November Superhero Ryan H 2018

November Superhero Ryan H 2018

so I originally became a nurse my
stepfather was fighting terminal cancer and my mother could not take care of him
by herself anymore so she asked me to come back home and live in to help I was
in the Army Reserves at the time and I was on a break and during that time I
was also studying and finding Eastern philosophy in my life and my military
job would have required me to take lives and I made the conscious decision that I
never wanted to do that however I couldn’t get out of the military at the
time and therefore in the process of taking care of my stepdad I made the
determination that I’d rather save lives and take them and that progressed me
into the medical field I found an army reserve unit that was willing to train
me to become a nurse and I went to LPN school and then I was promptly deployed
to Germany working on the trauma ICU and the rest just took off from there so I came to BCH in May of 2014 from
a travelling stint in the emergency departments when I started here in the
emergency department and worked here for about three years in the emergency
department for I switched over to interventional radiology so a big reason why I’m still here is
the coworkers I think we have some of the best staff
around and we are we’re family as as a hospital and that means the world to me
I’ve worked at a number of different facilities and it’s not always that way
however my co-workers really make the day for sure Compassion I’m known for having some of the worst
jokes in the hospital that’s kind of part of my forte
I think smiling and laughing is as important as the medicine we provide to
be able to be there for somebody in their time of need is really what we’re
here for I think my co-workers would describe me
as thorough definitely compassionate and caring and I’d love to teach I think the
new staff member should be an island and we’re all here on the same team trying
to accomplish the same mission so it’s been a journey for sure to learn
how to deal with the hard days I’ve spent a majority of my career in the ER
I’ve also spent a large portion of my career in the ICU and they are inundated
with hard days being able to talk it out is a huge part of being able to cope
with it my dog is definitely probably one of my
strongest pillars as far as being able to cope with difficult times and my lady
she is my rock without question we definitely try and get outdoors as much
as possible we can’t we raft we hike pretty much anything that we could
possibly do outside is as part of what we love we have a huge garden we were
brand new beekeepers this year so the outdoor hobbies outside of work are as
important as it gets jokes don’t have to think about without
question I have corny corny jokes and I’ve had patients call in and say that
guy who has the bad jokes we want to and whatever it is that they are calling in
for me yeah my bad jokes it’s definitely my superpower to get a patient to be
able to smile and laugh is is cute and I use it not just for the human laughter
side of it but for example I’m part of the difficult IV starting team and so I
will come into a situation where a patient may have been poked six times
and to be able to tell them a little joke and get them to smile have that
little bit of dopamine release in their brain have a little vasodilation effect
have a distraction technique with a joke it helps the patient get through their
difficult time and it helps me to accomplish my job what do you get when you cross an
elephant and a rhinoceros? Elephino!
Thank you you

David Anderson

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