O Incrível Mundo de Gumball – The Puppets (Legendado Parte 2) (ATIVE AS LEGENDAS DO YOUTUBE)

O Incrível Mundo de Gumball – The Puppets (Legendado Parte 2) (ATIVE AS LEGENDAS DO YOUTUBE)

oh my goodness who’s getting those Poppins Shh get down or come over you know then who were you just talking to nobody guys you don’t even have lungs oh yeah Darwin we’ve been over this you cover yourself up first oh yeah sorry Garvin just pump it Darwin you know talks through puppets crazy people and people who want to make a living as a ventriloquist so yeah crazy people basically come on we need you to who’s gonna play with Grady you know just take them off wait what are we doing [Music] you used up all the water Norwin nice I grow up how didn’t mean go straight to the part where you’re in a retirement home screaming at chairs inviting the nurses back is your soul in here they’re not the ones who need help [Music] Frank you okay you don’t look quite yourself maybe there’s a key properly [Music] okay [Music] okay the backrooms dust at the top of the stairs wait [Music] [Applause] we told that thing a lesson for replacing us I’m not talking to you I’m talking why did she go fish them out of the trash he made a promise never to abandon us you can’t make a promise to an object that’s like getting married to a fridge or keeping a secret for a shoe and please stop talking through those puppets he gone he lives in our world now and if you want to see him again you two will have to come and play [Music] thank you master Gumbel I missed you greatly all these years now so we go and find master Darwin how do you know what happened just because I’ve been unable to talk does not mean that I’ve been unable to see remind me to apologize Santa uses dolls they’re right next to my underpants drawer they’ve seen hot [Music]

David Anderson

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12 thoughts on “O Incrível Mundo de Gumball – The Puppets (Legendado Parte 2) (ATIVE AS LEGENDAS DO YOUTUBE)

  1. Ilda Barreto says:

    Cara cadê a parte 3?

  2. Princesa Amore says:


  3. Flarby AJ says:

    Pq as vezes as meias do Darwin são duras como sapatos?

  4. Cauã Moreno says:

    1:32 o gemidão do darwin

  5. Esfera -5 says:

    1:33 Esse som me parece familiar…

  6. Luana Yuzuru says:

    Esse fantoches estão possuído hahaha

  7. NADAFLIX says:

    0:19 cara, isso é a normal

  8. Hartur Araujo Araujo says:

    não entendo porgue os peis do darwin são censurados se ele algumas vezes mostro seu pe

  9. Hartur Araujo Araujo says:

    sem o negocio de cobrir r fica enbalhaçado ne

  10. Jose Aldori De Oliveira Lins Aldori says:

    Parece Don't hug me in scared

  11. Álvaro 2000 says:


  12. Meire Rodrigues says:

    alguem achou o videogame do gumball parecido com o primeiro console da nintendo

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