Miraculous Ladybug [Comic Dub] – Dare | PHANTOMSAVAGE

Miraculous Ladybug [Comic Dub] – Dare | PHANTOMSAVAGE

I dare you- Chat isn’t allwoed to accept dares. .. why? I have no regard for my personal safety. I dared him to jump off a cliff and he took me seriously. It’s okay. I only broke three ribs. Okay… Ladybug! I dare you- I don’t accept dares either. Why not? Because Chat dares the same thing every time. I dare you to go out with me. Go jump off a cliff, Chat. Okay. I’m JOKING. ….. Alright then! CARAPACE, I DARE YOU- You

David Anderson

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85 thoughts on “Miraculous Ladybug [Comic Dub] – Dare | PHANTOMSAVAGE

  1. Kristen Espinoza says:

    Love you so much!!!!!!❤️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰😍😍

  2. Lars Vizethum says:


  3. Blooming Miraculous says:

    2nd one!

  4. Cecilia The Tiger says:

    Aww chat would jump off a cliff for ladybug (。・ω・。)

  5. wazupwo wazzy says:

    Chat takes things to literally-

    Like who would jump off a cliff?

    Chat would I guess-

  6. Champ ThePhantomThief says:

    Imagine Kyotosomo will dub this

  7. Angelina Something says:

    2nd comment

  8. *•Dis Third Wheel*• says:

    Love you!!!! ❤️❤️

  9. Carolina'sComiCs c says:

    Deku and chat I see no difference. I only broke 3 ribs no biggie 👏👏👏😭😭

  10. Sienna Terenciuk says:

    Ilysm ♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. L0VE B0Y says:

    😀 su funeh

  12. habiba Zaki says:

    I am sure she said carapace i dare you to go out with alya XD

  13. Yes And No says:

    its ok I only broke 3 ribs

  14. Rotten Tomatoe says:

    When Alya realises how insane her favourite superheroes are,

  15. Sassy But not so classy says:

    Ladybug though has to be the serious one all the time… and then there’s chat serious

  16. Larry Hughes says:

    Awesome Comic

  17. NightmareGalaxy_ says:

    First Chat doesn't take dares, then Ladybug. Now if Alya (don't know her alter ego name) dares Carepace, he/she probably won't accept dares. She's gonna have a rough time finding someone to dare.

  18. Angie :3 says:

    Well if it’s a dare…

    you must do it 😀

  19. JapaneseVixenofArt says:

    Hahaha! It is a beautiful thing when people fall ow through with dares! uwu

  20. Sunny’s World says:


  21. AJE galaxy Gamer says:

    Rena Rouge: Let's play truth or dare
    Ladybug: Chat noir can't play truth or dare
    he takes it to seriously
    Rena Rouge: Okay then ladybug I dar-
    ladybug: I can't play either
    Rena Rouge: O _ 0

  22. CJ Kinsey says:

    Lol! Rena the whole time just trying to dare someone!

  23. Olivia Rigby says:

    When you think you're early and then you realize that your favorite YouTuber posted the video 15 minutes ago…

  24. Backstabbing karma says:

    I have no regard for my personal safety
    No wonder Adrien's dad keeps him away from the outside world!

  25. Adrian Herrera says:

    Wow Ladybug becomes more and more harsh with each and every comic dub

  26. Mei chan says:

    Lol… like alya the only normal person 😂

  27. Maple Leaf says:

    Wow, I wish I had a friend who'd do every dare I'd tell them

    Chat I dare you to pay for my dinner

  28. Spider59er says:

    Carapace: Sorry, I don’t take dares, my GF plays the same game….

  29. SamaK says:


    Chat: There is no truth or dare game I can lose…

  30. Roberto Lebron says:

    Do you know why Hawkmoth isn’t allowed to do dares?

    Because he’ll dare you to GIVE HIM YOUR MIRACULOUSES

  31. Rose Petunia says:


  32. Nehir K. says:

    Please make more bnha

  33. Dylan I am big fan H2O McCallum says:

    omg funny as hell

  34. meena govindarajan says:

    the lesson of the day: don't dare superheroes

  35. Taylor Carnes says:

    Wow just wow this is so funny 😂

    BUG OUT 🐞 🐾

  36. Connor McGrath says:

    Chat: because I have no regard for my personal safety!
    Me: ME!!!!!

  37. Blue Angel says:

    Chat probably landed on his feet when he jumped

  38. Oberon Crex says:

    Why can’t you all just be in a mainstream dub?

  39. Nishen Samuel says:

    Yay! Another comic dub.
    To the reader: I dare you subscribe and watch more hilarious videos of Phantom.

    At 1 AM.
    Let's see if you manage not to wake your whole family.

  40. Brainstormer623 says:

    I dare you to read this Youtube comment.

  41. •ღAdriana YT Studiosღ• says:

    I don't understand the comic
    I don't Sp3Ak EnGliSh ;-;
    HeLp Me :'v

  42. Alan Calvillo says:

    Why are Ladybug Chat Noir Carapace and Rena Rouge daring at each other.

  43. XxShadow AnimationsxX says:


  44. Snowflake_Kitty says:

    “Chat isn’t allowed to do dares..”
    Me: oh well…. here it comes.

  45. baresuper says:

    “If all your friends jumped of a cliff, would you do it!?”

    Chat: “I will not be excluded from any social events!!” Yeet of to the nearest cliff

  46. Kacchan_6 says:

    Feel so bad for alya, all she wanted was 2 play t or d wiv her all time fav superheroes, and they gonna dun mess her up like that🤦‍♀️😂

  47. Circumflêx ÂÂÂ says:

    Cats always land on their feet

  48. shahad 7 says:

    ولله يضحك😆😆😆🙆

  49. Gabriela L. Rivera says:

    I miss you talking in the end :'c

  50. Marlon Daniels says:

    A long time ago you did a comic where Marinette,Alya,Nino and Adrien were playing truth or dare
    There were no dares
    Only truths exposing Adrien's crush on Marinette
    It all makes sense….

  51. Daffyhat says:

    You can really hear the "oh god these are the people I'm friends with" in Rena's voice

  52. Lihung Suon says:

    Did Rena rouge go nutsy!?!?!?

  53. the amazing sami says:

    Queen be I dare you to sing queen of mean

  54. Hồng Minh says:

    Me : Ladybug , are you jealous

  55. LaSetaAndante says:

    I dare u

    To reveal ur secret identity.

  56. The Miraculous Guy says:

    Hopefully You notice me, But I was wondering if you could do a comic dub with me on my Channel 💗

  57. Wolfy 17 says:

    I dare you to go out with me

  58. FerChu Youtube says:

    Chat won't
    Ladybug may
    For a second I thought the comic
    Was going to be gay

  59. Rainbow Sunshine says:


  60. Mr. S says:

    "I have no regards to my own personal safety" That is pretty accurate, sure he's been injured far more then Ladybug.

  61. Melissa Caton says:

    Chat would do anything for ladybug it's adorable

  62. Shanzay Siddiqui says:

    ''It's OkAy I ONly BRoKE tHreE RiBs.''

  63. Kevin TechYT says:

    "I only broke 3 ribs"

  64. The Psycho says:

    Lol Alya really want to dare someone 😂

  65. jamiee tann says:

    Carapace be like " I already have a girlfriend;)"

  66. Tucsoncoyote 2019 says:

    Rena: Alright then, Carapace I dare you to….

    TO do what? To WHAT????!! Damn you artist.. you left us on a cliff hanger..

    Me: NO FAIR

    Hawkmoth: WORTH IT!

    But here's how it should ahve happened..

    Rena: Carpace, I dare yo uto Rule 34 yourself.
    Carapace..: No, just no..

  67. Alice Gavilán says:

    L: Chat, go jump of a cliff 7–7
    C: Ok 😀 jumps
    I did it m’lady :,D
    L: (…) Ok, let’s not play this game anymore or you’ll end up killing yourself

  68. Jodie Gerritsen says:

    This relates to every truth or dare game i have with my friends😂

  69. Andreas Smed says:

    Trust me Ladybug… You'd want to accept that dare.

  70. Gacha life Wow says:

    "Chat isn't allowed to accept dare" ooooohhh~someone is overprotective

  71. Internet fam Julia says:

    I love it, thanks

  72. jaxszii says:

    its ok. i only brokw 3 ribs.

  73. Sunny Johnson says:

    Rena: -To kiss me!

    Fandom: Its not like we haven’t seen it before! 🤷‍♀️😐🤔 Waaaaaiiiiiiiiittttt…

  74. Chloe Matthews says:

    Ladybug: “chat, go jump off a cliff”

    Chat noir: “ok”

    Ladybug: “I was joking”

  75. Victoria Guadalupe Cabañas Rios says:

    An ladybug her favourite superheroes

  76. Nursena Yayla says:

    I see emilie when i look at chat

  77. ZenAki says:

    The voices seem spot on for the characters expressions. Chat especially.

  78. Valkyrie Rain says:

    it's ok I only broke 3 ribs

  79. Valkyrie Rain says:

    I can imagine Cat actually saying this

  80. Antoinette Van Niekerk says:

    Its so oo oo funny

  81. LittleSkyFox Gaming says:

    i ONLY broke 3 ribs

  82. Kaylee Hill says:


  83. Lesly Tello vlogss says:

    "Chat isn't allowed to accept dares." Awww she is overprotective of him!❤❤😂😂👏

  84. starborn333666 uwu says:

    Perfect cant dare me either because I will do IT with no hesitate

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