Niesamowity Świat Gumball’a Spinn-offy [CZĘŚĆ 2] [SEZON 6] [NAPISY PL]

Niesamowity Świat Gumball’a Spinn-offy [CZĘŚĆ 2] [SEZON 6] [NAPISY PL]

good morning and welcome to Barbara’s kitchen today I will communicate information on the operation is complete I used my atomic core to irradiate the surroundings who is that safe it’s perfectly safe for me that was such a strong flavor of what kind of oil is that under oil Oh end but what part of the world does it come from it is locally sourced I also switched the beef for a more sustainable breeder protein Oh sustainable very good well that’s the grit the end of our show a please tuna tune in next week for our next episode why don’t we do an we have no choice call we have to use our power [Applause] [Music] by the new techno robot and help try to come save the world [Music] okay take the robot attack it’s no use we need more more what we haven’t even used the robot right well techno Dino attack by the new check no Dino would help try to come save the world so should we get on with it [Music] [Applause] okay cool like what’s the tactical advantage sure that doesn’t look are your parents struggling to pay for your techno toys make them apply for the techno power gold card and help Troy accountants save the world [Music] hey big eye what’s up okay cut cut William you’re supposed to take you sit and then say I’ve got a date bias but she thinks I’m in the tennis club then Tobias says yo inna Tennis Club – very good then you say are you crazy what do you think will happen to me at a tennis club then I say oh yeah they mommies thank you for the ball all right then you say what no I’m scared of getting tennis elbow got it

David Anderson

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