**Multi-Award-Winning** CGI Animated Short: “The Looking Planet” – by Eric Law Anderson | TheCGBros

**Multi-Award-Winning** CGI Animated Short: “The Looking Planet” – by Eric Law Anderson | TheCGBros

*atmospheric music plays* *Dolphins whistling* *NASA speaking* *more muffled speech* …fraction of an inch, maybe an eighth of an inch–. *Sounds of wildlife* *Children laughing* Lufo! *Spaceship beep* *NASA speaking* That’s one small step for man One giant leap for–.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “**Multi-Award-Winning** CGI Animated Short: “The Looking Planet” – by Eric Law Anderson | TheCGBros

  1. me nkat says:

    An oldie but a goodie.

  2. Mike Ivy says:

    Heart warming and so well done. Gr8 story, characters, animation, and so so true of life of here…maybe we had help…so many unanswered questions…thank unfor such a thought -provoking view of our world, and the paths it may have taken…gr8 gr8 job. Kudos to all who worked on this film.

  3. carmen Adorno says:

    Que historia tan bonita

  4. Alan Heath says:

    The planet Earth would be huge if standing and looking from moon. Armstrong pictures make Earth small thoe

  5. Henri Cohen says:

    Very bon!

  6. ArizonaWillful says:

    Hail and all Glory to our True Creator, the Immortal LUFO. I am his prophet and will be registering his religion as a non-profit within the next few days.

  7. Bob Capps says:

    If your a retard

  8. Apostolos Charalambides says:

    From this day onward:
    DAD – Moon is LUFOs creation. Thanks to him, we are alive.
    CHILD – Who is LUFO dad?
    DAD – Check YouTube

  9. Eleivana777 says:

    This needs to be a full length or a short series. I have watched it numerous times. Cute as heck.

  10. Steve Missael says:

    Es hermoso

  11. Yasmina Atlas says:

    For kids.

  12. Toyobusa says:

    This is type 3 civilization

  13. taner kolcak says:

    Voice overs spot on. So professionally made, makes pixar look novice. This team will be getting plenty of contracts and commissioning. Its all there isn't it?

  14. Akhil Mahi says:

    Supper movi

  15. Dela Cruize says:


  16. enhaxed X says:

    Love the tiktalik cameo at the end 🙂

  17. Saurabh Suman says:

    Really good ?

  18. cyberprompt says:

    I have an idea what phase 42 is.

  19. Mari Fender says:

    LUFOOOOOO….❤️❤️❤️❤️ …amazing film..

  20. Boss Dog says:

    I would just like to talk about the film. I'm afraid the comments here have degenerated into a religious discussion instead of the merits or lack of in this short movie. Does anyone recognise this language or is it a made up one?

  21. martin jeffery says:

    wow now that got my attention

  22. Kali Roethler says:

    42! lol

  23. Bulldogwings says:

    Just Glorious!
    Many thanks and please continue to make films.

  24. Dennis John says:

    Type 6 cilivisations

  25. David Roberts says:


  26. asmodeus asteroth says:

    We have found out who our creator is
    A kid bored with the hum drum

  27. Peter Parker says:


  28. BrighT L0rd says:

    Wait an eon

  29. จักรินทร์ สืบประยูร says:


  30. Jose Roberto says:


  31. J S says:

    Nice show but macro evolution is impossible. Goes against the laws of science…thermodynamics

  32. Chris huang says:

    Don't call me "boy"???

  33. Lee Devilish says:

    Thank you Lufo ?

  34. shoshanna fachima says:


  35. deathchilde says:

    So, i was somewhat a god back when i was in kindergarten…
    Why the fuck did i grow up?

  36. 33 Green Elk says:

    "What is my purpose?"

    "To look at this dope ass drawing I made lol"

  37. Bob Bobbington says:

    God seems pretty cool…. thanks for everything Lufo.

  38. Jax Teller says:

    Meh ??

  39. Raghavendra J says:

    Iufo character is so good and good creative work…

  40. Snježana Frajt says:

    This one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on yt ??

  41. Jessica Bartz says:

    Every time I watch ‘this I learn something new and I am reminded of the beauty of the universe and the life I’ve been given. God Bless you all.

  42. James Ouyang says:

    Great so we all came to exist because some kid thought it was cool to show some impossible life forms a self-portrait of himself in a deformed mirror.

  43. Sunfleur1988 says:

    That was absolutely incredible! I used to go to the Festival of Animation 25 years ago and LOVED it. Thank you for such an incredible treat!

  44. Den Morin says:

    The Q continuum in all its splendor.

  45. Kumar Digvijay Mishra says:

    Great animation -it must have taken several computer hours. Good work team. Moving moon, and propagation of sound in space is insane. Thanos as well would think hard before moving moon. For what is Earth's worth without a companion Moon. That's just poetic.

  46. Stuart Calvin says:

    A great piece, thank you.
    Stu, from Down Under.

  47. Григорий Романов says:

    Чудово передали процес будівництва. Дякую. Чудовий фільм.

  48. Jose Ibarra says:

    Muy bueno!

  49. Desconocido says:

    muy bueno pero demasiado fantasioso

  50. Blkchevy98 says:

    Thanks Lufo, well done kid 🙂
    See, Lufo proved that despite something being done the same way all the time (and it works) doesn't mean it's always right.

  51. Juan Manuel Araujo Navarro says:

    Muy bien me gusto mucho

  52. Brahim Telli says:

    فيلم خراء وليدارو خراء

  53. Alex Sullivan says:

    Wow. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you

  54. Simon Randall says:

    Thank Lufo.

  55. Simon Randall says:

    Tiktaalik Armstrong.

  56. D.F The.one.36 says:

    Beautiful graphics, silly story.

  57. HeathenWays says:

    03:01 I know Lufo I know.

  58. Tubebafied says:

    I did my best, it wasn't much
    I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch
    I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you
    And even though it all went wrong
    I'll stand before the lord of song
    With nothing on my tongue but Hallelufo

    And on the seventh day he floated back into the Stargate thinking to himself…. "Thatsa gonna be soma spicy meatballuh!"

  59. RelangaceDE Da'wa says:

    Which language is used there?

  60. Victor Escobar says:

    In LUFO we trust ?

  61. stuart houselander says:

    We were so turned on by your lack of conclusion
    [ David Bowie ]

  62. zenol leytan says:

    How long did it take to invent their language? And how long did it take to learn to speak it so fluently?

  63. Choco Prince says:

    Lemme just roll this planet

  64. The Maicky says:

    This could have been a great great animated series

  65. restfulsole7 says:

    Too bad it's just a fantasy. No TRUTH at all . Sorry the TRUTH is much more better.

  66. RED says:

    So, we should really be praying to Lufo ….Amen Lufo

  67. puremongrel says:

    Aliens are GODS 3.56

  68. Abdikarim Ali says:

    And Lufo brought a huge rock to circle the Eart. And Lufo called it a Moon. And Lufo saw that it was good.And there was a few minutes, then Lufo rushed back to his yelling dad.

  69. Christopher Dirham says:


  70. Amine Elmeddah says:

    beleving in what you want ,disbeliving in what you want ……now i understand why the most of you kill them selves.

  71. lilfentanyl says:

    ok but y he do that

  72. T-Master rules says:

    God created the heavens and the earth and life form in it. Life forms failed to accept their origin and look for an alternative to the origin of their existence. Eventually, man created lufo and surprisingly, lufo created the men that created him. To make it all complicated, lufo's dad called on to the God that created us. Aren't we just running in circles here… Lol.

    Lovely piece by the way. Its really a beautiful work of art. I wonder how long it took to make this

  73. Silvio B Flauzino says:

    Wow! Thank you!

  74. Bergur Rasmussen says:

    loved it

  75. Cathy Vickers says:

    I love how the Creators' flight rigs look like wings! ??

  76. Playing Games says:

    Ah, found you. ? This absolutely amazing – perfect blend of Ethos, Logos and Egos. CGI is cool, as well.

  77. enlightened advocate says:

    That was pretty good.

  78. Tension Member says:

    Humanity thanks Lufo !!

  79. Raul Cortes says:

    legalize magic mushrooms

  80. Uwe Kah says:

    yeah… some how kinda funny. but the maker could have add more, e.g. kind of a black humor?
    Or just made it in any way more funny… cos 16 minutes of basically nothing happens is even for me too much and I am old and patient

  81. DieFlabbergast says:

    So, now we know God's real name. And I always knew he was an elementary schooler. Just look at this universe! Hopefully, the next one will be better.

  82. Charles Burdine says:

    Very good, touching even. However, I wish the punch line had been shown at the end instead of the beginning. Once you see that statement you know what the animation is going to be. That animation is incredible though.

  83. GM Vid says:

    This civilization the Kardashev scale-5 type civilization

  84. Cyber23Analyzer579 says:

    I don't understand why we have to invent all these crazy stories if God Jehova simply tells us in the Bible that he created the universe.

  85. Randy Mitchell says:

    Based upon the disproven theory of evolution….oh, it was a comedy!

  86. Staring at the Black Sun Trying to SEE THE LIGHT says:

    As Lufo turns away he should have said, "Good luck. You're gonna need it."

  87. Kim in Alaska says:

  88. El Mundo de Mondo says:

    Es un hermoso sueño

  89. Jacob David Cunningham says:

    2:05 heh even alien parents nag

  90. GuyInARoom says:

    Thanks Lufo!

  91. carlos cardoso uchia says:

    oh wow…

  92. sewalldk says:

    Knew it. Universe creating pixies.

  93. Boston Galden says:

    This was beautiful. Awesome creation.

  94. Quandary121 says:

    B/s evolution is a lie

  95. Inspctr Gdgt says:

    So, a film about gods making the universe, then evolution follows? Can’t have your cake and eat it too, atheists…

  96. Bonnie Hanson says:

    The graphics!…..wonderful!!

  97. Alijon Kurbanov says:

    Zen,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  98. JabberCT says:

    Amazing! Loved it!

  99. tinydough says:

    And that kids.. is how earth came to be.

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