Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Store Event! NEW Onward Items!

Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Store Event! NEW Onward Items!

Good morning guys we are back at the Disney Store today because they are doing another Minnie Mouse them the Attraction release this month is Pirates of the Caribbean It is currently 815 the store opens at 10:00. We’re gonna see with the looking like and Make sure check out my other video where I went for the MIDI notes the main attraction merchandise link it down below and also don’t Forget to check out the DC store video from last week if you guys like to see some of the merchandise that is available The line is really long Okay, so I like 9:40 we were given our pass for he pins they were already sold out of the fanny pack and everything once we got our little Papers they only got six ears and four fanny packs So that’s what you are coming for for these events. You definitely want to come around like seven to wait in line for them So here’s a closer. Look at the pins. You guys can see they’re series 2 out of 12. It is the skull Head with the bow the golden black Minnie Mouse and then the replica of the ears that are being sold currently with this set It retailed for 1999 with the three pins and on the back It just contains all the information about the Minnie Mouse the main attraction. These are official Disney pin train pins I’m so glad we were able to pick these up They still have a lot of the pins left here. But definitely if you’re coming for a specific item get here very early So I was just here last week for the Minnie Mouse key Which I’ll have that video linked down below for the full tour of the Disney Store and all of the new items But I’m just going to show the items that I see for sure that are different in this video So here right off to the left inside of the store We have the display for the Minnie Mouse the main Attraction and it just features the other items that are going to be available throughout the year and I will be doing videos on them So, please make sure to subscribe for that The first two items here I see is this adventure book this looks like the up a book Oh my gosh, and it’s like a full-on Oh my gosh it’s like a full replica and Notebook of up and I love how on the inside it has the replica pieces from the movie. That is amazing $24.99. Not too too bad They also have some other ones like the sort of a stone one and some princess ones and they’re just like ginormous Journals, they also have some of these Space Mountain mugs left I feel like if you’re coming to get the mug, they’ll be available even the next day They’re not too too popular compared to the other items that are available So a lot of this other stuff is the same the animated dolls to spring merchandise the frozen merchandise It’s still a lot a lot of it Another new item that was being released today. Is this Cinderella doll? This is amazing It is ginormous. It retails for one hundred and twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. This is celebrating the 70th anniversary Of a Cinderella you guys came to see little gus-gus there. This doll is in Sane it is absolutely beautiful And when you’re sitting in line You could also get one of the little paper tickets for those because they do have a limited number of them Here at the back of the store. They have more of the spring at merchandise. They have a new cuddles character. This is thumper I absolutely love these items. They’re so so soft. They retail for $34.99. Oh my god, I love little thumper one That’s perfect for Easter time and then they moved a lot of the kids Spring outfits back here like the summer bathing suits and the rain coats and backpacks as all moved here to the back of the store Also here in the back of the store They have the on word of merchandise on word comes out, March 6 and oh my goodness I know I showed a little bit of this in the last video But we didn’t really get to go in depth because the store was so crowded So imma show that all two guys are eating now here. We have a kids pj set for $19.99 and then here we have the main character Plushies, so here we have One of our main characters here I don’t know their names at Jan is his name and he has a little staff from the trailer These are really tall really really thin Not like super plushy, this is 2299 Here we have the other one. This is like be dad and His name is Wilden Lightfoot. I Love this little guy. He’s so so funny. I love the concept. I’m excited to see him in the movie Down here. We have the other main character barley and This is Chris Pratt’s character. This one has a lot more details to it This one’s definitely lot more plushy like cuddly also 2299 And then here we have one of the other like semi main characters. I saw this person in the trailer This is Manticore mascot That’s it’s pretty funny. Kind reminds me of like a muppet scared going away So this isn’t like I actually cared this just like the mascot. Oh my gosh. She’s so soft whoa Here around the other side of the stand they have a bunch of sizes of this will bail college Shirt and it says lightfoot so it looks like you’re a part of the college that they attend that’s pretty neat Down here. We have the onward reusable bag and this is just like the movie poster I’m not really seeing a price on them, but they normally range from like one to three dollars Next up. We have some mystery unicorn collectibles they come in these little trash cans, which is pretty neat and They contain characters hidden in slime. So that’s pretty cool these be tougher 7/9 five doesn’t show which ones are available in here, but that’s Something different from Disney for sure. This notebooks are pretty cool This is themed it to the movie and it includes a pin that looks like the staff from the trailer. This is $14.99 next up we have the deluxe figurine set these figures as I mentioned before are extremely well detailed that mascot there in the back is huge Very very well detailed. I’m I’m very interested to see this movie. I don’t know how I feel about it this retails for $26.99 there’s also a bunch of t-shirts featuring the van and fun kids shirts to make you look like the characters the t-shirt is $26.99 and Then we also have here the mug that looks like is those van? I don’t really see this selling it is very very like awkward shaped I don’t I don’t really understand till 1999 This is seems like gonna be hard to pick up and drink out of but it does look really cool Next up we have the pen set. This is limited edition of 1900 and this features that book that I showed you the manticore tavern logo and the little van in the staff and it is This isn’t a collectible box like a shadow box. You can keep them in here all nice Some of them are screen-printed which is kind of disappointing but these other three are not which is very good with this at being limited edition it is 5995 and these are official disney penetrating pins Over here. We have some more plush characters This is the unicorn this retails for 16 $2.99 again, not super plushy there are a lot more stiff Next up we have The Blasi plush this seems like their little pets like hope dog In the movie again, not super plushy. They’re like stiff. They’re still pretty cool though Here we have some figures. We have the manticore here. And this is the movable posable figure. This is 1699 And of course we have the staff that spins with lights and sounds it is called the wizard staff and this is $24.99 Have the bang of the figures again and that is the entire on your onward display not too too much I’m just interested to see how well this movie does A lot of the mandalorian merchandise is the same that they do have this poster book Which is really new this does not have a price on it But it just has a bunch of pictures and posters from the movie that you can take out and hang up many of the child, of course Next up here heading back towards the front of the store They have some of the new Disney princess of dresses This one comes with a lot of accessories even this little bouquet and a little headband for little girls. That’s really really pretty Oh my gosh, this is so cute How much is it? $79.99. It is a very good quality though This is themed to Rapunzel and then we also had this other one that seemed to the Little Mermaid Bonnie one comes with a little ring and everything – same price I Love how like subtle it is it looks like a little like a wedding dress Here, we also have some of the new live-action Mulan merchandise I have shown the bone and arrow in the last video, but they do have the actual figure now This is pretty neat. It comes with an additional outfit And the actual doll itself. This is me, buddy Hasbro. That’s a $29.99 We also have somebody fun shirts again about $26.99 Themed to Milan like the older one and the newer one here They also have this new lounge fly The Disney parks are starting to get long flies that look like this now that have like the castles on them and everything. This is $64.99. It’s a pretty good park size a good like a medium sized backpack For $16.99. Then we have the new line packed. This feels like a Jean material Next up here we have the journal this includes two brush pens and a stamp. I love how this is like a leather So like folds over and clips that’s different. It’s 1699 Lots of Disney mugs, but there are some new ones here We have this ginormous blue shoe mug This is 16.99 again, and I don’t really see this being too too practical because it’s so heavy and big But it does look really neat ghost of some of these other like retro Mugs you guys gonna see here this your one Numbers New Groove flying King and the three Caballero. So how cool these mugs? Look I love a retro V. They look They’re amazing. They’re all 1699 Those are fantastic. I love that set Here I put the brontosaur they have more of the child merchandise. They have a different service tumbler this time This is the protect of tech and snack tumbler. This is 29.99 And these have not sold out yet. And here we also have the Hat with the child on it It is all black. This is $24.99. They still have a lot of the Disney flair items and I’m not really seeing any new Ones compared it to a last time they do have this little necklace though This is a 39 98 and it is Hercules This is 24 karat gold plated sterling silver. It comes in a super super nice box. It is a Disney exclusive and it’s 7995 Wow That’s Never seen that before and it’s on sale Pretty good Everything else here seems to be about the same. It’s kind of Interesting being here a few weeks here in a row And there are less items here that are different up at the bridal store They have more of the giant dollars to go with uh, Cinderella one here. They have Tiana and Jasmine, these are so beautiful. I cannot explain to you the amount of it Do you tell that these houses are so so incredible and they all retail again for 120? $9.99 Lastly here as we head out. They have the on word in-store event poster You guys can see here the times in the dates and this is for kids We get fun free activities and you do have to RSVP for this event So you guys can just go to this link right here and sign up so quick interruption I wanted to pop in really quick and share with you guys another Disney Store event that is going to be coming up and I’m gonna read it here off of the page because I would like to Tell you guys all the correct information so here we have the dizzies for magical egg hunt adventure purchase your map and find hidden eggs inside the store and receive a collectable egg with surprise figurine these are well supplies last and the hunt is everyday from March 13th to a Provision See here the picture of the little eggs gonna be egg it’s gonna have a little figure and it looks pretty cool I did do an Easter egg kind of video at the Disney Store last year Which all have linked it down below which was pretty fun and we did get a really cool egg That was actually available at Epcot as well. So that was pretty cool This would look a little bit cheaper, but I’m probably gonna definitely go attend this egg hunt and do a full vlog on it So please subscribe so you do not miss it So since we are doing a Disney Store video I did want to keep you guys updated with some of the Disney Store events that are going to be happening here So those one hundred and $29 dolls that I showed you they’re gonna have an honor and also one arriving March 14th, and when you buy both of them You have to buy both of them. You get the Olaf key and then February 29th They’re going to have a Tigger Key That looks like this and that is the same as all the other key chip to get up early spend $15 and then you’ll get the Tigger leap year key There I want to make sure I tell you guys I’m sorry on March 7th They’re going to have a Cinderella key and this he’s going to be different each stores Roughly gonna get about like 40 48 Lumbees at Cinderella 70th anniversary Please they come in a box and you have to purchase them. These are not free. You have to buy them They’re $12.99 each and that one looks really cool so I’m so so glad you’re able to get them and I’m going to pins every single month and then maybe added in beers or something else depending on whatever the theme is But please make sure to subscribe to my channel So you guys do not miss all of those videos throughout the rest of the year I hope you guys have a wonderful day jump I’m gonna check out all the other Disney Store videos for more on the merchandise available here at the Disney Store Maybe you guys have a wonderful day and member to do what you love and it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next Time. Bye

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