Minifigures Predator by POGO [REVIEW]

Welcome to Mainan Ogel! In this video i’m going to review a minifigures. One of the most iconic character in Film Industries, The Predator. I think this minifig is so worth it with all the accesories. From the helmet, armor, gun at the back & claws. I think this is so worth the price. Now we’re going to see the details. First we’re going to take off all the accesories. And see this minifigures naked. This is it guys. How this minifig looks without the accesories. The head is completely black It will be better if there is a monster head. At the body & the hand, there is print of predator costume. Very detailed, both front & back. Not only the body, the leg is also fully printed front & back. And also at the sides too. This figures prints is one of the most detailed i have so far. Now we’re going to see this minifig with all the accesories. So this is it guys. Like i told you before, this minifig is really worth the price. Ther is also scar detail on the helmet. And the back hair is painted black. Not all silver helmet. This is a very cool minifig. So that’s it for this review. Next i’m going to show you the photos that i have taken with this minifig. Okay guys, so that’s it for today. If you like this video, please like, comment & subscribe. And see you at the next video. Good bye.

David Anderson

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