Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer

Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer

-(Holiday music)
-Right before Christmas, a good guy in red,
is coming to theaters, with his new sidekick, Fred. Why am I here?! You’re in a PG-13 version
of Deadpool, filtered through the prism of
child like innocence. -I’m a grown man!
-And nobody does child like innocence like you Fred! Nobody! I need you,
almost as much as you need me. I don’t need you, at all! You need me, to untie you,
once we’re done. (Holiday music) Boop! Hi! I loved your work in Up! I’m sorry? Don’t get too attached. Kinda prefer Marvel movies. We are Marvel. Yeah, but you’re you know,
Marvel licensed by FOX. -It’s like if The Beatles were
produced by Nickleback. It’s music, but it sucks! (Shocked inhale) You were nicer as a kid!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer

  1. pawan Kalyan says:

    i want this movie in telugu how to download

  2. Ok Boi 21 says:

    Yeah pick spider verse

  3. Nerd Panda says:

    I’m 13 and i can finally see this movie

  4. Deadpool says:

    My library teacher always tells me to

    Read more

  5. S H A D O Wx T R A S H says:


  6. Tri Nur Syaifudin says:

    It reminds me of gintama

  7. Mauricio Leos says:


  8. Josué Joestar Escalante says:


  9. Jarred Carnaghi says:

    Fred is actually the little boy in The Princess Bride

  10. Connie C says:

    At 0:09 Deadpool is on I think a bag on the right

  11. XeoKai says:

    That was a good franchise while it lasted. Lol

  12. OLDmanBOB123 says:

    who else thought this was going to be a new Deadpool movie.

  13. Dumbo trilogy says:

    A kid freindly version of Deadpool.

  14. Yuri Ichijou says:

    mentally unstable

  15. FNFDude45 says:

    It honestly isn't a bad movie.

  16. Acetasa Official says:

    "I like your work in up…don't get too attached" gets me even until now. DP still the best! lmao

  17. Vincent Cruz says:

    0:43 deadpool's voice 😂

  18. MR. Fish Fish says:

    Irs in 2019 or 2018?

  19. Junio Belchior says:

    é da disney uhh huoo

  20. Roland Carver says:

    America is descending into civil war. Stop watching crap on tv

  21. Serena Lu says:

    0:47 Now Fox was bought by Disney, sooo, reunion. :3

  22. emir pro r says:

    [email protected]#4%&6^ų*()())(

  23. Rival Suns says:

    Love these movies

  24. guitar hole says:

    Beatles produced by nickelback…. Funniest musical joke ever

  25. Zul Firdaus Zainuddin says:

    I need this

  26. ya mama says:

    oof nickleback just got fucked … again

  27. Sabina Cowen says:

    I already watch it but I think this ones better of “ holy munchkin butt”

  28. dead pool says:


  29. Gacha_Shortie ÙwÚ says:


  30. Loze says:

    I didn't know this ever was a thing

  31. Los tres mosqueteros says:


  32. rockstar subro says:

    My fav Hollywood movie till yet… Deadpool 1,

  33. john ricciardelli says:

    As a joke if Deadpool read me a story I would be okay with it. Just don't tie me to a bed.

  34. PhoenixFire 101 says:

    Deadpool – when you swim with the undead

  35. Dragon Slayer21 says:

    Hehehehe .

  36. Cataclysmic Blue says:

    so uh… anyone wanna watch the princess bride now?

  37. plas man thing says:

    A trailer released one year before the movie

  38. Hacks for life Trust us says:

    I haven’t watched I want someone to spoil it for me

  39. Chris Wentworth says:

    2019 of December ? I guess 4 days after my b-day😀👍👍🖕🖕

  40. Chris Wentworth says:

    It's probably not goin to be as funny

  41. MrYazzie86 says:

    Atleast Ryan Reynolds gets to kidnap Fred Savage! 😎😎😎😎😎

  42. BloxNite Moose says:

    Is this real?

  43. Natalie DM says:

    Nice work in UP.
    Don't get too attached.😂😂😂😂

  44. WaffleCrafter101 says:

    What happened to this

  45. Prapti Baral says:


  46. Photoclub says:


  47. Grace Davis says:

    I love deadpool he mine

  48. vivian labit says:

    Disneys going to kill marvel

  49. R5150i says:

    For people asking why PG-13…..

    Do you really think Disney is going to allow a rated R film be incorporated into their films.?
    Even if it’s marvel ( well guess who owns marvel Disney… exactly, a rated R film won’t happen)

  50. alreadythen1 says:


  51. The tired one says:

    You can literally hear the pain when he says; “We are Marvel.”

  52. Pegah Poshtpanah says:


  53. Baqir Sarki says:

    Plz relase in Hindi version

  54. Chris Corley says:

    I hate Deadpool. Worst character ever.

  55. Barca MX says:

    Does anyone know what the song that starts on the second 00:29 is called?

  56. JimTheGentleman says:

    Is this movie real? Why wasn't it in the cinemas ?

  57. ghostreaperx says:

    Mole. Bloody mole. We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face. I want to c-u-u-t it off, ch-o-o-p it off, and make guacamole.

  58. xXBIO gamingXx says:


  59. Mekhi Thomas says:

    Should it be a series or in Spider Man 3

  60. RYLEE WEAVER says:

    But is Ryan in it? If not I don't wanna see it

  61. GamingTagAuto [Gta Gamers] says:

    Marvel License by Fox lol what

  62. HEMANTH M says:

    മലയാളി ഉണ്ടൊ

  63. KRYNCZU says:

    So that was a fking lie…

  64. ADWAITH N anirudh says:

    will it come in india

  65. Nate W says:

    The movie was pretty much a watered down version of the original film, but the scenes with Fred Savage were actually a good addition.

  66. Lee DaBin says:

    "Why am I here?!"
    "Pika pika pikachuu pikaaa"

  67. Nathan Acompanado says:

    Yo, deadpool.. aren't you going to say something about Avengers stealing your idea on how to fix things.. thru time travel?

  68. Alex Sage says:

    I couldn't continue watching right from the beginning when he was with his girlfriend… it was tooooooo borring and I don't like it when they kill time with unnecessary conversations…

  69. codename: gassy snake says:

    Ima go see it now on my free movies app!

  70. Brendan McCue says:

    I like ryanrenled he is so fames hes merryed to ariana

  71. The Mighty Doggo says:

    why did i not know about this movie????

  72. agent jack and noah comics and YouTube shop says:

    Wait so is this child friendly deadpool?

  73. Ben says:

    Wait this is a real thing?

  74. Princess Nausicaa says:

    I think Disney will be trying to continue this Marvel movie, it's not about the 20th Century Fox logo.

  75. Fire Man says:

    oh wow dame

  76. the amazing of qina says:

    December 12 is my birthday cool

  77. Bradley Last Name is Blank says:

    Deadpool 1 = VIOLENCE, swearing, nudity, funny jokes just like a Deadpool movie should be
    Deadpool 2 = CGI, CGI, CGI, CGI, explosions, CGI just like a Michael Bay movie

  78. Nathan says:

    Princess bride reference. Hilarious. Glad Fred participated

  79. Vladimir Pudding says:

    Did I miss this

  80. Gaming & Dogs And Cats says:

    Good idea but there’s nothing better than a good old R Rated DEADPOOL

  81. AshErika Michaela says:

    That's awesome XD more Deadpool!

  82. Mojo Siesta says:

    Did they really try to diss fox right before they confirmed a watered down Deadpool lol……

  83. Abas Yuyyaa says:


  84. Abas Yuyyaa says:


  85. Mysterious Mysteriooo says:

    ”Don’t get too attached.”

  86. sweetblackblood1 says:

    who is fred? did he appear in the comics? sorry i am not to much familiar with marvel

  87. peters corner says:


  88. Fireplant says:

    Hey lets make Mortal Combat PG-13 now

  89. Serenityskywolf X5t3m says:

    This is just Deadpool 2 but with some changes

  90. Steve Rodriguez says:

    Bad Movie????? (Deadpool 2 not be censored PLS)

  91. ClickBait77 says:


  92. Elliot Perkins says:

    Actually a really good movie

  93. iamSketchH says:

    Yes. I want to see this. XD
    "I loved your work in Up! …Don't get too attached."

  94. Riot says:

    Fred is awesome I like Fred 😂🤣

  95. Gooster McD Draws says:

    This never came out

  96. Chris Corley says:

    Once upon THE NEW MUTANTS.

  97. Christiaan Bothma says:

    Really wanted this on DVD, not going to lie

  98. BIGDRIP Joshua Controls the wave says:

    As long there is a R rated version for adults and a pg13 for teens in future deadpool movies I'll keep watching ,deadpool is a r rated movie and always should be, and I feel they should remake all comic hero movies with a rated R rating for adults and have a dark vibe to it, the movies would be alot more interesting with gore and strong violence

  99. Battlecruiser Plays says:

    so is the "funds going to cancer" thing a marketing ploy to use useful idiots to call me a bad person if I say something like "They want the China money so Deadpool is PG-13 now"

  100. King Greed says:

    Cash grab

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