Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | John the superhero | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | John the superhero | Wow Kidz

Hey, this is my new invention, super hero suite. I have made this especially for my army people. After wearing this, army people can fly away in the sky and finish the enemies and come back, simple. Wow big brother!! This is a beautiful creation. Hi friends, meet the new super hero don. Dr Jhatka, thank you very much for the suit. Its super hero’s job to save the people, Don of Dons, super hero of super hero. I will save you don’t worry, bye bye. John is running away with the suite. Catch him!! Catch him!! What are you doing? You are saving us or throwing us down? I am saving you. Dr Jhatka, this is a big problem, John might misuse the super suit. Mummy look, super hero, he is here to help us. Super hero don is here to help you. My car has punctured, I forgot to get the jack, I don’t know what to do? Fix the puncture, change the tyre. Thank you very much. Yes, you are most welcome. My diamond necklace!! Where is it gone? My watch, my gold ring, such a big fee that thief has taken for his help. Chingam sir, one super hero came and robbed us, please do something. Why fear when Chingam is here. I will see who this super hero is, who has robed you. I am a super hero, then I have to put down other super heroes, it would be fun. Chingam sir one bus is stuck, please come soon, bring Motu Patlu along with you. You can’t help without them, bus is half hanging on the cliff, come soon. Help!!! Don’t worry, we will just come and help you. Hey, who is he? One and only person has arrived. Don of Don’s, super hero of super heroes, super hero don is here to help. Super hero, we want a photo with you. Yes, why not? Bye bye. Hey, my wallet? My wallet? My watch. Where is my chain? Chingam Sir Help! That super hero has robed us. Oh my god!! Somebody had called and told me about super hero. That he comes, robs and goes away, this is John, what should we do? It’s very important to catch John and this time we will catch him. Yes, we have to catch him, he robed all in front of me, I will not leave him. Chingam sir truck is stuck, come fast please. Don’t worry, we will just remove the truck. Hey, he ran away with my gold chain and bracelet. John this time you cannot escape, we have come fully prepared to catch you. Ok, lets see. John!! We will not spare you!! First, see your self. This idea failed. Yes Patlu, I can’t think on empty stomach, do something. Motu Patlu come fast, John has called. Idea! This time even we will go flying in Dr Jhatka’s flying car. Ok! John the don super hero!! Your car is going little slow, I will give it a little push. John what are you doing? Now what should we do big brother? Super hero flies even faster than flying car. So what? I have similar kind of two more super hero suits. You both can wear it and fly as fast as him and then you can catch him easily. Super hero suits and that too two of them. Why didn’t you tell us earlier, that you have super hero suits? We were unnecessarily wearing flying helmet and getting ourselves beaten up. This is cheating, two after one. You were robbing people, that is not cheating? Now tell us, what we should do with you? Leave me, let me go, I am sorry, leave me. Wow John!! What a poetry you have recited!! Forget about the poetry, leave me. Yes, I will leave you in just the way you left us, right? No!! Don’t leave me. Boss what are you doing? Are you playing some game with Motu Patlu? Super heroes will come and beat don up. Wow boss! What a poem!! Forget about the poem, catch the van and run from here.

David Anderson

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  1. Ranjit Singh says:

    motu pa

  2. ইসলামিক কথা says:

    so so so so so so so GOOD…… so good so good..

  3. Kamran Khan says:

    very nice jhon di don

  4. Falak Naz says:

    Yeh bedan yeh lahoo

  5. Ayaan Nawaz says:

    I like it

  6. Sokrin Koirala says:

    Please apload new videos of motu patlu. I like this show.

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    yysseeer v

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    ha ha ha haaaa

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    my name is hamdan motu patlu cartoon is very nice i like it

  12. Hamdan Attar says:

    my name is hamdan motu patlu cartoon is very nice i like it

  13. afaq ahmed says:

    motu patlu is very best cartoon I like it so much

  14. Ahsan Rizwan says:

    jdjcn:-$ :'( 🗼😊B-) 🗼🐑🐈🐩🗼B-)

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    nice cartons

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    Ali Alirabani

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    I am a wow kid 🙂

  23. Avay Dhungel says:

    Jhon is a super villain not a superhero

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    this is the first episode that Jon have helped

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    I like this

  29. Vijay Nepo says:

    jhon ka get up ha ha ha ba superhero

  30. muhammad waseem says:

    i love john

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    i love Motu patlu

  32. Mr. Creator says:

    POST VIA – plau(.tk)

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    mere baba ki chi hawalie

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    i like

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    Very nice episode

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    Nice kabita

  48. Ahsan Mushtaq says:

    Rana Ahsan

  49. منصور Muhammad Mansoor. Muhammad says:

    motu hero

  50. irshad mustafa says:

    Non mi i

  51. Yasir Mahmood says:

    Good cartoons

  52. Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron says:

    They never got the stolen items back though

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    Yai dr jatka ki car 🚗 bar bar bar bar kaise teek hoti hai

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    khaleel khan

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    I like motu patlu

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    I Love Motu Patlu And My First 🤗

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    Motu patlu good farind

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    Ha ha ha 😁😂😁 हा हा हा

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  64. ravish toxii says:

    Motu pathu always help …..

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    keya bat hy Motu Patlu ki v good

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    [email protected]

  69. Mariyum Khan says:

    nice motu

  70. cutie pie says:

    My cutest little sister like motu Patlu 😍😍

  71. Ramay Ramay says:

    Motu patlu cartoon is very very nice

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    Mirza Rehan

  74. Sana Lusia says:

    Nice episode

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    great video

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    This bus is gohn

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    Very nice

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    Kbi John ko bi hero bna do

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    Hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa very funny motu paltu

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    itna haq tu banta he

  88. Mohammad Azam says:

    v nice

  89. Afshan Sajid says:

    So cute jon

  90. Rayenav Narayan says:

    I like motu patlu I would like to meet them in real life

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  92. zain khokhar says:

    Nice 😄😃😐😐

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    Superhero 🦸‍♀️ don is awesome 👏

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    Nice cartoon

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