Monkey Business 🐵| Doc McStuffins Ultimate Safari | Disney Junior

Monkey Business 🐵| Doc McStuffins Ultimate Safari | Disney Junior

“Monkey Business!”
OK, camera’s ready to roll! So is the sound! This is gonna be
the best part of the movie! Huh? Hey, cool! -Who are you?
-I’m Stuffy. I’m kind of the expert
around here, so anything you want to know
about making movies, you can ask me! What’s this thing? And this? And this?
And this? Be careful, little guy! We need all this equipment
to make our movie! Oh, sorry! Heh.
Can’t let you play with this. Aw, man! Well, it’s a really important
piece of movie-making stuff. It’s called a walkie talkie.What’s your name, friend?I’m Cosmo, and that
is super cool! How does your voice
come out of there? What’s this? [giggling] Cosmo, that’s our camera!
Uhh– oh! Unh! We need it to film our movie. Super-mega-cool!
Let me try! -Come on, pal. Give that back.
-Ahh-ha-ha! [Wildlife Will]
Look at that little critter go! -Say “banana”!
-Hippo’s got it! -Unh! Whoo! Ohh! [sighs]
-[Cosmo giggling] [giggles] Trade you a cuddle
for the camera! -Huh?
-[Cosmo] Nice try! -Whaa-ho!
-Come here, ya little rascal! Whoo-hoo! Super cool! I don’t think he’ll ever stop. He likes that camera better than a caterpillar
likes cotton candy. We just have to find something Cosmo might like
better than the camera Ooh! I know something
he really wanted to play with. Stuffy to Cosmo!Ten-four, good buddy!Stuffy, is that you? I can hear your voice
coming through this thing! -[Stuffy] Got it!
-[everyone cheering] Hey, Cosmo, can you show me
how you get those camera shots while you’re swinging
through the trees?I think it would be
in our movie!
-You do?! I’ll show you!
Come on!
This is the most exciting shot
I’ve ever gotten! Thanks, Cosmo! Whoo-hoo! Super cool!

David Anderson

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