Netflix Reacts to Disney Plus

Netflix Reacts to Disney Plus

Mick hey, Mickey, don’t
worry about it okay? These things happen. I know a guy, he’s great
with bleach, he’s gonna make this whole thing
disappear just like that okay? Hold on I’m getting another call. Yes? [Assistant] Mr Richards, there’s a Mr Netflix here to see you. (laughing) Oh this oughta be good. Okay yeah send him in. Bob Netflix! You old so and so. Take a seat, how are ya? Well Dick, gonna be honest. I’m a little confused. Are you mad at me? Mad at you? Bobby, Booby why would you
say something like that? Well it just seems like we used to have a really good thing going. Bobby hold that thought. Peter Pan! You doing anything? No, not really sir. Well here’s 50 mil. Now you got a Disney+ show. Thank you Mr Richards! I’m gonna make the best
Peter Pan show ever. Quality is irrelevant to me. Anywho what were you saying Bob? Just that we used have
a really good thing going. A lucrative licensing agreement, we made all those Marvel shows together. We even brought back The
Clone Wars for a final season. I think you’re mistaken there Bob. We’re bringing it back for a final season. Our trailer clearly stated that the war was unfinished until now. Look, we’re just trying to
wrap it up and give the fans a satisfying conclusion that they deserve. You know, #clonewarssaved. But we already did that. Back in 2014. It even ended in a epic three part finale where Yoda realized the Clone Wars were just a huge distraction
they were never gonna win and that another Skywalker was their only chance at victory in the long run. Bringing the themes of duty
and sacrifice full circle and creating a perfect emotional segue into Revenge of the Sith. Yeah but we got
#clonewarssaved trending so… This is what I’m talking about. We used to have such a
good thing going but then, you just ghosted me, wouldn’t
return any of my calls, canceled all the Marvel Netflix shows. Thanks for taking the
blame for that by the way. And now you’re starting
your own streaming service that kinda seems like a direct
competitor to Netflix so, I just gotta know, is there something I did? What happened between us? Bobby. Trust me it’s not you. I truly cherish the time we had together. Our partnership was a
wonderful proof of concept. Seriously, if we hadn’t worked
together all those years, we never would’ve gained
the knowledge needed to launch our own streaming
service to systematically dismantle your hold on the market and ultimately leave your
company in total financial ruin. Wait, what? Oh yeah we’re planning on crushing you. Nothing personal. It sure feels personal. Trust me it isn’t. I literally don’t see people. I just see potential revenue streams. It’s kind of like the matrix
but with dollar signs. What, how do you even– Oh speak of the devil. Kim Possible, think fast. You owe me 13 episodes by next spring. Thank you. Literally all I saw was a
dollar sign in a crop top. Dick, Doesn’t Disney
have enough at this point? You’re universally beloved,
you have all the most popular IPs, you’re clearly the
king of the box office. I mean you’re basically printing your own money at this point. Can’t you just like, let us have this one? Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. It’s so adorable that you think money is the only thing at play here. Sure we keep breaking records at the box office year after year. But these are just short term gains. We’re still at the whims
of the movie theaters because we can’t legally
own them and who’d want to? I mean, they only have 10 years left tops. Same thing with television. We may own a bunch of television channels but we still have to
work with the wretched cable companies to get them to our viewers and even they’re on the way out. That’s why Disney+ is so important. In the digital world,
we will have something that no other medium can
provide, total control. From inception to release,
we will control everything. We won’t have to share the
distribution, rights and, most importantly, profits
with anybody but ourselves. And, since we already own or have shown no problem in acquiring all
of the IPs people care about, creating a one stop shop
that can be accessed from any device was the
final piece we needed to set our plans for total domination of the entertainment world into motion. Hey Batman. Catch. Ah thanks Dick. (laughing) Nice. But you don’t own Batman. Not yet. No. No it’s far from over Dick. You’re acting like the
battle’s already won but we have over 150 million
subscribers worldwide. It’ll take you years to catch up with us. Oh it may take decades. That’s not a problem. What? We’re Disney Bob. We have the money and
we have the patience. I’ll run this company at a loss for years just to take you out. All we need to do is outspend you until you’re out of content. I mean eventually those
Stranger Things kids will grow up no matter how
much coffee and cigarettes you feed them to stunt their growth. And then what will you have? More comedy specials
from D list comedians? Please. In the end, we will win. We are inevitable. Oh yeah? You think you can take
everything from us huh? Well how would you feel if
Netflix took something from you? That’s right. We signed Benioff and Weiss, the creators of Game of Thrones. So stick that in your Juul and vape it. Got him. You mean those hacks
we fired from Star Wars? Fired? They said they were too busy. (laughing) Too busy for Star Wars? There’s only one person on
Earth too busy for Star Wars, Kevin Feige, and even that
(bleep) making a Star Wars! (laughing) No. See, your little ace in the hole was actually just a Trojan horse. Our Trojan horse. By allowing the world to
think they were getting their own Star Wars
trilogy, we tricked you into spending a quarter
of a billion dollars to poach a pair of
creatively bankrupt lemons. I can’t believe you fell for that. No. That’s insane. You wouldn’t. Wouldn’t I? I mean at this point even I don’t know what the (bleep) I’m capable of anymore. Regardless, the end result is the same. Jesus Christ. You’re ruthless. You’re God damn right I’m ruthless. I have to be. See Bob, what you fail to
grasp is that this fight is about more than just
the future of streaming. It’s about the future of everything. We’re not just trying
to control the media, we’re trying to control how
the people consume media. We’re grooming the next
generation of consumers to get all of their entertainment from us. We will fulfill their
every emotional need. Every laugh they bellow, every tear they cry will come from us. And once we’ve achieved a brand dependency of that magnitude, they will buy whatever we sell them for the rest of their insignificant lives and
that is worth everything. So go on and run back to Silicon Valley and enjoy yourself while you can Bob. It’s only a matter of time before you run out of ideas and
your war chest dries up and finally, when Netflix is little more than a sad saggy scrotum of
a shadow of its former self, we will acquire it. And then we will do the same to Amazon, Warner Bros, NBC, hell even YouTube and on and on we will go
until there is nothing left. Nothing, but Disney. (ominous music) Boo. (screaming) (laughing) You think this is a joke don’t you? That’s nice. Just out there laughing it up. Having a grand old time. Well, I hope you think back
on this moment when you’re watching your DisneyTube
on your MickeyPad Pro Six. Think fondly of the time when you had the illusion of choice. (clapping) (upbeat music)
Hey everyone. Before we go we’d like to
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for free right now. Thanks again for watching
and we’ll see you next time. Bye.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Netflix Reacts to Disney Plus

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    Ha can't take anime

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    Disney is blue
    Hulu is green
    Netflix is red

    We finally have the big three

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    It's karma for what you did to blockbuster!

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    Do they know that alot of Disney's licenses are going to end by 2020 right?

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    Sh*t got way too real at the end. Cringe.

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    "Universally Beloved"

    That's cute.

  10. Frank Markovich says:

    Disney +: Throws gauntlet down
    Jeff Bezos: Picks it up

  11. emerson says:

    No offence but Netflix should step up there game, if they put andi mack and the whole it series I would go on there 24/7

  12. Zachary Kinsey says:

    Jesus Christ that was terrifying

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    Soon we'll start seeing instead of

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    That's free market capitalism for ya

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    Anyone else feel Walt Disney rolling in his grave from the fact that disney is recycling old movies and TV shows for a quick buck.

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    Disney ₩ørld ?

  17. Dark Knight says:

    Everyone is so excited #clonewarssaved. The show had a perfect finale that wrapped everything up and brought true satisfaction. Disney is about to undo (and probably ruin) a perfectly good show with one of the most satisfying endings ever.

  18. Callie-Elizabeth Scott says:

    Disney make things either to serious or too funny

  19. Rigby 98462 says:

    I’m pretty much keeping Netflix but I’m not gonna watch any of the Disney stuff

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    This could actually happen. You guys know what’s up and I like the way you tell that to the rest of us

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    It’s only what Disney owns though, there’s plenty of other stuff on Netflix. Is Disney gonna have horror movies??

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    Disney… Is kind of a dick… Gabriel Iglesias is not a D list comedian!

  32. Dudley Milbin says:

    They both suck

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    I feel like the guy representing disney is Eric Cartman and the guy representing Netflix is Kyle.

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    (Looks at screen)
    Oh good lord…

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    This is really scary but Warner Bros is tough to take down

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    Disney is a monster

  48. Gan X says:

    By the way…

    There is still Cartoon Network and Nicklodeon…. They even try to beat Netflix before taking the nearest rivals down first? Hmmm… Kinda a media war happen here…

    But, actually, if they did managed to buy everything one by one,

    They will invade Japanese Animation Media, then Korean, then the whole world

    If they attack a country with nationalists, it's going to be 50/50 for them since the nationalists never accept 100% Domination in the hands of "foreigners", and that includes America's Disney…

  49. PNHassett says:

    I was told Netflix has nothing to worry about since Disney+ is full of it's saccrin predictable bland lovey dovey product.

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    But if Netflix had Harry Potter…

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    In the bible is said one day there will be one ruler of the world we thought it would be the president, we even thought it would be someone we go to war against but it been hiding under our noses this whole time … disney … nah just kidding that cant happen because of monopoly right? … right? Wait what if they buy the police and even courts and even the pentagon then they can do what ever they want ? welp gg bois

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    I hope he didn’t refer to Dave Chapelle being a D-rate comedian. Also, Netflix may have to merge to Amazon Prime Video & HBO Max to keep up in upcoming years.

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    2029: Disney starts a fascist regime

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    Im not even mad at Disney lol

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    Why do I feel a sense of dread…this is a Black Mirror episode…everybody run outside and play! Enjoy nature! Read a book!

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    Disney: Will you have peace or war?

    Me: I will WAR!

  64. Jhalen Hanshaw says:

    Mickey: I used to have a home. It was a beautiful place and everything was black a white.

    puts on infinity glove

    Now, I realize that i must save everyone. This puts a smile on my face.

  65. Tracy McCardle says:

  66. kenmo6 says:

    This is still buffering.

  67. Abdihamid 114 says:

    Why Disney is overestimated and good companies like WB get no credits. Let me remind what WB made: best horror movie “IT”, best sitcom “friends”, best cartoon channel “cartoon network” and many more that i can’t count.

  68. JosephTheCastle says:

    The lost missions of Clone Wars on Netfix were the best ending the series could have. Disney ruins season 7, the fandom menace will kill disney's star wars once and for all.

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    Disney: we could jast buy Netflix but thats way too easy.
    Cn: honestly with you buying foxs i learn to expect you jast to buy whatever company you want.
    Disney: ya. I mean i could by you. Or DC or Warner brothers. And even Nintendo. But eh those are too easy.
    cn: am not selling myself to you. I'm not falling for your tricks.
    Disney: every company says that. Its only a matter of time cn. You know i can buy you right now if i wanted to. But am going to give you a break. But one day your be mine.

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    Let's not kid ourselves, Disney+ is pretty crappy and barebones… right now. I'm sure it will be great in a couple years, but right now its pretty lacking for something that costs $7/month when it should be more like $4/month.

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    Season 6 of The Clone Wars was not the perfect ending, just saying

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    If I’m allowed to make a suggestion; you could make a video of the DBZ characters or Akira Toriyama reacting towards the fact that Disney has some hold over a couple of their movies (Dragon Ball Evolution, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F, and Dragon Ball Super: Broly) now that Fox, the company that streamed those movies, is part of Disney.

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