ONE PUNCH CAT 2 – ‘Garou’ the Wolf – Fan Animation

ONE PUNCH CAT 2 – ‘Garou’ the Wolf – Fan Animation

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “ONE PUNCH CAT 2 – ‘Garou’ the Wolf – Fan Animation

  1. dillongoo says:

    Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long! I had to take care of some personal stuff this past month, but I'm back on schedule again 🙂 I'll be streaming again starting next week, so stay tuned! Let me know what you guys want to see next! I'm leaning towards Attack on Titan or Demon Slayer, but feel free to give me your thoughts! 😀

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  2. Fernando silva says:


  3. lucifer ADW says:


  4. ретро 0 рр says:

    Best of the best

  5. Z A R D says:

    One punch man season 3 looking lit

  6. Pustaka Maya says:

    Wow more interest than anime

  7. เฟิร์ส XD says:

    I ♡ Dog

  8. Sasu Ruto says:

    C'est vraiment très bien fait, force à toi frangin 😀

  9. Nicolas Goubin says:

    Just a random feral cats battle at the park…

  10. 슥슥맨_YCstyles says:

    Better than JC staff

  11. Rafa•-• says:

    Si Garou hubiera estado en buen estado le habría partido el queso a genos

  12. Noel sama says:

    Better animation than black clover and sds

  13. 施大天王 says:

    that is so crazy

  14. Adam Crowl says:

    U should do a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cat animation. It could be really funny

  15. Илья Иванюк says:

    can you please make jojo in CATS?

  16. Luan Silva says:

    Krl animação 10 manooo

  17. Job Z says:

    1:07 so why exactly did the wolf say "meow"

  18. Xtremepoophead says:

    It’s… TOO GOOD

  19. Andrey December says:

    0:38 : я те ща ебаль*ик начищуъ

  20. LazyCouchPotato says:

    do you hate garo or like?

  21. Zim says:


  22. RamboCreativity says:

    It's hard to believe sometimes that gods just exist on the internet, and this is the very same one who brought us "Gods don't bleed" eons ago…

  23. Vrathaaset, Reaper of Lordran says:

    Ok. Normally I don't like all things furry, but this has to be the only thing I like.

  24. Александр Серов says:

    This animation is better than the entire second season!

  25. SWChisty says:

    This look cute as f I'm loving it

  26. Daffa D. P. says:

    Watchman Dog Vs Garouwl

  27. RoyalT says:

    Thissss shittt dopeeee

  28. Byron Alexander says:

    1:22 epic like the original

  29. Filip Sergeev says:

    Wow, cool cats

  30. bentley4l says:

    Worth the wait.

  31. VOKED CREEPAS YT123 says:

    Let me fix the title of this video

  32. Noobmaster69 says:

    Me : Sleeping
    My dad : Tries to Tickle me to wake me up
    Me : 1:26

  33. Colt Zapton says:

    So Furr some

  34. Kostya Shirap says:

    Best of the bests

  35. Sean Patrick G. Lee says:

    Watchdog Dog

  36. oak synia says:

    Oh wow, I could actually see most of the action

  37. Tu Phuong says:

    Video good

  38. Izuan hafiz Izuan hafiz says:


  39. CyberTails Channel says:

    It’s impossible to watch the battle between animals and not people without pain

  40. astronauta no espaço says:

    One punch cat 3 boros vs saitameow

  41. Jaffar (Wolf) says:



    Accurate Title : One Paw Man

  43. Kylo Ren says:

    You should edit into "Paws of Flowing Water Plushed Rock"

  44. Laykmar says:

    Это лучше чем оригинальный второй сезон.

  45. Leonardo Dias says:

    Part 3

  46. Destroyer435 says:

    little salami for cats

  47. Penguin The King says:

    That fight is beginning of Amazon fired

  48. prashant kutte says:

    Plz make saitama vs god fight😋

  49. Generic Name says:

    What the…can you remake the whole season 2 please?

  50. Floudrai says:

    meliodas vs escanor ?

  51. SeledkaDK says:

    Still better than second season

  52. Wonder Boi says:

    Seeing genos doing all this makes him look like the villian

  53. Miles Burt says:

    Don't we all have four legs?

    ~Demon Catborg~


  54. French Toast says:

    You cats had to much cat nip -_-

  55. Ginato Gamer says:

    Sabado gran oferta xD

  56. Tony Yeung says:

    the season 2 is a crap.

  57. Kakoli 001 says:

    Sorry due to the fight being too slow I couldn't like it very much . But I enjoyed part 1 even more than the original 😊

  58. Sandra Pérez says:

    Hi! I like this vídeo. The nya power xD the next vídeo please the Legend of Zelda and Yuri on Ice. Thanks for this vídeo nwn7 😼😺

  59. Akuma Ninja says:

    Yep, a dog in a dog suit

  60. Joshua Harris says:

    also if you didn't read the manga its not blood on he's hair its he's first transformation to become a monster also the creator also said its he's monster form?

  61. Cosimo Rizzello says:

    3:13 genos has both arms, 3:21 genos takes his arm back. Did I miss something?

  62. ermas awan says:

    this better fight animation than opm2. miss opm1

  63. Christian Richard S says:

    Dragon ball super?

  64. aryan kala says:

    when your kid want to watch anime but yu dont want the blood and gore get to him

    nice job realy

  65. George Nájera says:


  66. Not Today Ebola says:

    I never knew ‘grrr’ and ‘mew’ translated into so many words. Much more respect for cats and dogs now

  67. Andy Gerard Marino says:

    Cat Hunter
    Silver Cat

  68. R A I B O W • says:

    where do you do animation

  69. Ms Duckie Duckie says:

    This is what the animation would have been if the Season 1 team stayed

  70. raketa headshoot says:

    Kyrgyz chygarr

  71. Бестия says:

    I love this animation!

  72. Grayfox 701 says:

    death all cats (Y)

  73. Mega drako says:

    Was I the only one voting for the dog?

  74. Fira Tazia says:

    I don't really mind if there an actual series about this.

  75. Elizabeth Karem Suarez Perez says:

    Maltrato animal :v

  76. الثعلب fox says:

    were can i learn to do fights like these

  77. NiCoLaS y sus animes :0 says:

    Anima la pele de escanor vs meliodas ,

  78. xboxdish says:

    ”from the creators of demon slayer cats,
    one punch cat.”

  79. Black Tài says:

    1:59 dog in a Bog

  80. ¿lograremos los 150,000 subs says:

    WTF animation

  81. Jojo Isen says:

    How many are here b/c Murata recommended this animation at the end of CH 117?

    This is still very impressive animation, keep on improving & reach new heights!

  82. アア says:

    ze don't scare me I thought it was that old man

  83. Medy Delacruz says:

    Lie lie lie thats part1 you noob

  84. apis okz says:

    It ia like a games

  85. mike771 Campos says:

    ok im so confused where are the other heros like on this episode wait the got killed oh ye ok sorry 🙂

  86. Daniel Olejnik says:

    Aww shucks, I wish that T-shirt with Garouwl will come back one day. Looks amazing.

  87. Gold Celot says:

    Genos is so cute UwU

  88. Скиловый Rak says:

    Я русский

  89. Howard Shu says:

    How the wolf became cat

  90. DDT A says:

    1:25 best moments

  91. L⃟ ouva says:

    Furry version

  92. Deshawn Jones says:

    The cat meow is annoying plz make them voices

  93. MadWeebz says:

    Much better than the anime version

  94. кץг๏ภא z says:

    I do remember saitama was playing videogames with King
    And where's the giant worm
    I'm not mad ok

  95. ALBINO plays says:

    Epic so cool wow cool content btw

  96. Оскар мамадсахиев says:

    Воу,это очень классно)

  97. Pikachu says:

    Son furros

  98. •THE STORM• says:

    One punch dog 3

  99. biel da gaita says:

    Man this is incridible How you make that?

  100. eros ingrid says:

    They are sooo cute…they are not supposed to fight!! Look my favorite anime
    Turn into these cute dogs and cats ughh kudi kudi!! Stop fighting my little
    Cutie cutie…

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