Overwatch – Alive Animated Short | PS4

Overwatch – Alive Animated Short | PS4

girl, I had a fear of spiders. I was told they felt no emotion,
that their hearts never beat. But I know the truth. CROWD: Mondatta! Mondatta! LITTLE GIRL: Look, mama. TEKARTHA MONDATTA:
Human, machine, we are all one within the Iris. Before me I see the future, humans and Omnics
standing together, united by compassion, by common hopes and dreams. [MUSIC PLAYING] TRACER: Trying to
crash another party, love? Mondatta’s in danger.
Shooter on the roof. I repeat, shooter on the roof. SECURITY: This is a secure
channel. No one’s authori — TRACER: Mondatta’s in danger.
Get him out of here! SECURITY: Identify
yourself immediately. All rooftop teams,
check and clear. Halo is leaving.
I repeat, Halo is leaving. Sir, there’s been a breach.
We need to leave now. Chariot, this is team 1. Halo is coming in hot.
sweet, foolish girl. TRACER: What’s that? WOMAN: No! WIDOWMAKER: Looks
like the party is over. TRACER: Oh no, no. No, no, no, no! Why? Why would you do this? [LAUGHTER] WIDOWMAKER: Adieu, Cherie. WIDOWMAKER: When I was a
girl, I had a fear of spiders. I was told they felt no emotion,
that their hearts never beat. But I know the truth. At the moment of the kill, they are never more alive. Overwatch. Pre-order now and get early
access to the open beta on May 3rd.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Overwatch – Alive Animated Short | PS4

  1. Just a random guy wanting to study filmmaking says:

    The best short without doubt

  2. Almytho says:

    I am already tracer

  3. Ana Hashem l انا هاشم says:

    Can’t they just………..fix the robot?

  4. V. E. T says:

    I feel really bad for tracer

  5. Oscarlee0131 says:


  6. Catarina Cerqueira says:

    its that purple lady from over clock, window marker

  7. Nursesrawk x says:


  8. Marcos Biagi says:

    Windows movie Maker is the hero!

  9. Cr4 Y0n says:

    Well it comes on xbox

  10. cowboy.yoongi says:

    One like equals a vote for a short about widow before she was widow

  11. Gaming Toaster says:

    Robot JFK assassination

  12. Vũ Xuân says:

    Tracer: me
    The robot on the stage: my older brother (president)
    Window maker: my older brother enemy

  13. NorthernLaw says:


  14. MadGachaMadeline says:

    When i was a girl I had a fear of swamps. I was told this by and ogre. WHAT ARE YOU DOIN’ IN ME SWAMP?!

  15. dread riot says:

    5:32 Respawning in:4…

  16. Lcg 9 says:

    A dieu chéri est dit en francais mais pas en anglais g pas compris pourquoi

  17. dark framer gamer says:

    She said goodbye darling when she said adieu chérie

  18. Jake Pasilan says:

    We all know halo van be fixed right

  19. TFD_Dxrk says:

    Wo Windo Maker looks like the Dark Bomber from Fortnite

  20. Loomii says:

    They said humans and robots, but forgot that Tracer is technically a ghost

  21. Cat says:

    So… Why did she do this though? Lol

  22. Trường Thịnh Kheo says:

    Her voice sounds like Kai'sa, Tbh, is that same actress?

  23. xMike Productionz says:

    Idk about you but both are thicc af

  24. Dekuwu :3 says:

    Widow mains where u at?

  25. Von Haunthorse says:

    Widowmaker top girl

  26. idk what to do with this says:

    goosebumps inbound

  27. Sauce King6787 says:

    So no game character can hit there shots at other game character's

  28. Black_Falcon 21 says:

    Adieu, Cherie is “goodbye, dear” THE SHIP IS ON

  29. PixlrEdn says:

    we got that nice view

  30. Fire Fox says:

    i got chills at the end anyone else?

  31. スニコラ says:

    I am french and at the end widomaker tell « adieu chéri » in english goodbye darling

  32. PawerMMC says:

    When i was a Bastion i was afraid of getting nerfed

  33. JasperTubeTV says:

    That’s Mondatta right?

  34. GamerNeon 0000 says:


  35. Kinder Zone says:

    Can't he be repaired?

  36. Kinder Zone says:

    Can't he be repaired?

  37. LaurieWolfie Gacha says:

    0:46: Me if I saw an Overwatch character

  38. Kawaii Potato says:

    I forgot tracer could go reverse 😂

  39. Tohtori Vanukas says:

    For some reason this made me think skillets awake and alive

  40. Electric Tornado says:

    "Crowd: LOOK MAMA"

  41. Evincia says:

    "Human, machine, we are one within the iris."

    The Crowd: "YAS QUEEN!"

  42. Serafado says:

    When i was a spider i had fear of young girls

  43. BroLife Gaming says:

    Bruh when she hit that omnic did widow get her cute spray?

  44. Ayla RickyYT says:

    When I was a little girl
    I had a fear of spiders
    I was told they felt no emotion
    That their hearts never beat
    But I know the truth…

    At the moment of the kill
    They are never more alive!

    -THE FEELS!!!

  45. Zee' says:

    Windowmaker did nothing wrong. She killed the most annoying character ( Zenyata)

  46. Arabella 5245 says:

    For anyone wondering at the end Widow says “Goodbye darling”

  47. Fairwind says:

    the transhuman agenda. smh

  48. Frog Support says:

    Okay I just realized this but near the end you can hear a heartbeat going a little faster that normal

    But slowly it goes back to being this super slow beat

    A very nice detail I didn't notice till my 100th rewatch

  49. Z3 Ace says:

    5:24 Widow says, Adieu Cherie.
    In English it is, Goodbye darling.

  50. Flamescent says:



  51. Sam Hudson says:

    What’s the name of that voice actor at 6:09?

  52. Josiah Clark says:

    Now I know

  53. Shawn Tossten says:

    My boi got killed….

  54. The wacky Tube says:

    Poor Mondatta

  55. The Cloister says:


    opps time to fap

  56. Big Oof says:

    Theres TWO things that solve everyones problems..
    Overwatch, and a netflix series.

  57. Méven B. says:

    "Adieu chérie" 😏

  58. Hack Game says:


  59. TEMMY says:

    Adieu chéri !

  60. Nickname Nickname says:

    my fantasy: JUST KISS HERRRRRRR!!0!

  61. Skull Candy says:

    The Iris is a lie. And when they take over, you'll be sorry
    Ask Sombra. She knows

  62. Zion Shin says:


  63. George Hamilton says:

    So, what was so important about that robot?

  64. Genji Shimada says:

    Soon VS Soon

  65. Moonlight Cat says:

    Widowmaker: Looks like the party is over.

    Billie Elish: :`)

  66. QuinnQuills says:

    Omnic: Says one thing
    Crowd: Orgasmic noises

  67. Anime Cat or Lucky Gatito says:

    I always think mondatta is zenyatta

  68. Ken Kaneki says:

    And i miss

  69. Fluffy unicorns says:

    Who loves Windowmaker

  70. Rebecca Majik says:

    i hope this dosent awaken anything in me

  71. Death Walker says:

    At least the guard wasn’t retarded amiright?

  72. EmotionalLord says:

    "At the moment of the kill;they never feel more alive."

  73. Hungry Boy says:

    Fort nite kids be like oh wow they made the spider knight to a new tjing

  74. Jon Grudnik says:

    Zenyata dead

  75. sean sam says:

    Wait when torbjon was in the omnix crisis why didn't he fix mondatta? or diva? Or winston

  76. Maks Play says:

    2:06 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  77. poison says:

    Did you know that zenyettas dots r his eyes!

  78. DiamondKingTDK35 says:

    Jeeze President Robot You Sound Like Your A Hero…
    Wait I Forgot Your Name Isss It Dead President?
    Ok Back To The Voice I Hope BatMans Not Watching
    He Would Be Jealous About the Voice
    R.I.P Voice I Hope They 2 Dont Be On A Singing Contest
    If All The People Were There Guess What Will Happen?
    We Would Vomit Our Heads Off

  79. Xryx 10 says:

    How could widowmaker assasinate zenyattas brother too bad tracer couldn’t stop it

  80. Evie Widow says:

    Quand j’étais petite, j’avais peur des araignées on me disais qu’elle ne ressentais aucune émotions, que leurs cœur ne battais pas, maintenant je sais ce qu’il en ai. C’est au moment de tuer qu’elle se sentent le plus en vie … its french

  81. Lysander Tavish says:

    why isnt that robot just coping his hard drive every night before bed? that way if he gets shot he only loses one day of time

  82. Click Clack says:

    Нереально круто

  83. Welcome to the life of the Turbanator says:

    This would’ve been a perfect scene to bring back Gérard

  84. Neuracetone I NCS musics says:

    So disturbing to hear a kind of strange French accent when you are actually French

  85. Gordon Chang says:

    1:11 race traitors, 1:29 omnic lover lol

  86. Ben Akif says:

    Everyone know he is a robot…

  87. CaYlYa says:

    It’s just a robot

  88. Angelo James Mordini says:

    Still the best short in my opinion, and I’d love a movie

  89. Captain Sal says:

    Switch off Widow! We already have an Ana and Ash. Bastion is shredding us in a corner being bunkered by Rein and Orisa. -_-

  90. WHO ARE YOU says:


  91. Happy Birthday Ari says:

    She’s the french character 5:24 she says ‘’adieu chérie’’ and it means ‘’goodbye sweetie’’

  92. NRG_ Ghost says:

    What the song

  93. WIND says:

    Competitive music starts playing

  94. WhyDoesMyDadBeat Me says:


    Hon hon hon

  95. Awesome maniac says:

    Can blizzard just give us a movie already 😠

  96. cesar garcia says:

    Well done France 🇫🇷 👌🏻

  97. Sparrow Ilan says:


  98. Bandit Gaming BS says:

    This is not real people…

    I have used widow and cannot hit a thing.

  99. Jaclina Rogojev says:

    awoudhawoeuhtoawuf widowmaker is so cooooooooooooooooooool

  100. Ya Boii says:

    0:50 مساعدة

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