Ninjas Unite! | Ninjago | Cartoon Network

Ninjas Unite! | Ninjago | Cartoon Network

[GROWLS AND BARKS] Now look, I know stars
when I see them, and this mutt here
is as talented as they come. No Puddles, not here. No! Oh! You wouldn’t know talent
if it smacked you in the face. Now get out of here! But I would know a Ninja
when I saw him. A brown ninja. [LAUGHS] Still have the suit?
I’m looking for some help. I’ve been waiting
for this day. Who else did you
have in mind? [♪♪] Let me guess, you’re not here
for the noodles. [SEAGULLS SQUAWK] [♪♪] Well, back to your old ways,
huh, Ronin? [WHISTLES] Mm-hmm. Okay. [♪♪]

David Anderson

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32 thoughts on “Ninjas Unite! | Ninjago | Cartoon Network

  1. Julio Garcia says:


  2. Anedtria west says:


  3. Septavius says:


  4. Sailor S says:

    What's with the Dirt Zane? XD

  5. Lemuel Delvalle says:

    They are the Sub Ninjas.

  6. Israel Ramirez says:


  7. Turkey Lunch says:

    Whare is Kia Nia Cole Loyd and Wu at

  8. Rhinestone Eyes says:

    that dog looks like it doesnt belong

  9. Ismael Mendez says:

    Wood that looks awesome!

  10. Xvier12 says:


  11. AccuracyTooLow says:

    When i saw the movie i was like OMG THIS IS SO GOOD but it was sad when she died… But good vid cn!!

  12. Cristina Georgopoulos says:

    is this for the season 7?

  13. Mutation Korno says:

    Wow they broke the forth wall.THE FREAKIN DOG BRUH

  14. MagmaCaliburX says:

    Dog: Woof!
    Me: XDD

  15. Sailor Neptune says:

    Hahaha this team is just perfect !!

  16. Master Of DisasterCyclops! says:

    I Dunno If Jay And Skylor Are Cheating on Nya and kai
    Skylor: Lemme Guess You're Down here for the Noodles
    Jay: Smiles

  17. 1Coby says:

    Hey, you guys aren't the real ninjas!

  18. swampblues2000 says:

    I would like I like your video

  19. zahid hussain says:

    Why can't Skylor use her powers or her elemental dragon?

  20. BLIZZER says:

    The music is cool and the troops

  21. Skull YT says:

    The background music when they form the team is good

  22. Waluigiforsmash !!! says:

    the most ridiculous team ever!!!!

  23. Panda_ninjafox says:

    i think that jay likes skylor but the music is ckache

  24. Lumbo 23 says:

    My favourite season I just can't stop watch8ng this vid all other again

  25. Davauhn Rose says:


  26. Wu Garmadon says:


  27. So Kay says:

    The Team B is ready for action!

  28. ZoomB6 TheDasher says:

    J- Jay
    D- Dareth
    S- Soto
    S- Skylor
    E- Echo Zane
    C- Commander
    R- Ronin
    JDSSECR Team!

  29. Henrik Wei says:

    This is like the b team

  30. Isra says:

    They just let ronin leave after a robbery?!

  31. Adriana Rosario says:

    Dude, is this a theater or a talent show? The scene I referring that starts in 0:04.

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