Miraculous Ladybug [Comic Dub] – Heaven | PHANTOMSAVAGE

Miraculous Ladybug [Comic Dub] – Heaven | PHANTOMSAVAGE

Ugh… my head.. .. where am I? Heaven. Huh… … Never thought you’d be here.

David Anderson

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91 thoughts on “Miraculous Ladybug [Comic Dub] – Heaven | PHANTOMSAVAGE

  1. Izzy Rocca says:


  2. Sofy Italian Gacha says:


  3. Emma Ramirez says:

    wig honestly

  4. LizzyxLife says:

    Hehe 🙃

  5. teddy lover says:

    Yay another lb comic

  6. Jazzy animates 2O says:

    Chat has left the chat

  7. Miraculous Fan says:

    Haha 😂😂😂👌🏻

  8. Messy Lineart says:

    Wow ladybug, one way to shatter his ego….

  9. Brøñżę UwU says:

    oof, well ik Chat wasnt the best saint but thats harsh :V

  10. Monika Maks says:

    Yeah, Chat… No one likes you…

    (Just kidding. I love him)

  11. Juan manuel Moncada felix says:

    Me encanto gracias

  12. Soulless Dreams says:

    Me: sees new video notif

    Me: sorry game but your just gonna have to wait

  13. HeE hEe says:

    Can we talk about the fact that ladybug is such a mood?😭😂

  14. Asaour-chan Aladdin says:

    Lol funny love your videos they make my day 1000 times better!!❤️❤️😁

  15. antibug says:

    Chat always trying

  16. Holy Shit says:

    Adrien: Cinnamonroll

    Chat Noir: SINnamonroll

    God & the Devil: confused af

  17. mia g says:

    Never thought you would be there
    Me: ladybug is such a mood😂😂

  18. i had this in my folder so i used it as my pfp says:


  19. Grace Rivera says:

    Ladybug: Uh where am I
    Chat Noir: Heaven😘
    Ladybug: 😑 never thought you'd be here
    Me: Wow 😂😂😂

  20. skylar peeples says:

    Uh 😒 never thought you'd be here 🐱

  21. Potato girl Time says:

    I’ve been feline pretty crappy, but this purr-cted me right up

  22. Carolina'sComiCs c says:

    Lol me with all guys🙄🙄🙄like noo

  23. Marbellyn Lopez says:

    Poor chat…

  24. Lorena Camargo says:

    Yay I'm comment number 25!!!!!

  25. Taylor Carnes says:

    Oh chat your only crime is putting your life in danger for Ladybug. But maybe if she hits her head hard enough maybe she'll start thinking about you and nothing else. 😉

    BUG OUT 🐞 🐾

  26. mia g says:

    Ladybug:Never thought you would be there
    Chat Noir:I am inevitable

  27. megas957 says:

    Lucky charm became the roast charm

  28. Medvídci :D says:

    182 likes 0 dislikes
    Kids are sleeping

  29. Lauren D says:

    That was the SALTIEST 3 seconds in the history of salty moments.

  30. Tee Miller says:

    Damn I felt that

  31. Medvídci :D says:

    Ladybug : Never thought YOU'D be here

  32. This Piece of Bread says:

    Dang, ladybug has high amounts of sodium chloride (・–・)

  33. Solunia says:


  34. The remix Not remix says:

    Oof chat,take the L!

  35. Nickster says:

    OOH! OOH BOI!!
    Stand in corner of the room

  36. Galaxy Cat says:

    Dang that’s messed up ladybug

  37. Rxse Offblock says:

    R O A S T E D

  38. Blue Angel says:

    Someone call the fire department! Chat has been burned! XD

  39. Aseel Bahaa says:

    I wish they are real i swear i love them but can u do more of cat noir and marinette plz plz plz plz

  40. Meli Fandubs says:


  41. TheAtheistGamer says:

    Ladybug: Hell is looking pretty good right now…

  42. ProximaX says:

    Ouch xD

  43. Lil Eevee123 says:

    I thought all cats go to hell? 🤔🤔

  44. Lewis Av says:

    This is Rude LB xD, don't listen her, chat noir you're awesome

  45. Warge Geson says:

    Chat: and what’s that supposed to mean?!!!

  46. SkyMoon Playz says:

    Aw damn. Poor Chat 😂

  47. sky nyandragon says:

    ladybug is SAVGE he got BURNED >:3 plus i only aprove of lukanette not adrenette

  48. Daffyhat says:

    O O F

  49. Dino King186 says:

    Rip chatnoir love he has been rejected again I feel bad for my boi Adrian but it was funny

  50. Hiccup Haddock says:

    The shade

  51. FromBeyondTheGrave1 says:

    Can I say I find it stupid that the episodes on Netflix are out of order, cause Gamer 2.0 plays before Weredad, but Weredad is in Gamer 2.0.

  52. Strawberry Noir says:

    😂😂😂😂 this is gold!!!

  53. Meena Bhagwandeen says:

    Ouch chat u are rusted

  54. Adventure Time says:

    Thats why kids you shuold ship adragami 😂

  55. Raven Aga says:

    Cat noir got roasted, harsh

  56. Shannon Youtuber says:

    Ladybug: never thought you'd be here

    Me: if she knew he was Adrien Agreste she will never said that

  57. Mariana Anjos says:

    At first I thought she meant that he wouldn't be dead

  58. Scarlett Green says:

    Yaaaaaasssssssssss thank you I love these!!!

  59. *•Dis Third Wheel*• says:

    Of course you thought he’d be here! He’s a cinnamon roll, cinnamon rolls come from heaven!!

  60. GachaVerse Curse says:

    Phantom…you had the best chance to say CATsanova in the description…

  61. cat and bear says:

    BURND!!! Chat noir you are Burnd by your crush!

  62. Elea Xu says:

    Well he just got roasted

  63. LancePants says:

    Ladybug got some fire under those wings

  64. Dylan I am big fan H2O McCallum says:


  65. Brainstormer623 says:

    Damn, that was one Hell of a burn.

  66. ArtPineapple says:

    Wow what a burn

  67. MS라면 says:

    1 like = 1prayer for chat

  68. hi Im Mariah I vote for sachi!! Karin says:

    Ooooooooooh that’s tough bro bro

  69. Rose 42 2.0 says:

    Oof get rekt chat

  70. XboxPeasant 1 says:

    Well that’s just me shooting down like a bright star

  71. Maple Leaf says:

    Huh, then I guess that means your in hell, wow Mari what secret's are you hiding

  72. Alan Calvillo says:

    I think I'm in Heaven.

  73. Cloudy Dreamz says:

    Ladybug being savage AF

  74. Goutam Singha says:

    That was hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣

  75. Rtreegamer YT says:

    It was After that day that Adrein/ chat changed targets… And it was… KAGAMI (dramatic music playing in da background
    Also when that day happened Maranette killed her self…

  76. Kacchan_6 says:

    I wd love 2 be lady bubs ngl😂

  77. Dashia Dynolovva says:

    Now that was just rude, Ladybug XD Chat….I'm so sorry your charms still keep failing you lol

  78. Tijana Vujosevic says:


  79. Anishkha Bhavanasi says:

    Wait…….Chat's in heaven? IM COMIN' OVER RIGHT NOW!

  80. Titangamer 68 says:


  81. Angel Noir says:

    Oof. Poor chat

  82. Leona Stojkovska says:

    Jeez savage

  83. XxNightmarexX XxGalaxyxX says:


  84. anime and Alan Walker fan says:

    Lol OMG

  85. Cedric Rey says:

    Has anyone notices that Ladybug usually/sometimes takes all the credit for saving the day, and no one really talks about Cat Noir.

  86. Kazi Ali says:

    Oooo she got him good

  87. Benjamin Klaassen says:

    Wow. That is a mood.

  88. Franchin Rojas says:


    i WaS LOaDiNg WhY dId ShE Sa-

  89. NepDM Lover says:

    Ohhhh…. that hurts.

    Oh, and YouTube must be on drugs, because by looking at these comments and seeing “4 days ago” on all of them and this video being an hour old? Yeah, that… works… I guess.

  90. cookiesquad forever says:

    Oooof moments

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