Open Your Eyes Story | Cartoons about Animation

Open Your Eyes Story | Cartoons about Animation

Where is it? Sass, You! Did you wake up? You have to do it now. Hmm…. Hello. You’re Mr. Plagg. Hey. Tikki? Help us. Plagg. Okay… I’ll do it. Me and Mari enter the Adrien’s spirit world together. Sass and Luka keep the outside. Luka, What’s up? I’m worried about you. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. That looks like an entrance. Let’s go. One night, the evil guardian went out. He asked the Kwamis where the Miraculouses of Creation and Destruction were. But they didn’t know where they were. Adrien, who had Akuma in his heart, continued to get sick. His mother examined her son with her magical powers. She tried to get rid of Akuma, but it’s stronger. She had no choice but to seal Akuma in her son’s heart. Fortunately, Adrien is healthy again. She ran away with Adrien and the rest of the Miraculouses. He’s back. Catch them! Adrien was sent to a safe place. But no one knows what happened to his parents since then.

David Anderson

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27 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes Story | Cartoons about Animation

  1. Athos Camargo says:

    Adam and eve pls

  2. Brandon Ingalls Maldonado says:

    That Was So Beautiful True Loves First KISS!😃😍 Sob 😭

  3. Pia Esmann says:

    I van really like that😊😊

  4. ladynoar q.x. says:

    Супер 💕 у меня вопрос, Адриан и маринетт будет вместе, встречаться 🤔💗💞? Я фанат Адринет 💕😋💞💗, а Луканет нет 😑😑😒, А ты? 😃💗

  5. Thư Minh says:

    What is the first song of the video?

  6. Ruby says:


  7. Merry Awasthi says:

    Aww so romantic ❤️

  8. Karen Ann Abueva says:

    Loooooovvvveeee ittttt

  9. tumpa sarkar says:

    What is happen on his left eye

  10. Lilou Fouque says:

    J'aime trop té vidéo car elle sont trop bien 💜

  11. Venonie Elderkin says:

    Hope to see part 7 when adrien Marinette and luka battle with chloe and Hawkmoth.

  12. sayme marinet says:

    Follow plis its is beutifull is cute :3

  13. Sherry Rocha says:

    So Cute and Sweet Story of Miraculous Ladybug Open your Eyes

  14. LADYDARK MARI says:

    New part please pleaseeeeeeseee

  15. Mostafizur Rahman says:


  16. jeon jungkook says:

    Song 🥺💜

  17. Melissa Medina Quiles says:


  18. Rachel Crosby says:

    Absolutely amazing, I love your work.

  19. geekqueen2010 says:

    Plagg looks handsome as a human.

  20. Nanik Yulistyorini says:

    I love yu

  21. 너의인생은 says:

    07화 빨리

  22. 김민정 says:

    정말 재미있음니다~~♡♡

  23. Sofia Eliza says:

    OMG i watched all ur vids and i noticed the video and i decided i would watch it 'cause i watched all of ur vids already

  24. Ирина Богодухова says:

    А будут ещё серии

  25. OTILIA LÓPEZ says:

    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ni tus tus Y grandioso

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