Negative Man (Explained in a Minute) | COMIC BOOK UNIVERSITY

Negative Man (Explained in a Minute) | COMIC BOOK UNIVERSITY

Hey, guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University and I’m going to explain Negative Man in about a minute. Negative Man’s first appearance was in “My Greatest Adventure #80” in June 1963 and she was created by, Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani. Larry Trainer was a test pilot for the US
Air Force, flying experimental aircraft. In one of his missions, he flew through a
radiation cloud that caused him to crash-land. He was relatively uninjured and he was able
to escape his aircraft and await his rescue plane. When he saw the plane about to land, he noticed
that the landing gear was partially stuck. Desiring to save the craft, his released a
sort of “negative” version of himself that was able to pull down the landing gear. Larry realized that he could now, at will,
release and control his “negative” body, which is capable of flight, becoming intangible or material. This radiation-based body is capable of releasing
thermal bursts of energy or tightening the bursts into a concussive blast. This power did not come without a cost, though,
as Larry’s own body is permanently irradiated, so much so that anyone who stands too close
to him will die within minutes. He was provided a special, “lead-lined”
tape to wrap his body in, protecting those around him from rapid radiation poisoning. He was approached by Niles Caulder, the “Chief”
of the Doom Patrol to become a founding member of the team. When he first started his superhero career,
Larry was only able to release his “negative” form for 60-seconds at a time or he would die, however, he’s trained himself to go for longer periods of time. He’s also learned to release just a bit
of the negative man energy so that it envelopes him and allows him to fly and incorporate
some of the energy body’s powers. Larry risks his life every time he summons
his energy form, yet he never hesitates, making him a great example of what a true hero looks like. And that’s Negative Man in about a minute.

David Anderson

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17 thoughts on “Negative Man (Explained in a Minute) | COMIC BOOK UNIVERSITY

  1. John Wright says:

    Good short explanation.

  2. BLAQ JOKER says:

    DOOM PATROL in the house

  3. MysteriousTomJenkins says:

    I am glad to see this video, Negative Man is one of my favorite characters of the Doom Patrol so its nice seeing him get exclusive love without needing a whole Doom Patrol video for it. I just really love that he shoots out this powerful, silhouette looking entity out of his body that is extremely powerful but as a caveat to this, it can only stay out for a short amount of time. Also, at least in Grant Morrison's run, the Negative Spirit turns out to be a real person and kind of a dick bag, forcing Larry and a doctor who is caring for him to merge with it to for a weird, supernatural hybrid of male and female. Cool power, cool appearance with a rather devastating drawback to it, no wonder he is so 'negative'. proceeds to shoot myself for the pun

  4. William Afton says:

    There was an ad that showed the entire lego movie before this

  5. baon kang says:

    Must be the work of a enemy stand.

  6. dylan bellerose says:

    And the fact that we get to see more of him in Doom Patrol is a win.

  7. Wendy Williams says:

    im so happy they made him gay in doom patrol like THAT was a surprise to me unless..was he always gay in the comics or?

  8. Sarah Bragg says:

    QUESTION: I’m the new doom Patrol show, he’s gay or bi.. is that at all in the comics?

  9. Daffa Pemi says:

    Oreno STANDDDDOOO!!!!

  10. Olu says:

    So the ghost in him in doom patrol is just… Him?..

  11. Aaron Brown says:

    Your telling me this man got radiated and gained a stand?

  12. Kacper Romaszko says:

    Tone down that music benobo. Can't hear a thing you say.

  13. GOMER PYLE says:

    He sux

  14. Fixed wireless Broadband says:

    So the gay thing is a Woke thing?

  15. Hunter Kiddo says:

    I got an ad that said a backpain insole made a woman live to 116 years old

  16. Yahir Villalobos says:

    I hate ads

  17. Odi Asempa says:

    Larry: Stand [Negative Man]

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