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Bottle Squad with a boom we are ready to zoom Bottle Squad! Bottle Squad ! Be strong, Be brave, Be smart, Be kind Solving problems we don’t mind! We are the closest friends you’ll ever find. Bottle Squad Ba Ba Bottle Squad NIGHTY NIGHT BLAKE “Uh-ugh. Wha- what was that? Hmm… well I’m pretty thirsty. I need to get some water… but the others are sleeping “You’re super strong Blake! You’ve got this… “What would someone BRAVE do? …hmmm.. Like Becca! Nothing’s too scary for her!
I can do this!” “Maybe I should take the LIL Capers with me.” “Awww! They look so peaceful. I would hate to wake them up. Blake, you can do this. You will be fine. “ “Blake, looks like you were not just thirsty but hungry too.” “Wh-what was that?” “Well that was loud…” “Guys! Where’s Blake?! “Come on guys! We need to find Blake! Let’s power up!” “Ba-Ba-Boom! We’re ready to zoom!” “The sound came from the kitchen” “Here, little buddy!” “What just happened here? Someone or something seems to have broken in here.” “Whoever it is, they must be very strong…” “…and hungry.” “And Blake tried to stop the thing?” “Whoever it is, it tried to get out and then came back inside. Maybe Blake tried to scare it”? Where could she be? “Can you smell what’s in the cupboard, boy?” “He probably smells a treat. Right boy?” “AAAHHHHH! A GHOST!” “Guys! Wait! I-I think we found Blake. Haha!” “I knew it! I used my super smarts, and knew that the flour on the floor must be what was on you!” “Um, well, I was feeling thirsty and a bit hungry too I guess. The lightning and thunder scared me and I panicked”. “And in trying to find a place to hide, this happened” “Yes. Sorry guys. But I’m glad you guys are here!” “I guess we were a little spooked too due to the storm.” “I think it’s time we showed Lightning and Thunder that we are not scared of them. Ok?” “Mr.Thunder & Mr.Lightning, We are not scared of you. Do you hear? “See, they got the message loud and clear” “Thanks Becca. I feel better already” “Ditto. Let’s get back to bed. We need to wake up early to clean up the mess” “Thank you, guys,”. “HEY!” “We power up and don’t give up,
That’s our Ba-Ba-Promise to you!”

David Anderson

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