During the Mitotic Phase, a cell will undergo Mitosis to form 2 new nuclei, And then divide to form 2 new individual cells during “Cytokinesis”. Mitosis is the process of dividing the duplicated DNA of a cell into two new nuclei. Mitosis is split into distinct stages. The first stage is “Prophase”. The DNA condenses, organizes, and the classic chromosome structure appears. Next, comes “Prometaphase”, where microtubules attach to the chromosomes. This step is followed by “Metaphase”, where the chromosomes align. Metaphase is followed by “Anaphase”, where the chromosomes separate. Finally during “Telophase”, nuclear membranes re-apear around the two sets of chromosomes. Mitosis is now complete. After mitosis 2 new cells are formed by a process called “cytokinesis”. Mitosis is only one part of what is called the cell cycle. For many eukaryotic cells a cell is duplicated every 24 hours. Most of the life of a cell is spent in “Interphase”. Interphase consists of 3 stages, called; G1, S and G2. G1 or Gap 1, is the first growth stage of Interphase. In G1, the cell grows to nearly it’s full size, And performs many of it’s specific biochemical functions that aid the organism. Next, is the S or Synthesis Phase. This is an important stage, because it is during the S phase that the DNA in the nucleus is replicated. The cell next enters another growth stage called G2 or Gap 2. It is during G2 that the cell finishes growing. Once the cell has duplicated DNA in the nucleus and 2 centrosomes have appeared in the cytoplasm, Mitosis can begin. For a typical eukaryotic cell this will last about 80 minutes. During the 1st stage of mitosis, called “Prophase”. We first see the classic chromosome structure. This occurs through a condensation process. At the same time, protein strands called the “Microtubules” appear from the centrosomes in animals. Finally, the structure found within the nucleus, the “Nucleolus” disappears.

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