Mini 6.50 – POGO 2 – Winter – Cold Front passing with heavy squalls – subtitles

Mini 6.50 – POGO 2 – Winter – Cold Front passing with heavy squalls – subtitles

There lives a Smurf at the masthead And it has eaten half om the Windex and a bit of the windvane That makes it a bit complicated to sail in the strong winds I am afraid that was it for today Spinnaker training without a spinnaker The wind is around 30 knots I have just seen gusts of 36 – 40 knots I think I will save the spinnaker for another day 2nd reef in the mainsail and a reef in the jib The boat is still moving quite well Even without spinnaker she goes steadily There is some really vicious squalls lurking out there and I have been warned gusts of storm strength later today So I better stay inshore today We just got another gust of wind So much for spinnaker training. The wind has increased as expected an I am on my way back The wind is now steady 30 – 32 knots. A bit less than what met me at Silverrudder last year So it is perfect timing for practicing deep reefed mainsail and storm jib We don’t point that well – but I must say it is a very effective sail plan And if we look away from the fact that there is bit wind more than planned It is still good weather. No rain and a bit warmer than normal. I think 4-5 degrees Celsius. It is comfortable on the hands in the sense that one can feel his hands The wind is very close to what I experienced last Year at Silverrudder When I wasn’t that well prepared and ruined my headsail The boat sails damn good with storm jib and reefed mainsail I am well back in port after a successful trip It wasn’t exactly what I had planned but that’s life. You have to be prepared to everything I had hoped for a lot of planing with spinnaker. Instead it became upwind training with deep reefed mainsail and storm jib The latter is very relevant to my experiences last year on Silverrudder Where I was punished because of my choice of headsail and lack of experience in heavy weather sailing It has been great to sail in so much wind today I think one of the most important things for me when I am sailing single handed Is to avoid getting into situations where others have to put their lives at risk to save me It sounds maybe a bit funny, but that’s the way I feel about it

David Anderson

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2 thoughts on “Mini 6.50 – POGO 2 – Winter – Cold Front passing with heavy squalls – subtitles

  1. Mike Santis says:

    Det ser fint ud Claus. Og så sejler du lige ind i regnbuen.

  2. Julia Hepanil says:

    Good luck!

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