Overwatch Animated Short | Meme Rising

Overwatch Animated Short | Meme Rising

[music plays] HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Welcome!) Hey, Vsauce, Michael here! Tracer, status report. Target in sight, captain. We’ve waited a long time for Maximilien to show his face. It’s now or never. No pressure then! [police siren] ! Enemy spotted. Ugh! I’ve got some new friends! You’re clear to engage. Strike team, move in and take out Maximilien’s cover. Call ahead. Move the bloody payload! [sad beep boop noises] Hello there! ouch Finish him! Ugh! He’s getting away! This will get a lot harder if he reaches the safehouse. Mercy: Then let’s make sure he doesn’t! You’re up, Winston! I’m on it. Sojourn: Remember – we need Maximilien alive. He’s our only good lead on-[xqc making monkey noises] Haha, I’m not the one you should worry about. (zippity zap zap zoopity zap zoop zappity zap) My leg! [Genji gets run over] Boom, bam, bap Badaba-bom [pewdiepie screams] Pow! Angela! [genji blows up again] I need healing… [Winston eats the pavement] (Here in my garage, just bought this, uh, new Lamborghini here-) He’s gone. Don’t worry. He won’t get far on- HYEK Sojourn: Don’t get cocky. That storm is getting close. And Maximilien is as resourceful as they get. [MeeM] I trust you. Just try not to blow up anything else? Hah. No promises! [thunder] [Batman transition] 何?(Nani?) Ah, sh- oof [cough] Goin’ somewhere, Max? Is this really necessary? Surely we can make some kind of deal. You are in no position to negotiate. You’re coming with sus. [Hostage secured.] We know all about you and your healing. Oh, I have many healings. Perhaps it’s not clear what I have to offer. My resources are quite substantial. Let me ask, what might you be in the market for? An introduction. Aah, and who is it you would like to meet? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wow! *doomfist main noises* oh who is this guy What! Iron Man?! [dramatic ending] Thanks for watching! I’ll be making more! Stay tuned! hey the video is over you can go now Click on the playlist, it’s fun! Gotta go. Arrivederci!

David Anderson

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85 thoughts on “Overwatch Animated Short | Meme Rising

  1. NightsQueen says:

    Wow it's finally done

  2. Xeowyn says:


  3. Juston Bibero says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 10/10

  4. Lavi Hayoun says:


  5. Saydyrya90 says:

    Il give that to you its pretty goo..what is justin bibero doing here?

  6. Fabi404 says:

    this needs more attention!❤👍

  7. Exyl says:

    e p i q u e

  8. Kocu says:

    Is this budget Bibero, or is Bibero budget Draculus?

  9. Watersheep says:

    omg all the details this is so good

  10. meow chan says:

    now that's a piece of art,all it needs now is some jojo references and it would be perfect++++ since it has already surpassed perfection

  11. mhm says:

    We need more ! Please!

  12. Don_333 says:

    Absolutely love the humor, and the editing is great as well!

  13. Meme Editions says:


  14. magmablock says:

    im gay

  15. The Felly says:

    This is… awesome

  16. Дмитрий Франк says:


  17. xxx xxx says:

    Winston: hes gone
    Tracer: twerks

  18. Kiggaz says:

    Pretty fucking good!

  19. Young savage says:

    Love this 😂😂😂

  20. Epoch Divergence says:

    That fuckin Doomfist line at 3:38 seriously is all i EVER hear in spawn with a Doom on my team

  21. Memes on a stick says:

    Genji whispering to Max that he needs healing makes me yearn for a GotG Groot-esque comic relief character for Overwatch that obsesses over some trivial quote/bullshit

    "I need healing"

    "Yes, Genji, we understood you 3 hours ago when you repeated that for the 30th time, so we hope you understood us as well when we briefed this mission to you for the 50TH TIME."

    "Will there be healing?"

    "Wha- sigh yes Genji, we'll have healing. And after this mission, all the healing your little heart will ever want."

    "I need healing."

    "Me too, Genji. Me too."

  22. Bror says:

    Wish you could do this stuff in Sony Vegas.. Great video!

  23. Lavi Hayoun says:


  24. OnTarget says:

    Absolute masterpiece

  25. X says:

    Overall amazing quality. Funny jokes and fantastic editing. Well done!

  26. Mhanu says:

    That tracc

  27. Lihatiski says:

    Not overkilled with dank edits or flashy earrapes, just perfect. GJ dracu

  28. XGonj says:

    Nearly died after Winston's "I'm gay" line

  29. Count Alucard says:

    I almost died of this Doomfist LMFAOOO 😀

  30. Glibber says:

    I expected Pharah after the Lenny face

  31. Никита Садайло says:

    Yea, I'm looking forward to hear something form you
    Idk about others, but I've liked it and you shouldn't worry about stuff like that

  32. DJ 34 says:

    and dey say

  33. Sa4ko93 says:

    Chikatto chikatto Chika Chika!

  34. Кирилл Мехонцев says:

    u made my day

  35. ghostmonument says:

    i need an extended version of 0:00

  36. AllSad studio says:


  37. Legendarium says:


  38. ItsJustAngle2 says:

    that Genji near the end.. I want that to be a skin lowkey

  39. chingu says:

    69 years ago

  40. The Big Cheese says:

    At this age at this age at this age at this age chivalry is dead

  41. Αλέξης Κασκάνης says:

    You've got too little subs my man! Great job!

    EDIT) Just noticed vid aint 4:20 mins long, I disliked

  42. Aend Pharhand says:

    Hahaha this is hilarious I love it! Great editing skills too 🙂

  43. asdfg says:

    I want an RGB genji skin

  44. DFGBSDGSE says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  45. Doug Dale Dimmadome says:


  46. RogueHypocrisy says:

    Genji died twice and requested healing while dead. A+ for realism

  47. kek says:

    xqc making monkey noises lol

  48. Majespecteur says:

    I wonder why this masterpiece has only so few views.

  49. LegoLiam1803 says:

    1:32 Need for Speed.

  50. Endrődy Miklós says:

    Man… Your channel will be descoverd soon…

  51. A Jolly Ol' Fellow says:

    I have no words, this is just beyond excellence. Keep up the great work, I hope you make it big!

  52. marcing115 says:

    o kurwa

  53. _TheGhostChild_ says:

    Now this… IS CONTENT

  54. AliWasTaken says:

    "And dey say…"
    "And dey say…"
    "And dey say…"
    "And dey say, chivalry is dead."

  55. nadvanlis says:

    This is a fucking masterpiece

  56. Hardstuck Bronze says:

    Quality content

  57. NHF-X says:

    Sprays made the video. Love it.

  58. no says:

    Don’t worry, he won’t get far on HYEEH

  59. Todd says:

    Can we appreciate this godlike editing?

  60. XDXVCXVBBG says:

    This is amazing. Subbed

  61. Sorry says:

    I love this! Good job!

  62. Dank Fank says:

    the quality is amazing, great job!

  63. SukkaBukka says:


  64. DatTreePuncher says:

    was that ez4ence? nice

  65. ConfusedAnger says:

    high effort content! subbed, expecting more 🙂

  66. DVC says:

    This is so good, I love all the little details!

  67. no says:

    Holy fk that meem reference though. Amazing

  68. Doug Dale Dimmadome says:

    That was a wild ride. Whooey!

  69. Martin94 says:

    fucking amazing dude. +1

  70. sushi says:

    Very Ebicccccc

  71. OMEGA-JOY 6000 says:

    holy fuck this is so good

  72. nie powiem jak się nazywam says:

    Okay, this is epic

  73. Moth says:

    bro! why tf this so GOOD!?!?!?!

  74. Ekoh TheTaur says:

    Don't worry! He won't get far o- H U E A H

  75. Wood Choppa says:

    I can't believe u made the chiaki dance even more smoother

  76. Kai Dahlhaus says:

    Super well made! Love it!

  77. Smug Boi says:

    Sexy good quality ma ma

  78. Smug Boi says:

    The OwO on maxamilions head cracked me up!

  79. arcstar _ says:

    Lotsa healing

  80. John Galvany says:

    man i dint know Genji can harness rthe power of GAmEr KeY bOaRDs

  81. Rayquaza/ Zeazer Rayquaza-Jimbo says:

    Now this, this is really good.

  82. Daniel Rose says:

    Mad edition to add to the meme collection

  83. Beast Productions says:

    Guys the lore was leaked that omnic and the end is iron man

  84. Chief Combo says:

    3:37 I couldn't with akande the leader of the n dey say army.

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