Hey Whats going on Guys SSundee here and Welcome Back the Family for you this Time it’s superheroes all about me? Because you are Really Being in your Knowing Because I’m a superhero, okay? Dudes Like I said Welcome Back to Family Feud if you’re New Around here to Enjoy These Videos of Course? Quick sellout hit The like Button Down Below seven Likes I everyday Bro subscribe It’s a Bay Leaf now you’re Turning Into Elmo ah Russell you know, what to do again If You want to there’s tia, Maybe put A fart Cloud Behind her I don’t know Let’s do This Alright so first We have odd neo as Steve? We have keene Back There the answer Guy and first stuff is gonna be so sorry Steve sorry your Name is Steve Harvey okay so first Up it’s Going to be Maddie and Tia go up to this issue With this Say I believe in You thank you aliki Michael Pitt Is more Clever than Yours your Girlfriend Force over to second let’s do This Why Let’s end This Catfight Go, Into the Girls! Okay, okay These Ads on you what is the first Fear A? Superhero Related Question our first Question Is Yeah I remember you Can um you Can buzz and cut me off Early right, we’re Right Here Oh, I’m a superhero that Should, be in The Avengers that Is not, oh? Blue Nameless Man Did you Ask a Question you don’t even do it Can you Repeat the Question I Forgot okay A Superhero Should Be in The Avengers that is not Spider-Man Spider-Man okay, okay Madeline The Avengers the Avengers You got to think here the avengers who Is not in the Avengers that Should be Come on Madeline the Avenger Just Me I’m not a superhero Come on Battling you Through this you can do this you Bet Training your whole life at this moment I Don’t know who’s in The Avengers I’m Gonna Show from Madeline Wolverine Wolverine So that’ll what are you gonna Choose, oh, we get a, pass or play This first round Let’s Play Play okay, we, also get to choose a gun since We won that Off I’m Madeline Let’s look at a sniper rifle pick the sniper, okay? But it’s, okay, we now have a sniper Rifle Right Good Job Madeline you yeah Madeline you are my Hero Madeline you’re Quick All Right Steve it’s on you Let’s see what, We got, okay okay Can you Repeat the Question? All Right Name a Superhero that Should Be in The Avengers that Is not being The avengers that Is not okay I know the hulk Is all your man, oh? Superman Superman Superman Having to be There Superman yeah yeah okay, useful, okay Madeline you got this you got this one who Number one Is Batman Good Madeline okay I’m gonna go with the flash, oh? I was going to go with that Is very Popular the flash the flash That’s our First Deck okay Madeline Please Please Please Please Get Home Boy Anxious I know, One Strike him out Issue Was that Anna Majesty Wonder woman was that an Adventures Movie? I have no clue I Didn’t see it I’m Gonna Wonder Wonder woman, oh? Battle When You are Carrying me Right now you are the fastest, okay? Caring soul Okay our Hero that Is not in The Avengers that Should be? Worth One Strike Get it all get it all get it Wrong getting Long and green the green Arrow From the TVs what blonde TVs the green Arrow a green Arrows the green Arrow If the Flash wasn’t up there Arrows not going to be a pyramid Okay, Battlin you, need to carry me More Carry me More Please Valid I’m Trying to have a childlike mindset who Would they Say? You Know Metal it Should be A super you, won’t forget you this on I don’t I don’t i’m gonna Make it past This one Though, oh yeah Who else Is in I have again I have A guess I know it’s not going to be up there but I guess Pretty good Guess Right Look, I don’t know, oh Exactly I can’t woman, oh? This is good? All right So they Can Steal right here We got Three x’s which means if They Steal They Get all of This Points for this Round and then P Shoot us to death, oh my hard Work, okay did you? want me to Cancel Should You do it totally Please you guess you Can charge me, oh Steve I’m sorry Steve See you There What About Maine and man what There’s no way They Stole all of Those Points from Round One Boy They Didn’t get a gun so they Can only use Their 44 Magnum to try to kill us that’s Pretty good What okay? Huh Let’s Add up these Points We’ll See how Many Points They get for Round, one so they got 81 Points okay? okay, so yes Though that Hard-Earned Word for points who the Crap Is this last one Though Who’s dead oh I forgot there was One Deadpool Another Movie Coming out me, oh he Caught off I need A My Gosh all right much so, we have a new System for the murdering yeah? Let’s Go to be good dude Let’s do it you Guys get on your Platform? We’ll go hide and then you got 15 Seconds to try to murder Us for extra Points I’ll go after Madeline first grid all right Steve it’s on you so you’re Gonna give Us a countdown and then We Take off We take off Running We have Three Seconds to run and Hide and then They open Fire, okay Steve? Gotta Be good I always assisted Please don’t Shoot our Audience Members They are getting okay, alright Killing Begins in Three Two one Robin okay, okay, We get Three Seconds, oh? My Goodness it’s Already Just get Ready my God Hey you Said it you Said it told care to win I Know – you Waiting Alright Let’s go to round two I Route to crater you Ready I’m so ready Dude I miss Old man They’re Beating Us by 81 Points man okay Rezoning Steve It’s up to you what is gonna Make me win what Is Round two what do You got all right Question Number Two? Which Superhero has the Best Power One Banging That’s how you Buzzin Trainer in The World I pressing it more, oh Okay, wait super has the Best Power Yes Hi Barney yes the flash the Flash Trap Okay i think I saw I think I know who’s Better? Who’s got the best Powers? Who Else wish Superman Is it hey Superman Superman Is Superman doesn’t have One Power you can do a whole Lot Of Stuff Taco so you don’t even hit the Button and now you, don’t even get someone on the List Maybe you need to Carry your Husband Well I guess crash ready what are you gonna do are you Playing or Passin I’m Gonna Play okay you guys you Guys Also get to choose one of These two guns go ahead You Fancy yeah I’m sorry, please Look what kind of Kid were you you don’t know These things Alright go Ahead Steve it’s on you do your thing, okay? okay, alright Tiye Game Name is super here With the Best Power if You mess this Up i will I will Tell the World that you Fought one? Okay i think our secrets out? That’s or, oh, he has a Hammer you Never Fought it I’ve Never Heard you Talk Number one This is good this is good Just, don’t Let her Down craner, don’t let me Down I won’t ever Now craner Hulk ah That’s A good one Good good, okay All right Ta Hero Got our who has the cool Superhero Policy and you, wouldn’t did You Would like to have Yourself Matalin’s There Colton are? Greater Stop it Clearly he doesn’t Know People’s Names I’m sorry Just Call Me toll Anywhere now Fulton Okay, okay, what is it ah? Come On See, that’s not a Hero The Freakin Woman Yes iron Man’s what I want to do? Ours he does wear the suit Part so Okay, no not at all I am Hers Spider-Man That’s what I was Gonna Say man I? Really Know How, oh Okay, okay, okay one Answer and no Strikes I see how what do you got Okay, don’t miss this off See ya Three Exits for what answer yes Just get him Wrong Okay, Captain, America right Almost to go one Captain America Defense The Danish People Captain America Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay there’s two more Senses? Just know I’ll cut the american Throw a shield on Yeah he’s super Strong super dog, okay, okay, okay? Okay, okay, Just just Visitor Bacon Which Superhero has the Best Power dick the green Lantern, ah All Right then the green Lantern Ring okay The Whole Bottle bows I got it I got a good one Madeline I got a good one on you you do yeah We have like one Chance One Answer? Once You See One Answer Must be Batman nice She stole mine Cisco fine Batman okay We just Maybe so you guess he Said you have, one yeah she stole mine Mine was Batman what’s Yours what’s YouRs? What Course okay I can Just go with my favorite from before? Livering Yeah You Never died as Metal a Uc boulder Mean I’ve got a hairy Buddy I’m very Hairy Hairy I, was in the Shower I was Thinking of but, okay? Okay, okay, Wolverine steve, we’re Going With Wolverine Highly Brain Hahahaha and that’s how it’s done Madeline you are Fond of it You Are Carrying me Through this Game Clearly I like more Marvel and Superhero things Than you All Right you know what Comes next I think They Forfeited crater and Tia Time to get murdered ah Alright Steve it’s on you to give Them the Countdown to run and Every murder, okay? Okay, who are you aiming for my man ain’t for craner how Many Elizabeth A for niche a both Pay for Kia and they will do a pro crater okay right Italy Begins in Three Two One This gun is so Tough. Day right are you laughing at. Every Single day Nothing Anybody all right so We got no extra Points is Currently 100 to 81 Whoever Wins this next Round? Is most likely the Winner? You okay Down There no bring it on Ready All Right Final Round, Browser it’s on Madeline at tip, Madeline Please Carry me More Kerry Made Officially Carry Me as, well, okay Yeah, okay? You’re so Strong I’m sorry, okay so it’s on Steve what do you got? Absolutely what is your Question for Rap Final round round Three what is it Final Question of All the Villains from Any Superhero Movie Name The one who is the most Evil, oh? Phil Wins how, we’re Doing Villains Madeline you want villain okay did you know you’re Killing Evil the Joker doesn’t Do sweet Words Madeline You are my Hero Thanks, okay so Madeline what do you want to do play or pass why your Pac Lately okay so, we get This i mean I guess We don’t even need this gum but I’m Taking it because you know principal principal listen got it okay Okay so this is all About super Villains and play it like one Or two of them Madeline No Pressure no pressure yes Your Name Should be on the List to Be a deduction that should be A Deduction right There Gentlemen, don’t kill your Wives out of age Just miss Donovan been so messed up I’ll be Sleeping on the Couch for Sure okay Supervillain I’m Gonna Say from x-Men A Magneto Magneto Has to be up There to Ban Magneto One Magneto No Anyhow, Mentally Disabled Where’s Markos Office? Answer Something okay That’ll Sweet Carry me to Victory Carry us to Victory um One of my favorites Mystique Miss Diesel i mean I guess it’s not but. She’s so good Is it isn’t you to be one Commencement Exactly The blue Lady from X-Men I thought It’ll treat her angry Okay, okay, okay, Please either answer Another Villain, We only have one More egg Right you got to be Really Careful, okay a little bit of Margin Though five answers on the board, oh? I can’t even Offer Help most Evil Villain I know You got, one I think I got one Um um what about what about whoo? Woman Loki Loki Whoa Kinky There We go A Huge Point Difference Is free Shelter Is what I do okay? Everyone Just Picked other Things so there’s Another Engine Idling you have to Pace right Is your atar Villain Focus your interval and run Just Remember if You get it Wrong you lose All right why are we Confident over here by the right place We got one more x okay? Like Maybe I Should Have Passed on this One Doomsday Name in My head other Crap Is that I think We lost it? I don’t know Doomsday I Really Hope you have some good Gases Here Because I’m Actually Only One if They Still if They get This right They Take The board and They Take the game if They get it Wrong Battlin, we win Okay i Wonder 70 People Everything I don’t know I’ve Been Thinking About Harley Quinn Battle don’t Say Anything don’t say it don’t say Things you’re Quiet okay just with it just what’s it Just looking, oh? We have the Suicide Squad? yes okay, yeah right Yeah Harley Quinn Harlequin A Hero No the Suicide Squad is a bunch of Villains that turn but They’re Considered a hero There We go Battlin we Hang? On we get Those sorts okay what eight what’s each Make A guess on who’s Up here I’m going to Say Bane and Venom They don’t you have Gotta be Sane Or venom okay Peddling There We go bane and I’m Spider-Man Wait Hottie is There Any More, oh my gosh Okay, who’s number six Scared Me How the Crap Is that From I feel like These are league of Legends Characters Okay, what’s number Four Ultron what Is that Is it all the Evil Robot Race Try and Take over The one Avengers Really No Idea alright what summer Curry what’s Number, sorry in A weekend, no We’re not cool I already know Joker and Loki meet you with and Here We’re Going to Add this here if You Guys Have Enjoyed hit the like Button down Below Also hit the subscribe Button I notification, we’re Going to go study up on our super Villains, we’re uh? We’re Pretty Bad oh I knew you were Gonna do it oh

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