riley says:

    Gee, That Didn't Take Long…!!!!

  4. MewSn0wk1tty says:

    Well at least disney was quick to respond. Wonder how they work with the disabled guests

  5. Angela turra says:

    News Thanks you from Australia

  6. Alex Zabala says:

    They look FLIMSEY….plus no air conditioning???? If I'm stuck in A gondola…over a lake, not gonna jump in the water and get thrashed by an alligator.

  7. Emmy White says:

    Omg that's crazy

  8. One4All All4One says:

    Park prices just went up another dollar to fix the problem.

  9. beth thompson says:

    I said it from the start; this is not going to work. The skyline ride was the scariest ride at Magic Kingdom. You never knew when or how you would get down. Disney should have just built another monorail.

  10. Eric in Florida says:

    The news loves any kind of "incident" at WDW. There's no doubt that Disney will get this worked out, just look at their track record.

  11. djs2356 says:

    Oh the Humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Curious Rex says:

    Still safer than rush hour on I-4! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Robert Hooten says:

    Having fun isn't fun after all!

  14. Inksterwiz says:

    I called it I knew something like that would happen. Welp that's why I go with the bus…

  15. Proud American says:

    I just got home from WDW Friday and we rode the Gondolas from Pop Century to Epcot and Hollywood Studios via the Riviera and Caribbean Beach Resorts. We loved them. We stopped only a couple times just for about 3 or 4 minutes but then they began going again. As long as your moving it is very cool in the cars but the seats are very hard and uncomfortable. We asked about how we would evacuate if a car went down the the water over Hourglass Lake and we were told that you can manually open the doors to get out. But with that said we were never scared or apprehensive about being on them . Disney will get it all worked out and things will be fine. I hope sooner than later because we will be back there in six weeks.. So happy no one was hurt.. but the cars do come into the station very fast and stop very very close to the Gondola in front of it. That needs to be addressed as well….

  16. Quickly form says:

    Dismal Disney back at it again.

  17. Gary Williams says:

    The carriages come off the main cables when they get to a station and go onto a track system then rejoin the next cable going in the next direction, but when there coming into dock they are really fast and feels like you are going to hit the cartridge in front of you obviously this system has failed and a cartridge has hit the one in front

  18. Robert Jou says:

    wonder how much money disney saved by using cheap materials/labor

  19. sithlordsoup says:

    Lol bruh what if people had to pee

  20. Mailyne Vandal says:

    It looks like someone tried to rock their gondola to see what would happen.

  21. Timothy Woo says:

    Didn't Disneyland Anaheim already take down their's many years ago, but I guesse if Disney wanted to be nostalgic then oh well.

  22. Miss S says:

    Rich people problems.

  23. ThrobbinHood says:

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.. They just upped ticket prices, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Southern Gal says:

    I wondered what would happen when it broke down. Image just hanging there in the Florida sun, no way to get more air in… Basically baking in a box. Nope. I'll pass.

  25. MassacMongo99 says:

    Surprised WDW even allowed it to be reported .

  26. chad Joice says:

    Fake reporting again

  27. creek boie says:

    I hope they have enough sense to shut it down during hurricane season. watched a video walk-through of the Skyliner it goes directly over parking lots, walkways and buildings I saw that it went some of the resort hotels to me that is dangerous.

  28. AJ S says:

    This is what they get for putting a gondola in central Florida. Gondolas are for climbing hills or mountains. There are much more efficient ways of moving around on flat land, like monorails or buses. Disney has gone full retard

  29. Matthew Ringland says:

    If you are ever going to be unfortunate enough to be stuck on any cable car system, this is the one you want to be stuck on. Disney's safety record is unparalleled. Disney will sort this and will not re-open till they are completely clear about what happened and what needs to be done to stop this ever happening again. Keep the faith in Disney, safety of their guests is their top priority.

  30. Richard says:

    oooops. How plastic is that newsreader?

  31. chad Joice says:

    This news station definitely gettin sued

  32. Trollin since 79 says:

    I bet they got some good comps ?

  33. Melissa Berg says:

    I still donโ€™t understand why they chose gondolas at all. They always have issues. ??โ€โ™€๏ธ??โ€โ™€๏ธ??โ€โ™€๏ธ not to mention what a mess theyโ€™ll be during hurricane season. Geez.

  34. Mowerdan says:

    At least they weren't stuck up there in one of Florida's 1,000 degree summer days! Or a 4:30 PM downpour with those louvers shut and no air!

  35. Jaques Cousteau says:

    Looks like some people are getting a free trip from Disney World! Lol.

  36. MrMelgibstein says:

    Disney Monorails have a near perfect safety record .Doppelmayr Garaventa Group that Built the Disney Gondolas have had some serious accidents ,people have even gone flying, no joke

  37. Nicky D says:

    ha ha overrated disney strikes again i called it i knew it would crash these things are going too fast into the stations as well as no AC which is stupid in florida i bet it never opens again state shouldn't allow it either 1

  38. JeevesReturns says:

    They should have gotten a fast pass for rescue. The wait for that is only 90 minutes.

  39. James Walker says:

    I feel bad for the people on there but I'm glad Disney's having these problems

  40. Tyler Sheehy says:

    What happens was when gondola hit a dead spot whare guiding wheals coldent grip stade in place then Goten soaked by other gondola's

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