Moana Flash Games Feat: Gumball Foot Doctor- Rev [Vinesauce]

Moana Flash Games Feat: Gumball Foot Doctor- Rev [Vinesauce]

Let’s try this. “Gumball Foot Do-“… wow. I wasn’t expecting his face to be that fucked up. I mean, this is a good start… …to uh, a horrifying thing. Yeah, look at the nails in his foot! How wonderful. [Minion yell] [another Minion yell] Oh god, the scream makes it worse. The screaming, just the constant screaming. Can we clean up the blood? We gotta make LOTSA SPAGHETTI! Wow, it’s actually going to let me do whatever the hell I want! Holy shit, I dunno what to do with all this power. I am not a child appropriate streamer. It’s snow. Just… just so you know. And as you can tell, this is from a high budget website as they are using… the most… …dull and boring shade of grey possible. I’m gonna go with slate. That is the color of concrete. I like these guys at the bottom. Who- who the fuck are these people? It’s not really educational in any sort of way… There are just sorta letters… You have to identify what a letter looks like. There, ah, there’s an “a” on his tit. Of course there is. Tha- that- that’s an emote right there. That face. I feel like a child screaming over Dora. I mean, that is the – “Can you find the B?” “Do you see the B?” Where’s the B? Where the fuck is it? “Where the fuck is the B?” “Do you see it?” “Do you know what word starts with B?” “BITCH!” “Hello everybody, guess what?” “Today we are going to meet a celebrity” “and do you know who it’s going to be?” “Awesome, you’re right.” “I S none OTHIM than Mo-an!” “Moana has come to Cosmetic surgery.” “Sh needs someone to do the treatment for hi” “Will you be able to help HIM?” “Great! COM… on, let’s start the surgery” Does she have, just, a humongous neck scar? What is THIS? I’m sorry, who slit her fucking neck?! Who’s trying to give her a Columbian necktie? Why is that a thing a Disney princess has to worry about? What the fuck even is this? I think I might keep the hair the way it is. I like the uh, the pink hair… …’cause it looks nothing like the original character. “Moana Princess Makeover”. She’s surprisingly whiter than I remember. There we go, good. “Mo.” “Elsa and Moana Popularity Challenge”. “Everybody loves her, and she is a true star amongst her peers…” “…but her status is being really put to the test…” “…now that Moana has arrived at Fairytale College as an exchange student.” Wow, this is some deep fucking lore! I like this one. This one’s kinda creepy! [Rev laughing] Oh, this game is a fucking gem. Oh, it’s Pusheen cat! Why the fuck not? I like Pusheen cat. Just gonna put a lot of those in. ‘Cause I like… [laughter] … and then Gollum! I’m gonna have one right down here that’s kinda, like, hidden ’cause it’s so tiny. [laughter] Yeah, there you go, okay! Go- go ahead and… let’s start a Twitter hashtag. #gollumarmy There you go. We’re gonna see if it’s a… a thing where it’s just the number of Gollums that you have… …if that’s how you determine the winner. It’s a mathematically proven formula to getting popular. On… on Instagram… …the number of Gollums. I think it’s gonna go to one Gollum. It’s the same filter, but one Gollum is significantly better than two. You’d think two Gollum… but no! No, my friend. One Gollum. Every square inch of this is going to be Gollum… …excluding where her face is. We gotta have her… weird looking face… shine through the Gollums. Let’s see if maximum Gollum will do it. Well, the next step to becoming popular is to have a man in your life… Because that makes… sense. I wonder who they’re shipping Moana with, holy shit. I mean, there’s not someone like Jack Frost for her. Who’s her romantic date? Does she even have one? That’s okay, we can make an imaginary date for her. Her date is Gollum. “Could you help me choose an outfit for the journey?” Well, shit! Yes, we will! ‘Cause how could we do anything unless if we gave you the right outfit for that journey(!) “Spongebob Esophagus Doctor”! …Great. This doesn’t feel awkward. Where is his nose? Let’s give him a stomach pump… …’cause that’s what every kid wants. Oh, my! If you are queasy, I’m about to pull a knife into Spongebob’s neck so, y’know… That’s about to happen. YUP! [Slowed down, distorted version of The Amazing World of Gumball theme plays in the background]

David Anderson

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