Night Falls (From “Descendants 3”)

Night Falls (From “Descendants 3”)

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Night Falls (From “Descendants 3”)

  1. anisa za says:

    Love it?

  2. Viviane Lie says:

    The songs is so cool

  3. Stacy Monteiro says:

    Des Français ?

  4. Aamish Fun time says:

    I love descendants

  5. Aamish Fun time says:

    Mal and ben

  6. Surendra Kumar Verma says:

    Swords in the air if you're WITH ME

    Night falls

    Audrey doing something the Queen of Mean would do

  7. pro layer says:


  8. Erin Morris says:

    I loved when Uma saved Mal from the knight.

  9. Esra Köse says:

    Dans mı ediyolar , şarkımı söylüyorlar yoksa savaş mı yapıyorlar

  10. Maianu Silvia says:

    Love destenti

  11. Jeremy Kam says:

    I love this song

  12. Glsm Alkan says:

    izlerken şarkının reklamın çıkması…

  13. Esther Ramalho says:

    Amo isso não descendente love?mal você é a minha personagem favorita

  14. Sadaf Karim says:

    Cool cool ???

  15. Es Es says:

    казалось бы причём тут укроина

  16. Raul Ramires says:

    Ola corazón que ase falta un poco más especial para ti también corazón y tú también corazón te extraño mucho mucho preciosa y preciosa que te extraño y mucho mucho corazón te amo corazón corazón te extraño te levántate y tu te vas a dormir tú y tú sabes tú que

  17. PersonWhoDrawsTooMuch says:

    Everyone: fights the knights
    Evie: stands in the middle and sings

    Real help

  18. Daurilene Costa says:

    Love music ?❤️#??

  19. Pau Pi says:


  20. Sidenir Teixeira Da Silva says:

    queim gosta de descendentes deixa like

  21. nelson Coronel says:

    like si te desesperaste a q salga decendientes 3 (comenta q te da lastima q ya no habra decendientes 4 por cameron :'(

  22. Farouk Djelili says:

    ????????Cameron boyce

  23. Farouk Djelili says:

    ????????Cameron boyce

  24. Karlo Jurek says:

    The soliders were like:STOP SINGING AND START TO FIGHT!!!
    Not hate,love Disney❤❤

  25. Milly Jackson says:

    The more i look at nals hair the more i think it is purple abd bpue nevertheless she still beautifull (i still fangirl over cameron boyce rip ?????

  26. • Ø t ä c ü_Keith • says:

    I love this song ♡_♡ ❤

  27. Elinna Abushariea says:

    Rest In Peace Carmon Boyce☮️☮️☮️???
    You are a fighter❤️ you are a warrior ? you make our heart beat when we see you ? you make us smile when we see you ? when we are sad you make us happy ? you are not dead ? you are alive in our hearts and souls ? MAY YOU REST IN PEACE ✌? ❤️??????☮️

  28. Rosangela Moreira says:


  29. Letizia Muzzarelli says:

    I love Descendast

  30. TheDiamondBilal says:

    ?I luvit

  31. keyla santos de sousa santos says:

    linke quem gosta de decedentes 3

  32. Cintia Altheman says:

    Go eve the queen!

  33. Cintia Altheman says:

    She was blue hair and I saw her in real life

  34. айгуль халилова says:

    Я так люблю наследники и люблю эту песню

  35. David Frutos says:

    mi fan favorito es mal

  36. kamy Gacha says:

    Creo q Sofía Carson o Evie canta mejor q los demás

  37. Leonardo Rios says:

    Watch you’re back!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!!!!
    We can counter to their attack!!!!!!
    Hit’ him till the armour cracks!!!!
    This could get a little sticky!!!!
    How to win this battle could be tricky!!!!
    But I know the best way!!!!
    Fall back, let me lead!!!!!
    You hold the line and we’re gonna bring them their knees!!!
    Swords in the air, if you are with me!!!!!
    They got us out numbered one-to-fifty!!!
    But Victory is ours cause I got a strategy!!
    You take the left and the rest of you can follow me!!!!!!
    This is my crew!!!!!!
    This is my squad!!!!!!!
    This is my turf!!!!!!
    Look guys we’re got bigger fish to fry!!!
    Putt your differences aside!!!!!!
    Cause right now we’re on the same side!!!!!!!!
    Until the night falls!!!!!!
    We’ll stay together till the battle is done!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can counter their attacks!!!!!
    Hit’ him till the armour cracks!!!!!!
    Until the night falls!!!!!!!!
    We’re aligned!!!!!!!!!
    It doesn’t mean that we’re in the same side!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watch you’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hit’ him harder!!!!!!
    Hit’ him fast!!!!!!
    They’re too heavy to react!!!!!!!!
    This situation getting kinda heavy!!!!!!!
    Hold your hand tight, keep ‘em steady!!!!!
    Cause if we stick together we can get out alive!!!!!!!!
    I’ll cause a distraction you attack them from the side!!!!!!!
    All my soldiers stand at the ready!!!!!!!
    We can cut’ em up like confetti!!!!!
    We’ll hit then from the front!!!!!!
    You got them from behind!!!!!!
    Don’t forget about the fate of Auradon’s on the line!!!!!!
    This all-out-war they got us outnumbered!!!!
    The way this sword clash is the sound of the thunder!!!!!
    And will never going under, we will never for cover!!!!!!
    We battle for the victory and ride for each other!!!!!!
    Until the night falls!!!!!!!!!
    We’ll stay together till the battle is done!!!!!
    Back to back!!!!!!!
    Back to back!!!!!!!!!
    Back to back!!!!!!!!!!!
    Back to back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can counter their attack!!!!!!!
    Hit’ em till the armour cracks!!!!!!!
    Until the night falls!!!!!!!
    We’re aligned!!!!!!!!
    It doesn’t mean that we’re in the same side!!!!
    Back to back!!!!!!!!
    Back to back!!!!!!!!!!!
    Back to back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Back to back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hit’ em harder and hit’ em fast!!!!!!
    They’re too heavy to react!!!!!
    Until the night falls!!!!!!!!
    You can trust!!!!!!!!
    I’m gonna help you win this battle because!!!
    I got your back!!!!!!
    Got your back!!!!!!!!!!
    Got your back!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All for one and it’s a fact!!!!!!!
    Knights fall, pitch black!!!!!!!

  38. juegos jugetes y caricaturas miguel says:


  39. tehlikeli ikili says:

    tukler beyensin yeni nesil 3 saat 19:45 cuma dizney cannelde

  40. Cloe Dumoulin says:

    Omg je kiff descendants

  41. Edith Rosario Reyes Samayoa says:

    Amo estA calicatura

  42. Amazing Ayza says:

    Evie is just dancing in the middle for 99% of the song… AMAZING VK!?????

  43. Petra Milinovic says:

    Love descendes=?

  44. BixGamer Li says:

    Btw,Evie is just standing in the middle doing nothing except for dancing and singing.LOL:D!

  45. Yessenia Gomez carrillo says:

    Mala eres muy bien cantas bonito si alguien te pregunta que eres horrible dile que

  46. Yobany Hernandez says:

    Bonito que bonito que bonito el cantón

  47. King Cobra says:

    Who fills Evie should have been queen of Auradon.

  48. Series Antiguas says:


  49. King Cobra says:

    RIP Cameron Boyce have a safe trip to Heaven.

  50. Nisha Newman says:

    Love it

  51. Nisha Newman says:

    Did Cameron died

  52. Adilson Almeida says:

    # girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl

  53. Noelia Duran says:

    Like yi te gusta. Desendiente ???

  54. Victor Penayo says:

    me gusta mucho hola

  55. Jennifer Pereira says:

    Qm aí é brasileiro(a)

  56. Guilherme Queiroz says:

    Amo Mal e Evil

  57. Red Panda says:

    Who knows Dove/ Mal From Liv and Maddie
    Like or not ( Idk ) O_o ~_~ ^﹏^

  58. larissa e thomas Ferreira says:

    Cameron Boyce I Will miss You o may good??

  59. Mel Soares oficial says:

    Ameiiiiiiii muito boua

  60. Aidin Boutelle says:

    Why is evie is not even mostly hitting the knights ??????? and Mel does like a sexy dance

  61. Kaila Jackson says:

    Night Falls IS Good

  62. Willians Wi says:


  63. Guilherme Ramos says:

    Aí love

  64. Emily Grajales says:

    Not really real sords

  65. M G says:

    Cameron Boyce Died

  66. Ynedra King says:

    Ahhh yay

  67. M G says:


  68. Manu Vitoria says:


  69. Adriana Macedo Vieira says:


  70. Sage Yankton says:

    Evie was no help most of the time

  71. Susi soto says:

    I'm so tired of pretending where my happy ending i followed all the rules i drew inside the lines i never asked for any thing that was mine i waited for my time but when it finally….

  72. Susi soto says:

    Came He call her name now i fell this overpaid i mean in my vaines i mean in my brain I'm running in circles like a toy train

  73. Susi soto says:

    Came He call her name now i fell this overpaid i mean in my vaines i mean in my brain I'm running in circles like a toy train

  74. Chio H says:

    like si te gusta mucho descendientes 1 2 3 comenta si quieres compartir con tus amigos o compañeros

  75. David Anderson says:

    Love uma singing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  76. maestria educación says:

    los amo a todos desendientes

  77. Nic Poynter says:

    I I love descendants 3 and 2

  78. Jack Hazlett says:

    ive got a channel 50,000 milion subs yeahhhhhh

  79. Azaria Voss says:

    C:if you like Uma?

  80. Azaria Voss says:

    B:if you love Evie?

  81. Azaria Voss says:

    A:if you love mal?

  82. Azaria Voss says:

    Comment and like

  83. Azaria Voss says:

    If you want

  84. Maurice Aitch says:

    So sad miss you forever

  85. RL says:

    Hi there I’m Malia N

  86. arianne1022 says:

    Omg yes ??????

  87. Gerardo Mendoza says:

    Estuvo muy increíble la cancion
    Espero que hagan otras
    Canciones increíbles

  88. Carmina Camino says:

    i love you descendants

  89. Jérôme Troncy says:

    bonjour je vous adore tous des que je vous écoute je ne peux pas m'arrêter même quand je vous regarde à la télé vous êtes impressionnants!!!!Même je ne c'est pas quoi dire sauf des wouahw!!!!!!!je suis trop fan de vous!!!!!!!!!(JADE)

  90. Lizzy Buttons says:

    Hang on a minute…
    "1 to 50"
    That's 9…

  91. Spasenija Kadar says:

    spark attached lower pressure on the buyer or speak

  92. Spasenija Kadar says:

    in a woman show the

  93. Clarice Oliveira says:


  94. sweartagod - says:


  95. sweartagod - says:


  96. sweartagod - says:


  97. N B says:

    Qui aime troppppp cette musique ❤❤ ?

  98. Breasha says:

    To jest śfietne

  99. Munsoor Arshiya says:

    Mal and uma dispute evie say oh my God don't guys uma save mal ?????I love mals and evie I have reason celia save carlos??????

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