**Oscar Nominated** 3D Animated Shorts: “Sweet Cocoon” – by ESMA | TheCGBros

**Oscar Nominated** 3D Animated Shorts: “Sweet Cocoon” – by ESMA | TheCGBros

[This Film Has No Audio Dialogue]

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “**Oscar Nominated** 3D Animated Shorts: “Sweet Cocoon” – by ESMA | TheCGBros

  1. Muhammed Sahid says:

    so desperate

  2. Marie :P says:


  3. Gayatri Aryal says:

    5:20 😂😂😆😆😝😝😝 that insect😂

  4. aman ullah says:


  5. Blue Ball Spartan 3045/JobbyTheHong6453 says:

    This caterpillar is based on the automeris io moth.

  6. Korey Reece says:


  7. Bakai Bektemirov says:


  8. valentina bolaños says:


  9. Tatiana Lima says:

    Minha filha chorou

  10. Gacha Pro says:


  11. Wyu_min says:


  12. Gautam Sharma says:

    Bring me something to fuck that ending 😡😡

  13. Sonu P says:

    Survival of the fittest…

  14. Taz Mohr says:

    Teacher: this looks like a nice short.
    5 years olds: stares deep into the teachers soul

  15. Angelica Longoria says:

    1:08 – me trying on jeans

  16. Mister Fister says:

    The weevil (the one with the long snout) looks like something out of ice age because of how it walks and how it looks

  17. RAHUL SHINDE says:


  18. Blue Lightening PS says:

    Can I know , in which this series has been animated.?

  19. Kermit Gamer says:

    Little brother: what is that exzma?

    Me: no it's Esma

  20. Love Guru says:


  21. Comedy masala Channel says:

    Your animation software use

  22. Srinidhi ಶ್ರೀ says:

    ಪಾಪ ಚಿಟ್ಟೆ 🦋

  23. amarnath kaibartya says:

    Blah..it supposed to have a good ending

  24. thecouchpotatocom says:

    Why… why put us through that.

  25. Ermelinda Ogandaga says:

    OMG 😂

  26. Ed luar says:

    I love it!

  27. Ed luar says:

    What a nice animation!

  28. Amisha Gadhwanshi says:

    I dont like it … becouse the ending was not happy

  29. Alicja .P says:

    Animation is fantastic, but the script… well, I suppose that the author wanted the whole sequence of caterpillar squeezing to be funny, but for me it was annoying. I just wanted this to be done and the plot could move on, but it took the greatest part of the movie instead. Then I thought it is good for kidsmaybe, but here comes the sad ending, so… I don't know who is the target of it.

  30. Apa Aja Pokonya says:


  31. RobloxIsCool 2018 says:

    This is not an ESMA short film, it’s

  32. J Mehta says:

    Please watch my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDvcHhS9PaA I truly appreciate all the love and support!

  33. Olivier Fortier says:


  34. Sumbal Naz says:

    Bad luck poor dear…

  35. Dandara Gomes says:

    Que chato. Não gostei do final

  36. itthe poodle says:


  37. cristian brandan says:

    Pobre orugita 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙂🙂😨 se la comieron

  38. R K2 says:

    i imagined the same end after watching him flying, cause anything can happen in cartoon. and you guys have great humor.,..

  39. Norodin Sumilalao says:

    It feel sad but its funny too.

  40. Giovanna Rosu says:


  41. Mintyicey Fox says:

    It says cocoon so it should be a moth not a butterfly moths are cocoons butterflies are chrysalis

  42. RAJAN M says:


  43. only Indian says:

    Nice but end is so sad

  44. очередной школьник says:

    Welcome to the real life, BITCH

  45. Mahathir Mohammad says:

    i loss 6 min from my life

  46. NiMi MEDHI says:


  47. LuckyBlock Games says:

    Oh hi esma, the same people who gave us jungle jail and created the new generation of Me And The Boys Meme, plus they invited Satan

  48. Papwithanhatchet says:

    This was nominated for an Academy Award? Or was it, rather, submitted for consideration for an Academy Award? I find it lacking in most regards.

  49. Лилит Филимонова says:


  50. Kartun anak Tv says:

    Bantu sampy1000 subseribe ya @fendi_ebenk

  51. or vine says:

    I find Animated worms like that so amusing but the real worm scares me to death…

  52. or vine says:

    I find Animated worms like that so amusing but the real worm scares me to death…

  53. Marpinus Paskano says:

    Me putting old jeans

  54. ImMajor C Falcon says:

    well beauty don’t lasts forever I guess..

  55. Cymbala says:

    All is vain.

  56. Neri says:

    Why that crow didn't use beak like all normal birds do to catch their prey?

  57. Kariana Bakuradze says:

    The heck!? why the ending should be like that?

  58. lil doggie says:

    Fat nut

  59. Gabrielle Jackson says:

    Well damn..

  60. Любовь Ильиных says:


  61. EMILIA Garcia says:

    Me gustó pero muy TRIZTE final …pobre oruga …tanto trabajo …para vivir lo q dura un suspiro ….moraleja ..no te sacrifiques tanto …no te preocupes …x cosas materiales ..donde están cómodos y seguros …PREOCUPATE X VIVIIIR !!! Q LA VIDA ES UN SUSPIRO …muy lindo vídeo gracias x COMPARTIR…Emilia García de TUCUMAN Argentina

  62. d0kt0rS says:

    Try hard, get a bit of progress, life slaps you in the face and its all for nothing. Good allegory for life right here.

  63. Doris Coleman says:

    I really did not like that at all. That's just like real life and it's sickening enough. Really. Just after she worked so hard to change, and had someone to help. Really again. That has really did something to me.

  64. SimPle Boy says:

    ดูจบกูก็อุทานว่า สัส…

  65. Baby Deepu says:

    You beautiful

  66. Yuri Mendez says:

    what the fuck all that hard work for nothing!?

  67. Abhi Kumar says:

    uhm ok

  68. Thanuja Sandya says:


  69. MM Love & Fun Music World says:

    I am looking for a foreigner boyfriend coz i love long distance relationship but true and serious…if somebody see my comment and get interested knock me..mail me or inbox me..or if any from u know someone similar to me then plz inform..thank you…(am sorry this was not a comment for the video)

  70. Crave Ivanheart Cañon says:

    didn't see that coming….

  71. Tooi Mai says:

    5:07. trời ơi, định mệnh

  72. Yoko Sama says:

    Not fun 😶

  73. salini Brahma says:

    I like the helpers and it is funny

  74. 吉岡翔吾 says:

    What a ending!?! 😳

  75. PoPli YaPri says:

    This is so deep…….how parents work hard for their child….and when the child is actually developed….some cruel society people ruins the child's life.. even before the child start living life…..

  76. 喜多川優希 says:


  77. Kathy Florcruz says:

    Oscars are handed out to no one but those in the club.

  78. Anjum khan says:

    Ending is not gud

  79. Jeannette Campos says:


  80. Nicole Coyner says:

    Lol all that work…

  81. nono awwad says:

    as always bad end

  82. Nazim Shaikh says:

    Life has no guarantee, wether you are insured or not insured, you still have to die, DEATH is INEVITABLE 🦋

  83. 꿈꾸는엘언니 says:


  84. Nicole Soares says:


  85. Saumya Thakur says:

    Ha ha ha….. So much work…. All in vain. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I felt bad for the other 2 insects.

  86. Zeka Quluyev says:


  87. Dianna Nunez says:

    Beautiful video it was totally funny the best short film ever I really love it yeah ✌️🍀✨💖🙏🏼

  88. Eliza DoLot says:

    This is fucked up.

  89. ZS Creations says:

    last seen is the so sad

  90. Yogamaya Tripathy says:

    Beautiful short movie 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌹🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌷😅😅😅🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌸🌸🌸💐💐💐🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀💐💐🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🙋❤❤❤❤❤❤

  91. Nainawa Studios says:

    It's the bestest movie but the ending was so sad so sad but I still like this movie it's the best movie for kids I love it by sania

  92. Valentina Broccoletti says:

    Ma che tristezza! Praticamente " The istory of My Life "

  93. FREE FROM FEAR says:

    Waste of time🤮

  94. Narda Fallas says:


  95. Ed luar says:

    Real story:

    Two mammals (anteater and billygoat) are sleeping. A butterfly comes out of his cocoon. He spreads his wings and flies away. He gets eaten by a bird. They are shocked and walk away. (Setup)

    A big, cute caterpillar (my fav character) is making her cocoon. She tries to get in, but fails. She tries 100 times. The mammals come back. The stop for a moment, and go to the caterpillar. They try to help her, but it doesn’t work. (Conflict)

    The mammals tie her to a string. They tie a rock too, but end up chasing it. Finally, they sit on it. (Challenge)

    The next day, they take her off the string and walk away. They play a game. The billygoat aims, and the anteater fires. When they see her in the cocoon, they are happy! (Climax)

    She rolls up a hill. She sits it on a small bush. Suddenly, the bird came along. She held on the cocoon (to be safe). She looks from side to side. There are no predators around. So she stands up. (Resolution)

    Thank you for reading!

  96. Cedric Washington says:

    Looking for someone who can do this level of animation! Please contact me, leave a comment!

  97. Ed luar says:

    1:11 – 4:35
    When you put on super skinny jeans and by the time you take them off you end up as a bee. 😀👖🐝

  98. Ed luar says:

    Moral of this version of the story: “Stay cute and green and it’s harder to get eaten by a bird.” (She became a butterfly but got eaten by one.)
    Moral of the real story: “Help others nicely and something good will happen to them.” (Her friends helped her, but she never became a butterfly!)

  99. Jason Bourne says:

    Do you konw that is a very mad thing you showed as a very very mad thing and why!?!? a bird came so.I give you a thums bad a very very big thums bad you are so stupid a very very very!!?? stupid man ok 😡😠👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  100. Paleo-Andrew H. says:


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