My Stepsister Made Weird Stuff To Make Me Get With Her

My Stepsister Made Weird Stuff To Make Me Get With Her

Hi guys! I’m Bradley. Recently I got kicked out of the house by
my own mom because I kissed my stepsister. When I was 17, my mom’s boyfriend Cody moved
in with us, along with his daughter Cassidy. She was a nice girl who was my age, and it
was kinda cool to have a sister. I can’t deny that she was really attractive,
to the point that all of my friends were dying to get acquainted with her. But for me it was kinda weird to have a crush
on my almost stepsister. Besides, there was another girl, Jess, that
I really liked, and I had only just begun winning her attention, so, I definitely didn’t
want to screw anything up. But after a couple of weeks of living together,
I began noticing that Cassidy was behaving as if she were trying to seduce me or something. You know, all those playful looks and gestures
and stuff like that. And also, she was sorta trying to use any
excuse to come into my room whenever I was alone in there. Let’s say, I’d be playing my Nintendo Switch,
and she’d just come in and sit a little bit too close to me, and just watch me play. Well, you could probably try to convince me
that she was just showing her sisterly love, but wait until I tell you about my 18th birthday
party. Everything started right after mom and Cody
wished me a Happy Birthday and set out on their little trip out of town to leave the
whole house at my disposal. Cassidy began preparing herself for the upcoming
party, and for some strange reason, she thought that I had to help her choose the perfect
outfit. She got me into her room, and, acting like
a model on the runway, she started showing me her short skirts and sexy blouses. Then she began dancing, so that, as she put
it, I could have a better look at her. I don’t know, maybe it happened because
of my birthday mood, or maybe Cassidy just looked really attractive, but she suddenly
came close to me and kissed me on my lips, and I sorta kissed her back. Our kiss lasted for less than a minute when
I finally came to my senses. Of course, I immediately apologized and rushed
out of Cassidy’s room. But even before I had time to close the door
behind me, I heard her screaming “Happy Birthday” at me. For the rest of the day, I tried to get the
thoughts about that out of my head. I couldn’t believe that this had actually
happened for real. And while I was making a few final arrangements
for the upcoming party, I tried to avoid Cassidy however I could. Like, as soon as she appeared in the kitchen
I pretended that somebody had just called me on my cell phone and went to another room. And if she followed me, I would change my
location again. I bet if someone saw us back then, they would
die of laughter from this little chase that was going on. When the guests finally arrived and crowded
the house, I could finally breathe easy again. There were so many people there, that I completely
forgot about the incident with Cassidy. But what’s even more important, is that
Jess was there. I went up to greet her, and we started talking,
and then we decided to dance a little bit, and then she suggested that we go find a quiet
place. I won’t tell you everything in detail right
now, but I will say that that day was definitely full of us making out, and after that, Jess
and I began officially dating, so to speak. It’s clear that I didn’t announce that
I had a girlfriend at home, I mean, I thought it was none of anybody’s business. (But now I realize that I should have it done
back then to avoid a lot of trouble). I was busy exchanging romantic texts with
Jess, and at the same time noticed that Cassidy was continuing to flirt with me, but sorta
much more persistently. Apparently, after that kiss of ours, she decided
that we could start something romantic between us. For example, once we were eating together
in the kitchen, and she suddenly said that she really wanted to get a tattoo and she
started asking my opinion about different parts of her body, like, where it would be
better to put it. And when I said that I thought that she’d
better not tarnish her beautiful body with any tattoos, she said that I was sweet for
giving her a compliment and kissed me on my cheek. The other day she walked into my room, saying
that she needed to show me something, and she turned her back to me and lifted her hair
up with her hands. It turned out that she did get a tattoo, on
the back of her neck. At the same time, she asked me to apply a
special ointment on it. It’s not that I wanted to do it, but she
begged me and said that I was the only one who could help her, so, I kinda had to. And once again I got a kiss on my cheek for
my kind assistance. But once she really crossed the line big time. I heard her calling me from her bedroom to
come up and help her. It turned out that she had gotten into the
shower and happened to be out of shampoo, so she asked me to bring her another one from
storage. Seriously? Of course, I refused to do that and that kinda
made Cassidy mad at me, so a couple of minutes later, I saw her walking down the stairs wrapped
in a towel in search of that damn shampoo. I immediately put my hand on my face to close
my eyes, ‘cause I felt really awkward. I asked her to cover up, but she said that
it was my fault since I was too shy to help her with the shampoo. I asked her directly why she acted like that
with me, and to my surprise, she said that she wanted to be with me and that after our
kiss, she was sure that I liked her back. She left me no choice but to say that our
kiss was a mistake and that I already had a girlfriend. At first, she didn’t believe me, so I had
to show her a photo of Jess and I on my cellphone. The next second, Cassidy literally changed
her face, and her playful expression gave way to an angry grimace. She got hysterical, accused me of cheating,
and said that I would regret it. I got scared, but not of her revenge or anything;
I was worried. I thought that she probably had a mental disorder
and it’s kinda scary to live under the same roof with a lunatic. Here’s a free tip for you – never underestimate
a girl in a fit of jealousy. Later that day, when our parents got back
home and we were all together, sitting at the dining table… Cody asked Cassidy and I how our day was,
and she suddenly burst into tears. Of course, everybody was concerned and tried
to calm her down, and I rushed to get her a glass of water when suddenly, between sobs,
she said that I had been torturing her by watching her (in a creepy way) for a long
time and that I even came into her bathroom while she was in the shower. A deathly silence fell over the dining room. The glass of water, which I never had time
to give to Cassidy, fell out of my hands and broke to pieces. I looked her straight in the eyes, and I could
swear that I saw a reflection of revenge in them. I guess that’s what she had in mind when she
said that I would regret having a girlfriend. Cassidy kept crying and told them that I (presumably)
hinted to her that I liked her, and that on my Birthday I even demanded that she give
me a kiss. I tried to explain that everything was the
opposite, I mean, you guys know the truth, but obviously back then, a crying girl was
in a more trustworthy position than me. Cody rushed at me with his fists clenched. He was yelling at me and I tried to yell back
at him, denying everything. Cassidy had become so comfortable in her new
role that she started sobbing loudly and my mom immediately stood up to calm Cody down. I think that, just like me, she was afraid
that he was going to hurt me badly. She looked at me, hopefully, and asked me
one question – did I ever kiss Cassidy. I didn’t want to lie to anybody, so I had
to admit that we had kissed each other, but it was not because I was looking for it. But my truth didn’t help anybody. Mom sighed in despair and kicked me out of
the kitchen. I knew that I had to leave the house for now,
at least for a couple of hours, to give everyone time to calm down. I had my cellphone with me, and I saw that
Jess was texting me something nice and romantic. I thought that it would be better to talk
to her, than to go mull over the situation I was in, again and again. So, I walked to the nearest park, sat on a
bench, and called Jess and we talked for about an hour. Her voice was soft and calming, and that made
me feel like everything was gonna be alright. Of course, I didn’t tell her what had just
happened at my house. Then, I received a text from my mom saying
that I needed to get back home. And the closer I got to the house, the more
nervous I was. I think all of you can understand what I felt. When I grabbed ahold of the doorknob, I realized
that my hands were cold and wet from sweat – that’s how nervous I was. Only God knew what else Cassidy might have
invented to defame me. It was silent inside the house, and my mom
was the only one downstairs waiting for me. I understood that she had been crying, judging
from her face, and that made me feel terrible. But I felt even worse when I heard that she
and Cody had decided that it would be better if I moved out and stayed at my grandparents. I tried to explain to my mom that Cassidy
was lying to them and that it was extremely offensive that she didn’t even want to discuss
anything. It was outrageous. I decided that if my mom didn’t believe
me or want me around, then I’d better start my own grown-up life. So the next day, I moved to my grandparents,
but I only stayed there for a couple of days. I found a job and rented an apartment with
two other guys. You’re probably wondering how Cassidy’s
doing? Well, she called me once to say that she was
sorry for what she did, and she even suggested that if I promised to be with her, she’d find
a way to bring me back to the family. Can you believe this? After that, I just blocked her number. That’s it for my story. Be careful with girls, fellas. Tell me something in the comments and don’t
forget to give me a thumbs up for this video.

David Anderson

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    That's it for his story. Be careful with girls, fellas. Tell us something in the comments and don’t forget to give him a thumbs up for this video.

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