Nerf War: Nerf Gun Battle

Nerf War: Nerf Gun Battle

*Engels* *Alarm* BaaAAaaa! BaaAAaaa (Sheep noises) Hey, what’s up YouTube? Paul from PDK Films, here. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, I want to give a huge shout out to Grossery Gang for sponsoring this video. There’s a new Grossery Gang series called “Putrid Power” and it’s heading into stores now. You can find them at all major retailers. Also, be sure to check out the new movie coming out on July 29th right here on YouTube on the Grossery Gang YouTube channel which you guys can find a link to in the video description below. Once again, huge shoutout to Grossery Gang for sponsoring this video. Okay, everyone, thanks again for watching the video. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Smash that like button, leave a comment below with your thought on the video and I will see you guys, next week. Peace! bye

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Nerf War: Nerf Gun Battle

  1. PDK Films says:

    Check out our new video NERF WAR: BATTLESHIP BATTLE

  2. DRAGUNOV says:

    Bullet drop as fuking hell

  3. ibag 115 says:

    I am from Czech Republic.This is nice video and good nerf war and nerf gun

  4. ibag 115 says:

    Pat is good.

  5. Vilma Alfaro says:

    fack you and died

  6. Minoti Dutta Dutta says:

    I think Gross team will win.but Paul you are the best. Paul fans give a like 🙏👍and I wonder how do you clean the mes you made😁

  7. sheravino septian says:

    I have the mushy slushy

  8. sheravino septian says:

    Ihave 100 grosseries

  9. MegaMine says:

    Where is the king?

  10. MrMcMemeZ says:

    I keep my pizza cutter in the washer machine too

  11. Lija Sreenivasan says:

    the clean team will win.😀😀

  12. Тимур Воробьев says:

    Вы русские???, You Russian???

  13. Paxton Houpe says:

    im on clean team

  14. NALİN Toprak says:

    great war team gros will win

  15. F S says:

    Which guns are they using? Can someone list them pls

  16. noorahmad mohamed kassim says:

    groos team

  17. Sebastian Chama says:


  18. Канат Жумабеков says:


  19. Aiden Lefevere says:

    Great job just wow

  20. Kajju Ram Yadav says:

    Gross team

  21. Jafeth Vazques says:

    I love this video

  22. Harshal Shetkar says:

    The clean team will win. But Paul you're the best

  23. WISH ' says:

    I really want to get some stuff from worker on Amazon but its $100 how should I ask my mom

  24. RoryInMotion says:


  25. RoryInMotion says:

    Hi will

  26. Manoj Kumar says:

    Gross team

  27. Костя Марусов says:


  28. Daksh Pradhan says:

    Tare bhan ka choud

  29. Slawomir Szmulewicz says:

    Nie Było. Ask takiej. Strzelaniny

  30. sumguy memes says:

    7 facking minutes!

  31. Naufal fadilah aziz Herni Supartini says:


  32. Alfonso Rodriguez says:

    Regalas las armas

  33. Neelam Yadav says:

    Pat team is win

  34. faite un don pour pikachu mrc says:

    It's ridiculous

  35. Печенечка :D says:


  36. PMZ_Mr. PePe says:

    You guys dont deserve those sponsors and packs! You are wasting nerf bullets and ruin the forests and the nature. These videos are cool but i dont like nature ruiners…

  37. чел великий says:

    А ты можеш подарить его мне

  38. БРАТ ФРЭНК says:

    Хах ради шавухи и друга побить готов)

  39. CyvereDAM says:

    He forgot to close the door! I mean, if he lives in America…

  40. Jaakko Auvinen says:

    The clean team vin

  41. TheGoldenEgg 4 says:

    Literally all waste of time

  42. Lele & Dani says:


  43. Thu Hang Bui says:


  44. REM SANGA says:

    i am mizo i like pdk flims and nerf but we are so poor i can not buy nerf but i always subcribe

  45. Nam Nguyen Phuong says:

    Gross team

  46. FireBrayz says:

    7:00 skip here if everything else before was boring


    Gun trivia: the AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikov model 1947) was developed after WW2 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It takes the 7.62x39mm cartrige. It And the similar AKM are the only rifles that have a Chamber lock. The size of the AK is medium-small, meaning it is good for medium distance combat. It is now remaining as the most iconic rifle in the world.

  48. Thuy Thai says:

    0:58 my man has never opened a box before

  49. Дмитрий Морозов says:

    Сказочный далбаёб

  50. Neto Aranha says:

    Caro Paul mande uma nerf pra mim

  51. Nguyệt Nguyễn Thị says:

    100% The 'Gross' Team Win

  52. Ana Maria García Marin says:

    Like si eres español

  53. Erick Bargueiras says:

    Gross team

  54. Loyd Bolor says:

    Give a nerf

  55. Colt Robinson says:

    One does not just simply have a pizza cutter in his fridge

  56. Minecraftwiz009 TV says:

    Duh why is it a nerf war if u use boomco

  57. Jose Blanco says:

    Quiero la pistola cuánto. Bale

  58. Patrhck Studios says:

    Nerf War: Nerf Gun Battle
    oh really? I didn't know u need a nerf gun in a nerf war!!

  59. Katy Sweeney says:

    Gross team all the way

  60. Ana Carolina says:


  61. Phuong Nha says:

    The gross team win

  62. andrey mahardika says:

    The Clean Team

  63. Наталья Гаврилова says:


  64. Sharmila Sunam says:

    Hi I'm

  65. Kevin Abdiel Guerrero Villalpando says:

    Parecia loco ja

  66. mr igathepiga says:

    good idea for me i dont have lot of nerfs but i have lot of grosserys(trashpack) toys i have like 200 of them from childhood lol

  67. Rebecka Ferreira says:


  68. Aidan Seet says:

    gross team

  69. Lolo Le chien says:

    Qui est pour l’equipe clean

    Oui oui je suis francais

  70. sattar mohammed says:

    Wow wow super

  71. EveryDayCringe of Adam says:

    The clean team!

  72. Eric Bulacsao says:

    Gross team the winner

  73. Manjushree Thakur says:

    I love u

  74. Renee Close says:

    wtf how many trashy's do you need

  75. Brent Chapman says:

    Where is Paul?

  76. McCoy_JayKenn ToPz aNd TrEnDs says:

    🤣🤣🤣 I just enjoyed watching it.. it's so cool.

  77. 3z4x78 Santos says:


  78. Mayne Gonzales says:

    the clean team win

  79. marlen castellanos says:

    pienso que va a ganar Ben

  80. Isah Neptaly Sunga says:

    Clean Team

  81. ボビーオロゴン says:


    I am Japanese

  82. 平野尚美 says:


  83. LaTrel The slayergames says:

    Sub to pdk films with post notifications

  84. LaTrel The slayergames says:

    Let him get to ten million subscribers

  85. Juan Fernando Galdamez Soto says:


  86. БАБА КАПА says:

    Что эта за па*а*а

  87. Слава Ковалишин says:

    Кто додумался хоронить магазины в мусорке и фритютнице. Магазин фри.

  88. Goutam Paul says:

    Gross team

  89. varshine chandraan says:

    The gross team

  90. sacka lacka says:

    Trash pack was original not grocery gang

  91. Tigrou Tigre says:

    Super video

  92. noraishah mohd salimin says:


  93. siokching lee says:

    Can give me 1 pls

  94. Minh Khôi Phạm says:

    Ben will win

  95. Arhum Adnan says:

    The gross team

  96. YUHAO WANG says:

    Maybe the clean team will win.

  97. Johannes Welt says:


  98. Sahin Parween says:

    The gross team wins

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