Ms. Marvel Faces Off Against Loki | Marvel Rising Ultimate Comic: Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel Faces Off Against Loki | Marvel Rising Ultimate Comic: Ms. Marvel

[Ms. Marvel]
Mmm, I’ve been
dreaming of this all day! And I have just enough time
to devour it and get home before curfew,
if I eat fast. Which has never been a problem. Hands in the air,
and nobody gets hurt! -Ahh!
-Gimme the cash, old man. Not so fast, masked fiend! [laughs] Like you’re
gonna do anything, little girl? Putting on a mask
and having giant ugly hands doesn’t make you
a super hero, kid. There’s no reason
to call my hands names. They haven’t done anything
to you… yet! [grunting] [laughs] Ya missed! Did I, though? [grunts, groans] This ought to hold ’em
until the cops get here, sir. [Ms. Marvel]
Aah! Sandwich! Nooo! Oh, no! I am way late! [snoring] [gasps] Kamala, wake up!
You are going to be late! Hey, and don’t think
I didn’t notice you breaking curfew
last night, eh? Wha-who-where-how?! OK, OK, I’m going, Ammi. Not so much pushing. Beti, you need
to get more sleep. Your studies must come first! Don’t make me ground you
from the fan fictions, too. Wait. Writing them
or reading them? [both]
Both! Yikes. That is serious. Hey, Kamala!
You running late, too? Gimme a break, Bruno! All I hear
are complaints today. Wow! I guess someone woke up
on the wrong side of the bed. Sorry, sorry. But yeah! I mean, someone
got almost no sleep, got yelled at
for missing curfew, got threatened with grounding, and had to watch
a perfectly delicious sandwich fall on the floor last night while saving the world
from evildoers. Ugh, things are not the best. I don’t even know
what day it is. I can at least help you out
with the day of the week. It’s Friday!
And, more importantly, field trip day! [sighs] So much for
taking a nap in homeroom. Wow! This thing is rad! Cool! Asgardian engravings! [gasps] I wonder
what they say! [people panicking] Run! Run! Huh? Oh no! -[people screaming]
-Loki! [Loki] Yes, yes.
Run away, little humans. I’ve no interest in you today. Well, not yet.
First, I’ve come to see about a very special
magic glove. Perhaps one of you
could be so kind as to direct me
to where you keep your Asgardian artifacts? This would be silver and gold with fine engravings
along the edges. A glove fit for a King! [Kamala]
Oh, no! -[people screaming]
-[Loki] Yes, Yes. Run, little human lemmings. But have any of you,
by chance, seen my glove? OK, so it’s not actually
my glove, but if I put it on,
I’ll be able to wield Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir,
so who will contest me then? Bruno, get out of here, and take as many people
with you as you can. [grunts, panting] [shudders]
Sorry for the accommodations, fancy glove,
but it’s for the best. [Loki]
Well, if you won’t
take me to it, I suppose I can find
another way. Perhaps bringing it to me! [Ms. Marvel]
Huh? Eep! Uh– I– I’m gonna have
to ask you to return that glove and leave the museum
immediately, Loki. Why, hello, puny masked human. What a strange large hand
you have. For the last time,
hand over the glove! Hmm. Pass! [grunts, groans] It is good that you are now
on your knees, small one. That is a proper
show of respect. [Thor] None here desire
to pay respect to thou, Loki! Thor! Yes! Leave this place in peace,
or answer to me! Not today, brother.
And thank you for saving me the trouble
of looking for Mjolnir by bringing it right to me. With the power of Járngreipr, I’m going to take it
right out of your hand. That day will never come! [grunts] Hmm. Counterpoint.
That day is today! Wha–? If I can’t keep him
from the glove, I’ll just have to keep him
from the hammer! -Mr. God of Thunder?
-[Thor grunts] In case we don’t survive,
I have to tell you, you’re in my top five
favorite heroes -of all time!
-[questioning grunt] [Loki]
You think you can outrun -a magical being? Silly girl.
-Aah! I may not be able
to pick up Mjolnir myself, but I can pick up Thor! Uh, I have an idea, sir,
but I apologize in advance. -Hm?
-For using you as a bat! [Loki grunting, groaning] Uh, so, I guess I’ll just
put you down now, Mr. God of Thunder, sir. A giant hand fitting
for a giant hero. What is thy name? Ms. Marvel. Aye. A Marvel indeed! Forgive my haste,
but I must deal with mine troublesome brother
before he regains his senses. N-no problem! I will also be
returning Járngreipr to Asgard, where it belongs. Um, the museum people
might have a problem with that? I will offer them
a worthy exchange. Ah! Perhaps something
w-with mine signature. People of Midgard
love the signature of Thor. Before I depart, I must ask– I am only in thy top five? Totally top three now! Aye. Much better! Bruno, he smelled like
lavender and justice. That’s great,
but you’ve still got a field trip to get back to. Where are your regular clothes? [gulps] You’re sitting
by yourself on the bus ride back.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Ms. Marvel Faces Off Against Loki | Marvel Rising Ultimate Comic: Ms. Marvel

  1. DirtyDab Machine says:

    The animation is annoying. The slide show like movement is annoying to watch

  2. George Gilles says:

    I'm not crazy about the way it looks. Is it me the characters don't even move only their lips do.

  3. Michael Brent says:

    The only characters I wanna see get a cartoons Series are the squadron supreme, the Sentry, Moon Knight,Power Pack,Daredevil and The Exiles!

  4. ztslovebird says:

    It’s a shame that sandwich guy didn’t comp her with a free replacement sandwich.

  5. Arsenio Johnson Rulez says:

    Add Peter ParkerSpider-Man

  6. rodney adams says:

    that is great idea. i wish i would thought that for comic. i wonder if any human puts glove on that allow them pick hammer and have all thor powers.

  7. David Padilla says:

    I wish there another Short film where Spider Gwen faces shevenom and scream I want a girls fight!

  8. m2nds says:

    "Well hello puny masked human. What a strange large hand you have." LOL

  9. Awesome Person says:

    Cartoon voiced Ms.Marvel
    Cartoon Travis Willingham Thor
    Not Troy Baker Loki
    and a gold glove that looks similar to a certain gauntlet

  10. Paul Robles says:

    “I am only in thine Top 5?!”
    “Totally Top 3 now.”
    “Ahh. Much better!”

    Props to Kamala for using Thor as a bat. 😁

  11. Benjamin Daigneault says:

    This is a boring

  12. FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More. says:

    Haha now that was a unique team up, and battle too, haha so cool, looking forward to seeing more, wonder what the next team up can be, maybe ghost spider cross webs with Spider-Man (Peter or miles) patriate teaming with winter solider, quake showing potential with hulk! Ohh squirt girl journey side to the hunting hero black panther, that’s a unique one.

  13. Dax says:

    1:54 SHAGGY?!?!??

  14. Secret X says:

    My Top 3 favorite marvel characters
    1. Venom (Eddie Brock)
    2. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
    3. Iron Man

  15. xanderman1201 says:

    Travis Willingham is the best.

  16. Imran Aslam says:

    I thought she is a Pakistani-American, but her parents accent was Indian. Pakistanis have got different way of pronouncing which is affected by our mother tongues for example a Punjabi-Pakistani would sound totally different than a Pathan-Pakistani. If she's KHAN then her parents should've a hint of Pakhtoon accent. 🙂

  17. snakes3425 says:

    Nagging Parents….a universal concept

  18. Esai Gomez says:

    Where's where's the X-Men or fantastic four or Young avengers and more

  19. ummi Maliha Aleza says:


  20. Marvin Banihit1227 says:

    1:06 that's a burrito not a sandwich.

  21. SHINJAN BASAK says:

    Why does the masked man look like Spider-man noir?

  22. Gucci Girl says:

    No hating but, there wasn’t even really much of a fight seen.

  23. Zane Johnson says:

    The writing is so cringy

  24. Daniel Mackey says:

    Another gem from my favorite Marvel. You rule, Kamala!!

  25. Ben Wasserman says:

    Wow, this animation could use a dozen tune ups. Still, great to see Kamala in more Marvel products

  26. Adnan Kabir says:

    Kamala deserves a proper cartoon show.

  27. Bisexual Bitch says:

    Eww Loki's voice I think I'll to Hiddleston (it's not that bad but I love Hiddleston's voice way more)

  28. la otaku de la familia says:

    Denle novia a Loki para que se le quite lo amargado

  29. la otaku de la familia says:

    Extraño a loki

  30. my Custom Heroes says:

    Ms Marvel we need u in the MCU…. Cool character

  31. PrincessCadence2012 says:

    did they get Tommy to do the voice? it dosent sound like him.

  32. TheNewRobin19 says:

    I love reading Ms. Marvel last Summer it was a great read

  33. caronte2588 says:

    When her sandwich fell off, I thought of Amethyst from Steven Universe when she says "NOOOO! MI TORTAAAA!"

  34. Mrjlee93 says:

    If you can't pick up the hammer, use thor to swing the hammer

  35. discord1805 says:

    Loki sounds like starscream

  36. wdcain1 says:

    Question: Does Kamala have her own rogues gallery? I remember she has a pigeon scientist for an enemy but I haven't read her comic in years.

  37. Ninja StrongHeart says:

    If we can get these characters to interact I hope we can get Ghost Spider with X-23 or Venom interact with her to create Gwenom.

  38. bashenga the black manta says:

    Men imagine if they do a captain marvel spin off movie focus on Missmarvel,this movie would be contreversal and people in america would want to boycotte becaus it featur a muslim and people would say its propaganda blahblah

  39. Marvel/DC Woman says:


  40. Jake Bryant says:

    Funny since in the comics her and loki are somewhat besties

  41. Shabih-ul-Hassan Raza says:

    life is good

  42. FrickFrack says:

    This isn’t the ultimate comics where is the cannibalism

  43. Really Random says:

    Stark tower field trip trope?

  44. Dejon Hadley says:

    This is the definition of cringe 😂

  45. Astro Punch says:

    So Loki cane out all this way for a glove?
    C’mon Loki! You can do better!

  46. Annie Tesla says:

    Only watched this because of Loki 💗💕❤️

  47. Eugene Godzilla says:

    Giant hand

  48. Daniel Arroyo says:

    3:28 oh I don't know maybe Odin, I mean if he was able to banished Thor to our world can't he do the same to you.

  49. 김수광 says:

    Loki Laufeyson is my favorite villain or Anti – Hero or Dark Hero

  50. FENRIR-ART says:

    Been 7 years since Avengers and Loki from Marvel is still a weak pathetic excuse that makes a hunter god from Justice League more challenging.

  51. Avengers says:

    Tom is better as Loki

  52. jordan stevens says:

    ms Marvel is so hot especially with those huge hands of her which makes her more pretty i might have once had a crush on her love her😍❤❤❤❤❤

  53. 王昕臨 says:

    Thor :I'm god of thunder

  54. William SMITH says:


  55. twistedyogert says:

    Sandvich make me strong!

  56. Jin_yao Wong says:

    Wonder Girl and Shazam vs Black Adam

  57. Selim Tuncel says:


  58. Das Nordkönig-Bergentrückung says:

    I saw Loki and clicked on this right away

  59. Pilar Cuervo says:


  60. Pumpkin Gears says:

    Hmmmmm….. fanfictions… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  61. Ranudi Vonara says:

    It's simple…I see Loki, I immediately click with no second thought.

  62. Jill Maier says:


  63. Thundrstroke says:

    Wait why doesn't bruno have an Italian/Jersey accent

  64. Zaxlon167 says:

    She didn’t say embiggen even once! That’s like doing a whole Thing short without him saying “It’s clobbering time!”

  65. Lannim Beige says:

    Only reason I clicked

  66. Cody Hines says:

    2:17 Kamala: Pleeease let this be a normal field trip.
    Everyone else: In Jersey? NO WAY!
    Kamala: Awwww

  67. Red Genisis says:

    The voice acting in this is best when it's only grunting , i dunno why

  68. Lachlan Hawkins says:

    this kamala outfit is so much better than the sleeveless one. more colour, makes her hands and scarf stand out more. just tastefully bringing out thr captain marvel colours that she's inspired from

  69. alaster boneman says:

    Ok after seeing Kalamala use Thor as a bat to beat Loki up, I can see why people seem to like her so much. I read her first volume recently and I wasn't to impresses it wasn't bad just kind of average. But after today's showing I might give her another chance

  70. riksalps tv says:

    Loki is cool

  71. Ivy Gabriel De Leon says:

    I am simple.

    I see Loki,
    I click.

  72. Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats says:

    Loki's dialogue is so weird

  73. Я живой Человек says:

    Oh… Poor Loki… Why this annoying boring heroes just can't let him rule all world!?

  74. CrowTR0bot says:

    Is it just me, or does Kamala's boyfriend(?) sound like KaiserNeko as Abridged Trunks?

  75. Obsessed Wit Loki Laufeyson says:

    I only came here to see Loki

  76. Reed Fess says:

    Me watching this at 2 AM:

  77. DeltaXDXGames says:

    I missed Loki 😢😢

  78. Maryam Sahibzada says:

    To be honest, since Kamala is a Muslim, I'm a Muslim too, I'm just like her, i bet she's Pakistani just like i am Pakistani. Let's say that she's one of my Favorite Marvel Heroes.

  79. KarateWolf27 says:

    honestly if i was banned from fanfics i would be extremely sad

  80. Live Action Man says:

    that's so funny she use Thor as a baseball bat and wack Loki with him.

  81. Niki Allen says:


  82. Fierce Clash Gaming says:

    My 3rd favourite teen hero and my 3rd favourite antihero in one show……

  83. Lucifer Morningstar says:

    She is so cute♡

  84. Moana of Motunui says:

    i love this!

  85. Ack says:

    He’s just floating around while looking for something

    sounds legit

  86. Yngvar Følling says:

    For me, it's seeing Kamala Khan that makes me click.

    I do appreciate her based on one writer in particular, though, and I'm concerned about whether other writers will handle her well. This cartoon? OK. Not bad.

    Incidentally, she met Loki in her own comic, and they actually got along fine.

  87. jhope is my sunshine says:

    i loved the ms marvel comics, i used to read em everyday!

  88. Sean Wheeler says:

    I'm surprised Thor didn't think of Carol when Kamala introduced herself.

  89. Danika Love says:

    You’ll thank me later

  90. twistedyogert says:

    Why is that robber attacking with a cordless vacuum cleaner? Is a .44 magnum not kid-friendly enough?

  91. Sebastian Acevedo says:

    Not the sandwich!

  92. CobraChicken says:


  93. 『 chris hemsworth's arse 』 says:

    Who else was rooting for LOKI?

  94. Two dogs and a cat says:

    Okay but why is he just levitating?

  95. SL33PYMYST3RY ? says:

    Looks like a black mini deadpool 0:21

  96. Monkey Frog7 says:


  97. Emma Strutton says:

    Can someone please tell me who voiced Loki?

  98. Nolan Perez says:

    "Good that you are now on your knees, small one" nope dont like that line 😂

  99. Ryan haque says:

    Loki: know bring me back to life

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