Missing Halloween

Missing Halloween

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Missing Halloween

  1. Nikia: A Guerreira Do Poder Divino says:


  2. Nikia: A Guerreira Do Poder Divino says:

    Só vim pelo assistindo,_,

  3. екатерина игоревна says:

    Блин жаль очень очень жаль ки жалкий мультфильм

  4. екатерина игоревна says:

    Watching Rall Rall car mileage

  5. Rapk games_YT says:

    Es lo mejor que e visto
    Re triste
    Es linda la historia
    Super sad
    A me dio tristeza a
    Doro la amimaci
    Como la hicis
    Al niñito sólo quería un amiga a
    Donde a bra encontrado a la niña
    O pobre niña

    Ahora lee las iniciales v:

  6. Alantrollpro13 says:

    Queda mejor con la de suicide boys

  7. Toon Link says:

    I dont know why but this art style kinda reminds me of Amazing World or Gumball…

    and look where that took me…

  8. ~Ω~ says:

    Vrga ya sabía qué pex antes del tetrico final

  9. Temina Off says:

    :'< 💔

  10. francis craft sanchez says:

    Ma Cho que gran historia

  11. КиРкА ?¿?¿ says:

    Боже это было очень крипого

  12. master super says:

    Uno de los pocos comentarios españoles xd

  13. Claudia Patricia irala says:

    Es ermoso 😍😍😍😍💜

  14. Claudia Patricia irala says:

    Es muy triste 😓

  15. Sandar Morales says:


  16. Rafinha fofa says:


  17. angelito10 homs says:

    No entendi ni verga

  18. Gamey Gaming says:

    When they said: “ “

    I totally felt that 🥺🥺🥺

  19. POCEIDON YT says:

    No se lo que disen pero mienten

  20. Persis Law says:


  21. Arta Harta says:

    omg i wanted more this melted my heart :((((((((

  22. Cry Baby says:

    Estoy llorando.

  23. •la morgue :v• says:


  24. Ева Кострецова says:


  25. Beliby y el Zorro says:

    Yo ya he pillado la historia 😭😭😭

  26. Fox kookie says:


  27. Deyler Suquino says:

    wow the estory end cripi

  28. Devin Contreras says:


  29. gaming lover anime says:

    Too sad but that mom hot

  30. Lan Đặng says:

    So sad…

  31. Rollito Alberto says:

    This video need a second part

  32. Jayden Abalos says:

    Why was this kinda deep tho

  33. guylaine gosselin says:


  34. Kobe Tiu says:

    08:15 MISSING Last Seen: Behind a Glass Wall

  35. Jichuuu _Pasta says:


  36. Fabi :3 says:

    Continuación plis

  37. sayuri novali says:

    Owww boy is cute …..

  38. Emilio Edu 92 says:

    A la vez me dió tristeza y miedo :v

  39. Chang Ethan says:

    Others:”Your friend is not real”.

    Me: legit just injured him with the pumpkin bag

  40. No es necesario saber quienes somos says:

    Los demás hablan ingles pero la tuya porsiacaso :V

  41. Tomatinsky says:

    Bruh moment.

  42. Жасмин Хакназарова says:

    Я одна нифига не поняла?(╥_╥)

  43. Gray Knight says:

    This ia fantastick

  44. Really Morales says:

    I ship it

  45. Logan Ferrales says:


  46. Nguyễn sơn says:

    Cái này tui cứ coi đi coi lại :((

  47. dwayne cyrus andes says:

    I'm crying

  48. Mhizzy Agustin says:

    Im scared and crying you know what dat means beacuse i like this show

  49. Голубиный завтрак says:

    I don't know

  50. Shielo looong says:


  51. SYMOX MENT says:

    I'm just shocked 😱😱😱😱 what was it imagination or ghost!!!!

  52. Ninjed YT says:

    I want a part 2 plz

  53. shi chii says:

    in the flashback the boy was beaten up and he saw this girl and gave him a candy that says "you found me" then it went back to the present where the boy was with the girl having fun but then he was diagnosed with having imaginary friend, i think the flashback is when the girl isn't dead yet and after that last Halloween she died.

  54. ლYunno Yuyakyღ says:

    How cute

  55. Vulpix Tube says:

    The girl that the boy friend is a ghost that who’s missing

  56. Flaming Jay PLAYZ says:

    I guess this was to cover the hentai he makes!

  57. Galaxy Games Games says:

    Кмх я один от мустери форс? I'm from Russia,

  58. 『큐티뽀작』 ミ연애편지 says:

    왕자림이랑 공주영같다

  59. Afifah Putriym says:

    That soo perfect. I like that😢😢

  60. David Maer says:

    This was cute and a little dark

  61. Angel gacha says:

    When I first watched this I thought they would be a cute couple

  62. Angel gacha says:

    I watched this in 2015

  63. Heaven Stringer says:

    I still remember when I watched this 2 years ago and by far this is the best animated short that have ever watched. It’s now become a habit to watch it every Halloween.

  64. Nobu AlterEgo says:


  65. game GH 2009 says:


  66. Mustova Desu says:

    wow, masterpiece..

  67. gacha_me _cookie says:

    Make part two please

  68. Bells Morales says:

    So cute then so dark

  69. Robert Wojciechowski says:

    I knew it! as soon as i saw 'imaginary friend' i knew they were a ghost!

  70. Mari M says:


  71. Da QUEEN says:

    This is so cute but sad in the same way!

    I love it!

  72. Zavion mathis says:

    Mom: yay we found him
    Detective: omg shes dead

  73. Zynes Lanuza says:

    A sad story at the same time its creepy

  74. Meral Türkel says:

    Erster deutscher kommentar

  75. Jose Jimenez says:

    La vida es muy sad

  76. Rqel Acuña says:

    alguien me explica que es lo que ocurrio en si despues de que cruzaban por la reja que decia Danger xd? que pso con la niña

  77. Pessoa Invisível says:

    i'm don't criying…………. i am don't

  78. Marycarmen Reyes Reyes says:


  79. ただ間違いJust says:

    What drawing is this?

  80. *Mαɾια* *Gαƈԋα* says:

    Waw ❤❤❤❤❤ it's really good and sad ❤❤❤❤❤

  81. Lourdes Alfonso says:


  82. Hewerton Medeiros says:

    1- Aqui o comentário Br que você buscava
    2- Eu tava querendo achar esse vídeo tem uns dois anos já, dessa vez o youtube mandou bem nos recomendados

  83. R Shin says:

    I think this is not emotional :v it's creepy

  84. Espartan 2005 says:

    Estos tipos de vídeos que tienen un descubrimiento siempre, pero siempre me impactan como no tienes idea

    Like si tú también

    Y también like si eres mexicano y estás leyendo estos comentarios encontrando otro como el mio

  85. saka 。 says:

    Que lindo

  86. breno Borges says:

    Porque e tão triste porque

  87. TUYOU 12 says:

    Me recuerda a LIMBO

  88. El Paisanilolvd says:


  89. daniela casi pro says:

    This is…

  90. El Woody says:

    This video is a second part of the video "Amy"

  91. 1k subscribers with no videos says:

    Aww :^(

  92. Kalei Ampudia says:


  93. School girls simulator Is fun PSVR says:

    How did the girl died I’m just wondering how

  94. Thanh Danh Hồ says:


  95. hara mathlia ghaca says:

    6 nov 2019?

  96. необычная вечеринка с друзьями says:

    this so sad

  97. Canções Da L says:

    Mds que medo…N quero maia ver ano q vem esse canal n kkkkk

    Hello Brs

  98. OguzhanGP says:

    At least the boy was found! 2019?

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