One Day With POGO?(CC)|有驾照但不打算买车的童鞋欢迎来看哈哈??|Hubert&Kylie?

Today I want to introduce you a very convenient car-rental app which is called pogo I got my driver license this February, but I cannot afford a car Also, I didn’t register any summer spring courses. So U-pass is No. However, me and my friends were trying to find a convenient way to commute and run errands so we tried several different kinds of car rental car share apps Finally we found out a very convenient cheaper Way for a college students to use which is called POGO There is another Pogo over there and we’re going to pick that car Welcome and thank you for using oboe CarShare. Please open the glove compartment and use the keypad to enter your PIN Please answer the questions using the keypad Now we are on the POGO car and then we’re going to run some errands first We’re going to the restaurant to have our lunch Would you like to try again if you can to other we’re going to hurt and then we’re going to Go to grocery shopping. After we went to the grocery shopping we put all the bags in the … how do you say “back”…? In the back Please answer the question is using the keypad, please ensure you’re not parked in a towaway zone Bye-bye. Kylie: Aren’t we going to Cameron Library? Why we go this way? Hubert: Ah? Aren’t we going to the Rutheford? Kylie: Ruthoford? Aren’t we going to the private room to film?

David Anderson

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