Original Fortnite Animation | VICTORY ROYALE | The Squad Ep. 2

Original Fortnite Animation | VICTORY ROYALE | The Squad Ep. 2

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Original Fortnite Animation | VICTORY ROYALE | The Squad Ep. 2

  1. Xavier Buultjens says:

    These videos are so good make more please

  2. XXX TENTACION says:


  3. Jose Rendon says:

    That is so funny

  4. Spinel gem says:

    Pause at 1:51 and look at the bottom of his arm it says ur dad gay

  5. mireyagarr says:

    Mexico lamaaaaaaaaaa🇲🇽

  6. sheree webster says:


  7. Zikulit 07 says:

    I like to call slurp juice "storm repellent."

  8. Nerlande Delhomme says:

    You stalty you slotey spring doog

  9. CRAZE FOR JAKE says:

    rip moisty

  10. Nikolas Troutt says:

    Where is part 3

  11. [GD] BliSard says:

    Where we droppin bois? 😂

  12. Lukas The Cheetah says:

    Theory says the dude who fell, is still falling

  13. Viktoria Hegedus says:

    How saw thanos Was hear ön the tree

  14. Erica Peak says:

    0:03 guy eats toast

  15. JDC Animates/stories says:

    Your pure salty. Salty springs.


    Thanos was here

  17. King of Fire says:


  18. BigAnd Ben says:

    2:58 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Olliegamer Smith says:

    Nice vid

  20. Aaron Pretty says:

    A wild trump appeared
    He used his special
    The wild trump fled

  21. Tarun Verma says:


  22. darren cotterill says:

    On the tres it said thanos were here

  23. PlayzY AttacK says:

    When ur tac and pump does 6 damage 2:44

  24. sam is a bot says:

    Amazing animations love the voiceovers keep up the great work

  25. Biggie Big says:

    0:24 knome

  26. MrJack Man says:

    Rick are you high

  27. The Rainbow Dogeys says:

    2:58 that’s my new wall paper🙄

  28. SN1 Crow says:

    1:33 rick and morty listen to names

  29. Noob Gamer says:

    Roach's tattoos is so funny

  30. PinkPixel Productions says:

    Some people say that to this day that trump picture still exists

  31. Mary Mitchell says:

    More more plezzzzzzz

  32. Besthacker 290 says:

    1:09 Thanos wuz here

  33. Hudh Ziyau says:

    Nice Wall :<)

  34. david tran says:


  35. Rong Cheng says:

    Bruh he destroyed the chest

  36. 50 Ethangee says:

    If you don’t like this, your salty springs dawg!

  37. Huggie_boy _123 says:


  38. Riva1er Plays says:

    In 8 months I realized their names were Rick and Morty

  39. thebubblewormofficial says:

    1 year ago today

  40. V buck PrO says:

    2:42 so what it’s like😂

  41. Daniel Newkirk says:

    Where we dropping Bois? 😂
    R.I.P Dusty Depot
    LoL xD 😂😂😂😂

  42. Carlos Hiram says:

    3:09 surpise #@##@@#@#

  43. Jupiter *planet* says:

    3:05 LOL

  44. Andreé Mendez says:

    Where we dropin' bois? 😂 Rip dusty depot ur dad gay

  45. family hare010 says:

    Instead of rick and morty it is rick and marty

  46. Møre Rîce says:


  47. Leo Melidoniatis says:


  48. GreenGachaGamer says:

    3:05 y u put spongeboi into this 🙁

  49. AnimeUpdated 1 says:

    0:47 Keemstar?

  50. Marco Antonio De La Fuente Valenzuela says:


  51. 100,000 subs Without anything goal says:

    Where we
    dropping bois?!


    ur dad gay

  52. Cindy S says:

    1:28 it says on the tree Thanos was here

  53. Linea Shimpulu says:

    Why you salty anya

  54. mr infinity_yt says:

    Thanos was here 1:10

  55. Tfall Playz says:

    This video is awesome! Keep the good work! It’s hillarious

  56. Royalloveshismom Greenwood says:


  57. Royalloveshismom Greenwood says:

    600: Percent was the season9

  58. Therese Mendy says:

    Defalt:heal me u asshole skelton:no u have a golden scar

  59. Mary Tressler says:


  60. James Conner says:

    Make tater have an infantry rifle

  61. Jakob Heiob says:


  62. Boo Da Dog says:

    1:33 rick and Marty

  63. rockstar sackboy says:

    3:05 new skin in fortnite for season 50

  64. Christy Mania says:

    Did you see the tree that said thanos is here lol

  65. Hayden Christopher says:

    k e e m s t a r

  66. Jesus Garcia says:

    3:05When somebody steals your green beans and you’ve got them down

  67. TheAlmightyPug101 says:


  68. Slipz says:

    I HEAR it. Do you SMELL toast. What do you mean

  69. Glaze Yt says:

    King star

  70. Santi's Adventures says:

    When someone steals your cookies and you got them down 3:05

  71. Juan Bernal Guitron says:


  72. Xcell 2187 says:

    I remember when these episodes were first released. Memories

  73. Srecko Filipovic says:

    Hey their tatoos are mising there are meany goofs i Sean in this video

  74. Srecko Filipovic says:

    Lol Donald trump liking a small wall he calls that a masterpiece

  75. Mariscos Tampico Bar & Grill says:


  76. MONSTER AXIS says:

    3:06 this is how Patrick would look with hair

  77. Bro-ma Clips says:

    The new adault swim show Rick and Marty

  78. Gavin toons says:

    2:57 uhh

  79. Gavin toons says:

    3:20 that’s not very good teamwork!

  80. Chris Pirt says:

    Pump is better then tak

  81. Zacky Slewa says:


  82. MyBackHurts says:


  83. minepulu Sans says:


  84. Lens Jadotte says:

    Why in 2:57 Donald Appear

  85. Ian Law says:

    thaNO was here

  86. Diamond Pikachu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    2:37 to 2:40 YOU SALTY SPRINGS DAWG🐶

  87. Gio Melgar says:

    2:38 lol 😂

  88. Fortnite Taker says:


  89. xXwierdestXx 1116 says:

    It is like that

  90. James Graves says:

    Rick and Morty but instead of Morty it's Marty

  91. Gacha Ethan says:

    3:09 SURPISE F***

  92. creeper daily says:

    Savage Patrick at 3:05

  93. Love ya William 69 says:

    Gnome star

  94. Sandbox Drifter says:

    The Keemstar Gnome, lmao

  95. In Sky1 says:

    2:58 Im dying😂😂

  96. AM SKULL says:

    Thanos wiz here look lol

  97. Muffinz yummy says:

    Nah u salty u salty springs dawg that’s what roach said

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