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– [Announcer] This is a paid
advertisement for Walmart. – Welp, it’s the time of year again. Trying to figure out what
Noah wants for Christmas. – We do the same thing every year. We run around, buy toys,
just to see if he likes any of them. – Yeah. I wish there was an
easier way to figure out exactly what he wants. – Here’s the plan. I’ll discreetly ask Noah some questions to see what he wants for Christmas. – That’s a good idea and
I’ll use my voice recorder so we don’t forget anything. Bravo six going dark. (playful music) – [Electronic Voice] Tap
all to see all the toys. – Walmart Toy Lab let you test out toys? Awesome! (intriguing trombone music) Hey Hope! – Hey Noah. How’s it going? – Oh, good. I’m just looking at the– – Great, great, great. By the way, what’s your favorite sport? – Soccer, I guess. – Soccer, okay. Great, great. What’s your favorite
means of transportation? – Since I’m a kid,
probably skates or a bike. What is Eden doing? – Eyes over here, Noah. (laughs) Great stuff. – Thanks, but, seriously,
what is Eden doing? – Eden? Eden isn’t even here. What are you talking
about, you silly goose? Also, if you could pick a
number through one and 10, what’s your favorite color? – Wait, what? (suspenseful music) – Anyways, thank you, Noah, it was great catching up with you. Enjoy your video game. – It’s not a video game! It’s Walmart Toy Lab! It’s a really cool way
to pick out and test toys online for free! Isn’t that so cool? Huh? And, I’m alone. – Okay. According to my research,
these three items scored the highest. – Okay, Eden, lay it on me. What test are we doing this year? – I think we should implement
four different tests to guarantee satisfaction from Noah. – Right! Let’s do this! – Test number one. It is imperative that we
test the structural integrity of these three objects,
ensuring the proper viscosity and general ability to
withstand the elements and be suitable for Noah. – What? – Spill testing. (water splashes) Test number two. – In English this time. – Fine. This test will simply
show us how these toys can resist an impact. – So we’re trying to break the toys. – Exactly. – Okay. (bike crashes) (cat yowls) Looks good. – My turn. (energetic horn music) This one checks out too. How are we gonna test this one? – Easy. He won’t know the difference. – Now, on to test three. We need to make sure
each of these presents has a disguise so Noah
doesn’t know what they are. – I’ve got this. – Are you sure, because you
have to be really good at dif… – I told you, I’ve got this. – Wow, great job, Hope. I can’t even tell the
difference and I watched you wrap them. – I know, right? There’s no way Noah will figure it out. I’m the master of disguise. – Now on to test four. Let’s go see Noah. (breathing heavily) Last test, fire resistance. We have to make sure
Noah can’t accidentally burn the gifts we give him. – You’re right, Eden. These presents have always passed. There’s no way they could fail. Hey, Noah, do you think you
could shoot a small fire ball? (girls scream) – Great, now what are we gonna do? – Sorry, Noah. We spent all day trying to
find and test the perfect present for you, but they didn’t pass. – Guys, it’s okay, I’ve
been trying to tell you about Walmart Toy Lab. – What’s that? – It’s an awesome way to pick
out and test your present before you even buy it. – Really? – Yeah, come here, I’ll show you. Look! You click right here and then
you see all the different toys that the toy lab gets to offer. You can test right there,
with the click of a button, and if you see one you like,
you can add it to your list. – Wow, that makes
everything so much easier than what we were doing. – We could have saved a
lot of time if we just used the Walmart Toy Lab. – Right? That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. – So, Noah, did you make your list? – Yep, all ready for Christmas. – Great! Eden, prepare the lab. We have a lot more testing
when the toys get here. Walmart Toy Labs is the best
way to test out your toys, – [Eden and Oak] And – Build your own list, – All online for free! – Click the link down below to see more. (bouncy horn music)

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