My Mother Called an Exorcist After I Came Out! #animated #story

My Mother Called an Exorcist After I Came Out! #animated #story

Hi my name is Sonia. I’m 16 and you won’t believe what happened when I came out as gay to my family. I’ll tell you the whole
story but let’s start at the beginning. I first realized I was attracted to girls
the summer before I started high school. When all the other girls were giggling
over the boys at the pool I kept thinking about this girl Maddie on the
swim team. I thought about her all the time and I’d get fuzzy in my stomach
when I talked to her. I told my best friend Amanda how I was feeling and she
started teasing me that I had a crush on Maddie. I was so embarrassed!
How did she figure it out? But she stopped teasing me. In fact, she told me I
should ask her out which of course was terrifying. I mean
what if Maddie laughed at me or said no or told everyone I’d asked her out? Oh my
God…Amanda just shook her head and said It’d be the same as if a boy turned me
down. And she was right. So we spent the rest of the night planning how I was
going to ask Maddie out. My mother must have heard some of it because the next
day she told me I could wear some of her perfume. Ha! Anyway, after swim team I
put on some of that perfume and walked right on up to Maddie…and couldn’t say
anything! I mean nothing. Not even “Hi” I just stood there frozen my hands feeling
all sweaty. Maddie looked up at me and gave a little laugh. “Hi” she said and
raised her e yebrows “You want something?” I mumbled something silly but finally I
asked her if she wanted to go to the mall that weekend. And she said yes!
Turns out she’d been wanting to ask me out too. We really hit it off and we’ve
been together for over a year now. She always said she thinks it was cute that I wore perfume just for her. My mom always said it was her perfume that
helped me get a boyfriend. Um yeah…My family don’t know that my
boyfriend was my girlfriend…I hadn’t come out and told them that I was
lesbian. Maddie would come over for dinner all the time. And when she’d leave my
parents would always comment about how close we were. That drove me crazy!
Maddie had already told her family why couldn’t I tell mine? So one night Maddie
was over for a sleepover. We were all at the table eating pizza when I just
blurted it out. No “we need to talk” or “I’ve got something to tell you”, just
“Maddie’s my girlfriend”. My parents kind of smiled and looked at each other a
little confused. “Of course she is, honey.” “No, Maddie is like my boyfriend but my
girlfriend.” My little brother laughed out loud: “Freaking called it” he shouted.
I looked to Maddie for help. She just nodded and took hold of my hand. Dad started to say he understood and was happy for us but mom cut him off. She had this blank look and just stopped eating.
Then she told us Maddie couldn’t spend the night. She’d sent some pizza home
with her but Maddie had to leave. It was crazy. My mom changed right in front of my eyes she was always so funny and loving but
now she was just like a robot.. She wouldn’t even look at Maddie or me.
I wanted to argue but Maddie just said “thank you” and that her mother needed her home early tomorrow anyway. My mother didn’t talk to me for the rest of that
night and all the next day. She was raised in a very religious family and
her religion’s views on homosexuality were not very accepting. She started
praying all the time and I honestly started to hard to think she might throw me out of
the house. It broke my heart! I called Maddie crying on the phone and
said I wish I’d ever told my mom. But Maddie convinced me I did the right thing. And anyway, my father would never let that happen. I had to get out of the house. So Sunday we went to the pool to relax. When I came home my mother was
sitting there in the living room with a priest. They both smiled at me when I came and my mom introduced me to Father Browning who, get this, specialized in exorcisms! My mother days after I came out to her as gay had called an exorcist to perform an exorcism on me.
How could she? She had this weird concerned but hopeful look in her eyes
gripping her rosary and Bible. I started to cry. Is this what she thought about me?
I was furious! I sprinted out of the house. The priest and my mom tried to
follow me but I had already hopped in the car and tore out of the driveway. I
drove around and around and eventually ended up at Maddie’s. I tried to dry my
eyes before she opened the door. She hatched me as soon as she saw me and I
started crying all over again. Eventually I calmed down enough to tell her what
had happened and she burst out laughing. After a minute, I did too. I mean how
crazy was it that my mother thought the reason I was gay was that I was
possessed. Then Maddie got an idea… What if I actually went through with the
exorcism? I was a little confused but then she laid out the plan and it was
awesome. I live in an old house it has a dumbwaiter that goes from upstairs to
downstairs. Our walls are pretty thin so if you get in and move around you can
make the walls shake. My mother’s always told us to be careful not knock the
pictures off the walls. Maddie’s plan was to get inside and make
it seem like a real demon was in the house. We laughed so hard! I couldn’t wait.
So we drove back to my house and I dropped her off around the block so she
could sneak through the back door. When I pulled into the driveway the exorcist
looked like he was getting ready to leave. But my mom saw me and she dragged
us both back inside. I got a text from Maddie: she was in position.
The exorcist was explaining what we were going to do. My heart was racing. I laid
down on the sofa and closed my eyes. He had his hand on my head and began
reciting his exorcism script and then the pictures on the wall started to
shake. Soon the house echoed with the banging coming from inside the walls!
My mother was clutching me and the priest just continued totally unfazed.
Maddie pounded louder until the picture started falling off the walls. I thought
my mother was going to faint! Finally, the exorcist was finished. Maddie stopped.
Mission accomplished! She slipped out the back and texted me to
meet up later to check out the video she took. That was gonna be fun. But the best part? When the exorcist was leaving. He told my mother that it was the house
that was possessed not me and that everything would be all right now.
My mother was confused and I had a smile and then she turned to me with a look in
her eyes I will never forget: “Why did I think I needed to fix you?” Then she just
went to the kitchen and started to make dinner. And finally looked over at me and
asked “Want to help me?” I realized I was crying. I just nodded and hugged her.
Things are better these days. My mom is working to understand. She asks questions now and then and tells me to keep inviting Maddie over. Slowly but surely we’re
smoothing things out. I know my mother loves me. Nothing can change that.
And I love her too. And nothing can change that either. So that’s my story of
coming out. Pretty strange, right? Do you have any crazy stories about your
parents taking things little too far? Leave them in the comments! Also don’t
forget to Like and Subscribe for more crazy stories!

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “My Mother Called an Exorcist After I Came Out! #animated #story

  1. MY CRAZY STORY says:

    Hey Beautifuls! Episode 2 is out! ❤
    We hope you like the story, the intro in the beginning and the background music – we worked really hard to make the episode engaging.
    Enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comments below! xoxo

  2. Eli K says:

    I'm bi and when I came out to my mom, she got angry asf and said she would send me to a mental hospital

  3. Barnhart Family says:

    Don't be gay?

  4. Jayden Sims says:

    Wow. What are the chances that they are both bisexual. Imagine if you asked her out and she WASN'T. Damn imagine the embarrassment cus for some reason being gay/lesbian is made fun of in high school. Like come on people is 2019 nearly 2020. GET OVER IT!

  5. Valeri Gonzalez says:

    Ok so many people feel bad but God created a woman and men to be together I’m sorry but lesbians gays bi sexual and everything else is is bad except woman and men

  6. iceywolf gaming512 says:

    You mean your lesbian not gay gay means a boy likes a boy and lesbian means a girl likes a girl

  7. Catlover 44 says:

    I’m bi who else is part of lgbtq+ ?️‍??

  8. Hattie S says:

    Maddy looks like Candice from Phineas and Ferb

  9. oreo artisy snowleopard says:

    Sadly… Many people still do this.. And I'm just like.. Why tho? It's 2019. :0|

  10. ゆりEtika says:

    Alot of people hate lgbtq while alot of people in pakistan marry their siblings

  11. Lil Zheani Fan 101 says:


  12. It'sProngs Gacha says:

    Dad: I understand
    Mom: You little sh*t
    Brother: LOL! CALLED IT!

  13. Jonathan Campos says:

    Little brother:SEE I TOLD YOU THEY WERE GAY
    FrEAKing CaLLeD IT

  14. Gabriel Phariss says:

    This is the most god dam well done plan involving an exorcism I have ever heard of.?????

  15. Joliet Magana says:

    At least her mother still care about her???

  16. GabrielBtw_ says:

    Sonia: I have a girlfriend

    Mom: Hold my bible

  17. Shoto Todoroki says:

    I told my mom I’m Lesbian and she accepts me, but I will NEVER tell my dad who HATES peeps who are in the LGBTQ+ Community

  18. Zavok and zazz says:

    Are you real lesbian?

  19. Miswak says:

    omg why i cant double like the video

  20. Soviet Union Member says:

    Her:how did she find out?
    Me:because you told her

  21. G- Dragon says:

    “And then we danced”

  22. Lily Wily says:

    2:45 FREAKING CALLED IT!! Haha

  23. Michael Burns says:

    A transbian inspired by your story, and evidently too lazy to change her username, decided to come out to her mom
    This is what happened to her mental health

    Jk I’ll probably die in the closet

  24. Nadie Esstastin says:

    How can a female be gay?

  25. Kashif Khan says:

    Hello other riligens that are fake

  26. Agnes Lau says:


  27. Stacy Eremeeva says:

    At least she understood her mistake

  28. Ka Mann Sam says:

    Most people who are gay wont find any partners

    You are lucky that Maddie might also be gay

  29. Edrianna the Boss says:

    It was properly your mom that was possessed funny

  30. Andrej Aki says:


  31. Vegan Guy says:

    4:05 when I turn on my PlayStation without asking.

  32. Its Hilde says:

    I feel so sad for her? I hope it gets better

  33. David Sem says:


  34. Art With Liv says:

    My mom would support if I was les or bi but probably not dad

  35. Lego Batman 27 says:

    I'm From 2222.
    And Since 2045, Everyone Were Beliving In A Religon Called "Stefanism".
    There Are Two Things Called Stefanism.
    The Religon Stefansm, And The Stefanism Like The Communism, Nazism, And Stuff.
    That Religon Says That Transgenders, Gays, A's, Bi's, Pans, Disabled People, People With Allergies And People With Different Opinions And Interests Are Monsters, They Say That They Are A Virus Satan Made On God's Human Maker.
    I Should Change My Religon, The Leader Of The World Was Alive Since 2045, And He's Already Born, He's A Spy.
    If I Change It, The Whole Future Changes.
    It Happens Many Times.
    If The Leader Has Friends, The Timeline Changes.
    I Change Too.
    I Don't Know What It Means.
    It's A Part Of Time Travel.
    I Want To Be A Stefanist Forever.
    The War That Started The Leader's Election Is Big.
    WW3, When It Ended, All Countries Were Leaderless, Exept Stefan's Country, Iceland, He Renamed The Countries Other Names, He Renamed The Entire Earth "The Stefanian Empire Of The World.", And The WW3 Was Made In Many Ways.
    In One Timeline, It Was Caused By North Korea, One Had Reserected Hitler And Stalin, Since Trump Can't Be Alive In 2036, He's Resserected Too, Napolean Too, Another Timeline Is That It Was Caused By The S.E.W. Itself, In Many Timelines, It Was 2026 Or 2036, And It Ended In 2034 Or 2044, Sometimes There Was No WW3, I Didn't Tell People I Was From The Future Until 2019, And It Was Because I Could Handle The Effects That Happen, But I Got Used To It.

  36. Billy Bob says:

    God love the girl if she love girls

  37. Hadzija Hidrovic says:

    She liked her own little discription is that weird or is it just me

  38. Nelson Aviles says:

    gay people are dumb

  39. Josh Jackson says:

    Wow that Hass to be awkward

  40. T y p i c a l M o n d a y s . says:

    Something sad os that im bi and my mom is homophobic so if I ever come out she'll litteratly kill me, wow. ?

  41. Canada Goose says:

    genius lesbians right here

  42. Boba Fett says:

    Oh nigha you gay??????

  43. Tu Prima1289 says:

    No one:
    Maddies hair: I trascend above physics

  44. SpiritFang_Gaming says:

    uhm girls can't be gay? the term for females is lesbian, but this person can't make up her mind…

  45. 4me2Know &U2FindOut says:


  46. Cookie maker says:

    When I was in middle school all of my friends are gay and they have girlfriends I was fine with it but one of my friends Evie who is gay told her mom and her mom did the same thing and my mom was so mad and told her to let Evie be herself and not to bully her kids Evie is now dating a boy but that's because they grew up together and was there for her when she was having problems and it kinda just happened I have a soon to be husband named ben but there is nothing wrong with gay.

  47. Ryan Radliff says:

    Does the car look like hoppers from stranger things

  48. Freedom Phoenix says:

    For the last time homophobic people! Gay people are not posed by the devil!

  49. Real LunarRose says:

    I have a story about how my brother would go crazy and now I have physical pain because of the stress from it. I would type it all but it's to much to type

  50. Abiiurry • says:

    I have a crush on my friend, but she’s a girl. She’s gorgeous though and has light brown and blond ombré in her hair naturally. But my family laughs and jokes about lesbian and gay people. I’m afraid if I told my mom and dad they will never see me the same and I will never reach my dream of getting a cat.

  51. crypt wolf says:


  52. Asen Longchar says:


  53. Pamela Lilly-Collier says:

    I find the story really sad but people shouldn't really care about sexuality

  54. Gingerscoppedit says:

    Life lesson: Don’t be lesbian.

  55. Jet Nietzel says:

    If you try to go along with exorcism YOU


  56. Freedom Phoenix says:

    Nice ? intro.

  57. Rainbow Quartz 2.0 says:

    0:22 two bros chilling in the hot tub five feet apart because they’re not gay

  58. DarkCryDot Darkgameing says:

    i am honestly very angry about how that mother wasted a exorcist's time like that. there are real dangerous demons out there that the exorcist needs to get rid of and this mother decides to call them about a fake demon. >:( >:(

    i also wanted to mention that not all religious Christians are anti-gay as my very religious Christian grandmother was very ok and ven happy i was bi.

  59. LetsGO :D says:

    I've come out to my friends, some of them are bi, and I'm pretty sure I'm bi (or Pan), but then, I'm scared to tell my parents. I'm afraid they'll be mad or misunderstanding of me, I'm afraid….

  60. Ray Hunt says:

    love can exist in all forms and will be exepted by God no matter what

  61. Oh Yeah yeah says:

    This has got to be one of the most unrealistic stories that popped up in my feed

  62. Kawaii Trash says:

    awww this is so sweet! i love a good ending, its nice that her mother trys to understand….. unlike some people

  63. Xander French says:

    If you’re over-religious like this mother DON’T do this, if you’re kid is gay/bi it’s not worth calling an exorcist in fact it’s not worth any punishment at all. so yeah your son likes men or your daughter likes women but it doesn’t mean that they are possessed or evil they just love… and you rejecting that is a crime in of itself tbh

  64. Enduro madness says:

    Why are you gay?

  65. Chivonne Remeika says:

    The narrator looks REALLY familiar
    Like I saw that character before
    Idk, lemme know in replies what I might be thinking of

    Wouldn’t doubt I’m considering Annabelle xD

  66. FrostyDesert says:

    This comment section is dumb af lol

  67. FrostyDesert says:

    Everybody knows that these stories are fake….right?

  68. prestonirooni says:

    Alternative Title: My mom thought Gay Satan possessed my body so she called a priest

  69. let’s play Bradley says:

    Just be you that’s all I gotta say

  70. Kenny sarge says:

    Your mum's Windows strict people and a butt hole

  71. Hunny Bee says:

    Who new it wasn't about birth

  72. Jack Fishstick says:

    doesn't matter if people say your stupid about liking a other girl but
    its your and her opinion follow the good advices and ignore the bad stuff that people say

  73. liz faith says:

    umm, just letting u know, but if a guy likes a guy then THATS gay, if a girl likes a girl then THATS lesbian, im just clearing that up, k?

  74. halimatun saadiah says:

    Its work of a stand!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. GUCCI COOKIE says:


  76. Rafael Music says:

    I’m straight I’m just wondering how crazy people can do crap like this

  77. Maiza Abdi says:

    I love this

  78. Jatia Modlin says:

    Are u gay tell me why if you are

  79. Xzaveus Morgan says:


  80. plushie memer says:

    I mean I religion in god and my religion also says homosexuality is wrong and says people who have homosexuality and says they are retarded and dumb but I will never understand why people like this

  81. Unknow Gamer46 says:

    The same thing happened with me
    So I'm 13 years old and in middle school one day I finally told my mom(im bisexual) when she picked me up from school and when we got home she asked me if I wanted a counselor to talk about me this (already had a counselor for anger issues)
    Once she asked me this I was afraid to tell my father (parents are apart) and the only ones that knew was my friends and a teacher I trust. So I have to ask any pointers on this please!!

  82. Kermit The Frog says:

    I’m lesbian and still lesbian but some Christians are really religious saying that being part of LGBTQIA+ was a sin, but if God made us this way and if he wanted our lives like this he will accept us. I just wish that people will accept us. I’m Lesbian and Christian but I haven’t told my parents not because they don’t like Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals,Transgenders and Queers but because I’m afraid. I just don’t want what I hope with happen won’t happen.

    ~ The one and only Kermit ( Not meh name I’m female )

  83. Alex Lopez says:

    H. I

  84. Itz_Me! says:

    Then she needs an exorcist

  85. lordhexx play's says:

    Think about it God did not make boy and boy or girl and girl . And if he did it would not be man

  86. lordhexx play's says:

    Or woman

  87. IB - 06MM - Earnscliffe Sr PS (1410) says:

    I'm sorry but I'm Christan and I do not support gay and I'm sorry but I do what I want ✝️✝️

  88. EMMALOVE romero says:

    Take The L

  89. Kevin Montes says:

    She's gay or lessbion

  90. papadwayne says:

    You need to pray to jesus

  91. Kiki Plays says:

    the wierd girl in class likes me should i ask her out ?? she is not wierd just the class calls her she has a deformaty

  92. Kiki Plays says:

    i dont get this whole being gay is a sin thing like noooooo it said right in the bible that god loves every human and every animal the way that they are smh

  93. Billie’s Missing Avocado says:

    Me:dad I’m bi


  94. Maszola Mazsola says:


  95. carbon neon says:

    Just so everyone knows she didn't give all the details but it's make the exorcist seem evil. But if you do research exocist are extremely holy.

  96. carbon neon says:

    Why Evan be trans like by statistics 70 o/o of trans kill themselves because of their disitions

  97. Wiwy L. says:

    Turns out the real demon was inside her mom, she's the one who changed after it????

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