Overcomer Animated Short | Hannah Grace

Overcomer Animated Short | Hannah Grace

Overcomer yeah *Laptop Shuts* You’re wasting time. (Text:) 18th Birthday!! Hurray Adulthood (: You’re not doing enough. You’re not prepared. Nobody cares. Don’t get your hopes up. Why aren’t you that interesting? You’ll never be that good. She looks better than you. (Text:) I love hanging out with my friends! There’s seriously no other group I’d rather be with tonight

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Overcomer Animated Short | Hannah Grace

  1. Hannah Grace says:

    Here's a few more things I would like to mention as the attention in this short film has gone up in the past few weeks once again. But just a disclaimer, I'm only speaking to those who are willing to listen.

    1. You are worthless because you SAY you are worthless. Words have power- words from others AND words from yourself. The more your mind focuses on the false idea that you mean nothing, the more you will believe it to be true- the more you will WANT to believe it is true. No one can fix that but you. I can't help you, your friends and family can't help you, not until you start to open your heart to the fact that you are worth something. Once you begin that journey of accepting that fact you matter, then the support from the people around you will start to resonate. When you tell yourself you matter, every day, embedding it into your being, things will change for the better. It won't happen overnight. But in order for you to accept yourself, it takes work. Your worth is in YOUR hands.

    2. A small portion of the people in these conversations don't seem to understand the point of this film. This took me 3 months to make. I poured my heart into this. I made this coming from the light at the end of the tunnel. My life is great, I have the best friends i could ask for, and opportunities have been presented to me left and right. I'm not asking for pity, and I don't want you to feel sorry for me. I made this to let you know there is a way out. I made it out. It gets better. It truly gets better. It's hard… very hard. But the effort you put into believing yourself will pay off.

    3. No one can determine what your motives, desires and intentions are in a 6-minute, animated short. No one can determine your value, worth, personality, or life based on an animation or a piece of your creation. Some people would rather stand out by being the negative nancy, and that's their decision. Don't be mad at something you can't control.

    If you don't want help, I won't help you. If you don't believe in my faith, I won't make you believe in it. If you want to make me believe my loving God is a lie, a fairytale, a myth, etc., go ahead. Your words do not alter the truth I hold tight to. Because even in my darkest days, God's Word still worked. I give my anxiety and depression no credit, because in my weakness I was made strong. I love you guys, and it breaks my heart to see you all suffering. But you aren't alone on this journey. My God has proven to me time and time again of His love and goodness. If you want to try anything else to help you out of this hell-hole called depression, let me know. It is your choice.

  2. Anindya Idzni says:

    And i say thank you, make me to wake up and open my eyes,

  3. Sanket Sonawane says:

    Some time over smartness is good for ur mind

  4. Kaylie Frederick says:

    I remember watching this a while ago and this popped up in my suggested videos again and I'm so happy I did I love this animation ❤

  5. Hisham Khaled says:

    I literally feel her

  6. aesthetic lil cloudy says:

    You know what, people will judge you at every single moment but no matter what you are who you are be brave and do the right thing.
    If this makes someone's day better, I'd be happy to hear.

  7. Joker Benny says:

    Hi random introvert soul
    Love yourself. Talk with yourself. Take care of yourself

  8. Lumber W says:

    u n d e r t a l e

  9. Sins Hacks says:

    I thought this was a horror short….

  10. Fatma Nur says:

    So much expressive, thank you! 😊♥️

  11. BlackRoseRanma says:

    This reminds me of a time when I was just like the character in this film. It took a while to get back on my feet but I did and I turned out to be a stronger person in the end. Thank you so much for creating this film and I hope you keep creating in the future!

  12. Izadora Coutinho says:

    Eu amei

  13. Lial says:

    Don”t care for abot people you so amazing 🥺💘💘💘💘💘.

  14. Lial says:

    I like it so so much 💖💖💖💖😭

  15. Divya Shukla says:


  16. dolorem says:

    0:57 her mom is named Karen, now we know why she's depressed

  17. Zach Kappel says:

    God bless you and your travels, Hannah.
    He has a good plan for you.

  18. Shikura Scrawl ́s says:

    This make me cry.

  19. H E R L E K I N G says:

    Y algún día serás youtuber

  20. Aditi Mishra says:

    Just right now I am having an emotional breakdown and I feel like I don't matter,that I should not be existing.Depression sucks when you have no one around you to help you come out of the hell.😭

  21. KeRen Tan says:


  22. Ghost says:

    Statisticly we don't matter we are just 1 in a billion and once someone like me dies no one will remember me or care they may act like they do but they dont

  23. A.Y.F.S. says:

    Intriguing. I like the various styles of animation you collaborated together. I'm still learning the 2D animation world.

    VO is more my focus but I'm training with animation to produce the craft for myself.

    Anyways keep it up😊😁

  24. MLP KREMA says:


  25. BluSpectre says:


  26. Delfi uwu says:

    ¿español? ¿no? ¿nada?
    ok :'v

  27. Rubina Pradhan says:

    So beautifully written….

  28. hannah caldwell says:


  29. Mckenna Shepherd says:

    This hit me hard.i see the main character as myself because I am going through some of the thing she went through.

  30. sahithya Raju says:

    Please make some more like this. Nice film

  31. Alichiong2627 says:


  32. DoughnutDaughter says:

    “Only you can change how you fell.”

  33. Hilton O'connor says:

    Amazing message! Loved the storytelling. The way you depicted our own negative comments weighing against us was so clever and relatable.

  34. shwetha grao says:

    thank you 😊

  35. Donut says:

    You know I’m kinda going through a rough time rn lol. This showed up in my recommendations and what convinced me to watch this beautiful animation was the name “Hannah”. Hannah is my name too. Low key felt like YT was yelling at me. 😅 either way, I’m glad I watched this. It was nice 🙂

  36. lisa akgae says:

    I turned 18 this year and I'm in the exact position she's in

  37. Edel Kam says:

    mi cavsa

  38. Xiomara Hill says:

    I know that one day this video right here will save peoples lives

  39. Liënne ten Kate says:

    Very touching animation, I can relate a lot and felt emotional watching this.

    It does remind me also of the mirror exercise I have been practising, I have hold my inner child in my arms many times and it is so healing. ^_^

  40. FUN 4US says:

    It really touched my soul
    No words to say
    I am also facing the same problem being unsocial,bullied,hated,
    Now I know that never mind anyone it’s only you who matters you the most 😌

  41. Silvana Carvalho says:


  42. Peach *Pink says:

    The message of this video is very subtly clear .. Its us who hold our self down with all the mountain of burdensome weight when we can just stop believing on the words that are repeated to us my others or by our own negative thoughts.. but to be honest I’ve known this from years & still its difficult for me to come out and accept all those words in a positive manner or see the situation from a different angles .. Its really heart wrenching & its requires a lot of patience self love & determination along with will power to overcome it .. this animation is a great example but reality is quite different often dynamic entanglement of complexities .. It is required of me to be an overcomer but its just very hard for me

  43. Crispy Banana says:

    My eyes are sweating


  44. فارس فيجو - Fars Fego says:

    you just made me cry i cant tell you how much time you was touching my heart at this video ….its really beautiful video

  45. Chronically_ Me says:

    Sitting here bawling my eyes out because of how relatable this is 😭💕

  46. DestinyGrey Cloud says:

    I can’t watch this bc I have depression and sometimes when I get really stressed voices that tell me to kill someone or myself so watching this just makes it worse :/

  47. DestinyGrey Cloud says:


  48. Tuffsmoygles says:

    wasn't this A Christmas Carol plot?

  49. Fred Harris says:

    Imma kill myself im such a failure



  51. Chanda Gautam says:

    When you are once depressed being alive will feel childish

  52. dale gend says:

    wow deep

  53. Phương Đoàn Minh says:

    I miss Sulli. I wish someone was there and hugged her, didn't let her go

  54. tortilla roll says:

    You occupy space
    You have mass
    You know what this means?

    You matter.

    Source: tumblr

  55. Sandybites says:


  56. Shirayuki Hime says:

    Rest in Peace Sulli 😭

  57. Jadu iboi says:

    Don't let others actions chain your beauty within

  58. Jadu iboi says:

    It's tough to be different but in the end it's they who really make the difference.
    Who can relate??

  59. Jadu iboi says:

    I think everyone should have been gone through depression once in life, so that they can comprehend with their feelings and give them the support they need, including me ^_^^_^

  60. Jadu iboi says:

    All you need is one good friend, and you'll never feel depressed.
    Keep on searching

  61. Jadu iboi says:

    Every new day is an opportunity to find the love you have been missing in your life, if you have the courage to try new things ^_^^_^

  62. Lil meow meow says:

    I saw this animation for the first time i believe 1 or 2 years ago and remembered not liking it a lot simply cause i couldnt understand what it means
    And nowadays i get the message and can relate
    Though i wish i couldnt

    Its really a great video i hope one day i can overcome my own struggles as well

  63. Ravenwing says:

    This hits too close to home. It’s beautiful. I often found myself doing all I could to make myself believe, I’m nothing, that I’m worthless. I’m still trying to break the habit. I’m still trying. No matter what people say if you don’t believe it yourself getting better is hard. But I’ll get there one day. I’ll learn to accept myself. <33

  64. Stef9 says:

    Name of the song that starts at 1:31,please from my soul 🙁 I so love it and this video too,Ya'll are great!!!♥♥♥

  65. huntressforhire says:

    Ive lost feelings for people because of my upbringing. I can throw away a friendship as easily as someone throws away a piece of trash. Ive disconnected w family over my own stubbornness. Eventually we keep adding chains to ourselves long after the hurt because its a familiar heavy feeling

  66. TheAmazingEmily 11 says:

    Three years later and it’s still sad

  67. Cleo is a punk rocker says:

    18 going on extinct

  68. Purple Guy says:

    I want to say F you to 3,1 thousand people who click the stupid dislike button. They 're disgust me! Btw go to my YouTube channel if you want to and nice animation Hannah. AND I FOUND UNDYINE FROM UNDERTALE ON FACEBOOK!

  69. Jane life of music says:

    The saddest part of life on this earth is, When you have no one to trust but God alone. People are all around us, but no one sees the real us. Everyone what's to be the main character of theirs and also others lives. Eventually, the others becomes extras of their own life story and become isolated.

  70. Carolina Meza says:

    Hannah. I needed this at this moment. Earlier this year I tried to finally take my live and I got involved on a self-inflicted car crash. I'm alive. I'm healthy. I got a job teaching my students. I still feel alone, but I'm better.

    I want to share this with my students. So thank you, Hannah.
    You rock, and you gave today some color back to my life.

  71. Green Tee says:

    It's funny that it's a Karen that was the only one who cared about her birthday XD

  72. Corinna Brown says:

    Wow… Beautiful in more ways than I can count!

  73. Lyrics& Books says:

    I've gotta say, even though this short is 3 years old, I remember the day I stumbled upon it. I was seeking inspiration and I came across many short films that I love. But very few stood out to me in the same way this has. From the sound, music, and animation to the art design of the short, I was instantly captivated and invested. Because I felt as if I were looking at a reflection of myself. I've searched for films about depression just out of the curiosity of what's been done. This is the film that comes closest. The genre of short indie films and the deeply emotional stories they can tell, if I had the means I'd try my hand at it, there are stories I feel need told, but not through words on a page. But, I digress, this film is truly a beautiful masterpiece and an honest story at that. The whole situation of how words can affect ppl, or even how no words at all affect a person is a harsh and cruel pill to swallow (believe me, been there, felt it's affects) While it is sadly true, that not everyone we encounter will be kind to us, or care to understand us, the best we can do is try to is fight through those moments that we don't want to get out of that bed, or face that next morning. And it's no easy fight, cause like Rocky Ballboa in the ring, you're gonna get knocked, you're gonna fall. But the world be darned once you find that strength to get back up, you are enough. We are enough, even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it. We matter.

  74. Lou Xie Xing says:


  75. Niels Riley says:

    "I'm the one I should love in this world
    Shining me, precious soul of mine
    I finally realized so I love me
    Not so perfect but so beautiful
    I'm the one I should love" – Epiphany, BTS.

    Remember to love yourself, dear who read this. (◕ᴗ◕✿)

  76. Vanora Moon says:

    Pretty damn good for a first animation short film. A very good message. I'm there and know someone else hurting…
    Thank you. Love and blessings… (We all matter)

  77. danielle collins says:


  78. - hollybug - says:

    it's been so long since i last watched this. this changed my life. thank you! i'm in a good, healing place right now.

  79. - hollybug - says:

    if you are reading this, please know that you can get through it. because i did. you can too.

  80. - hollybug - says:

    im not crying because im sad, im crying because im finally happy

  81. Erica Journal //JG13 says:

    My 18th birthday is tomorrow. I found this video when I was 16, and I’ve watched it several times since then. Today, I watch it as a reminder in where all I’ve been, and how far I’ve come. I know my younger self would be so proud of where I am today and where I’m going forward. I can say with absolute confidence that I love who I am and who I’ve turned out to be. I’ve been through many hardships in my 18 years of life, but I’ve seen more miracles than most people see in a life time, my mere existence being one of them. This video is a true inspiration, and I’m so glad you made this. It’s funny, my name is also Hannah so that just adds to how much this video means to me ❤️

  82. alec techon says:

    Thank you

  83. The Peridoritos says:

    This is just so sad!
    I hope every depressed person sees this.

  84. CrazyFire says:

    That's stupid, all the years of pain, suffer and that is gone by one dream telling himself that you matter and you can do this? what can you do? and for what matter? …


    maybe you made it out, maybe no one can predict a life story from a video of 6mins…but who is going through this situation may feel it. sometimes there are places when no support comes after all the effort and after constant failures, everything seems so dark. Even family, friends, best friend, therapist and even God don't help. I even don't know if you r reading it in 2019 but this type of depression is something that will represent you as a failure even if you have talent. Everyone would laugh, no-one seat with you, nobody care even family and everyone thinks you as a boring person, a lot of things and if at the same time addiction comes into life that makes more horrible life. Also people those who show pity , all the angers comes from them. There are some people who can't make it out of that hole.

  86. AwesomeHila says:

    I cried so much… Seeing her as a little girl….. Thinking of how sad little me would have been to see what I tell myself about me… And what I think of me instead of was I use to think about myself…
    This is so sad… I cried my eyes out really…
    Poor little me… This just makes me feel even worse if myself like "look at what you've done .. you are harming the younger happy you"…..

  87. Skylar Sky says:

    All I have to say is thank you. Thank you for showing people that there is a way out. For all of those people that aren’t really sure about Christianity, let me tell you this God will surprise you in the most amazing way possible! And He loves you VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH😉❤️❤️❤️

  88. Roniel Alves says:

    U don't have to please anyone

  89. Derpypuse says:

    That undyne tho

  90. Sanchali Sharma says:

    It takes only 5 minutes and 56 seconds to watch this story but my whole childhood flashed in my eyes during this .
    This is so relatable .
    Thank you .this was damn needed .

  91. Amberly Zeth says:

    Desde siempre, yo fui a quien todos mis compañeros de clase excluían, molestaban, e incluso fingían que yo era invisible. Para entonces era muy pequeña y sensible, así que los años siguientes fueron peores, creí que realmente era todo lo que los demás decían que yo era. Conozco a varias personas como yo, que tras haber sufrido algún tipo de rechazo no pudimos superarlo a tiempo. Es difícil pedir ayuda, es decir.. Como le pides ayuda a alguien que piensa que solo estás haciendo un drama para llamar la atención?! Nuestras familias piensan eso, las pocas personas con quienes hablamos a veces lo piensan, porque no saben cuánto dolor llegamos a acumular con el tiempo. Ojalá hubiera una forma de que la felicidad y seguridad que llegamos a sentir a veces sea eterna, pero no dura mucho.

  92. Christine Joy Evangelista says:

    This girl represents me exactly. 🙁

  93. miftahu ainin says:

    Thank you for making this meaningfull movie ❤️

  94. Uncle Drew says:

    guys anyone can help me i want to kill my self

  95. Phakhwan Noonlakkham says:

    Thank you.

  96. Nu mai apuci says:

    Grow up kids….that day will not come,destroy youreself , hate yourself, punish you until naivety disappears … and then you will see what you'll become.HAVE A NICE DAY!

  97. aswathy s says:

    This is me … Tomorrow is my birthday ….

  98. brokennuggetやホヌ says:

    i have depression , anxiety ,adhd and this other disorder though, am i worthless?i always am and words start to stab me in the heart that made me feel worthless yes, i finally got over with depression abit but it could take a long time to get my thoughts out of my head before people will notice my disorders.I've been suffering with these disorder for 2 years but i still have not got it overwith i think a therapist is too much to pay for but ill try to do it myself and not only to mention myself but with all my loved ones but , i wont know if i can do so .As the thoughts in my head are weaker than the stabs in my heart but even though i can't do it i will still decide to live even if it means to go through pain.

  99. Ricardo Ramos says:

    tbh this IS me i felt this related to me so much

  100. Kriptônio S says:

    1:32 Hey Chara

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