Max & Ruby: Space Bunny / Max’s Sprinkler / Max’s Pogo Stick – Ep. 77

Max & Ruby: Space Bunny / Max’s Sprinkler / Max’s Pogo Stick – Ep. 77

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]Max and Ruby…Ruby and her
little brother, Max…
[♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter]RADIO NARRATOR: The stars
stretched out across the galaxy
as far as the eye could see.And the countdown
started, Five…
lift off!
Whoosh!The rocketship roared
through outer space-
in search of new
planets to explore.
Tune in next time for
the adventures of our hero…
Space Bunny!Okay, Max. Now that your Space
Bunny show is over, we’re going to go on a
different kind of adventure. Space Bunny! Actually we’re going up
to Grandma’s attic. I’m working on this
scrapbook to surprise her. See? It’s full of memories of special times we’ve
had with Grandma. This is when we picked out
our Christmas tree together. [sigh] And these are memories from
our trip to Bunningham. I only have a few
more pages to fill. There’s gotta be something up
in the attic that I can use. Come on,
Space Bunny! [chuckles]
Oh! RUBY: I’m sure we can find
something up here that’ll remind Grandma
of a special time with us, don’t you think, Max?RADIO NARRATOR:
Five… Four… Three…
two… one…Lift off!Whoosh! Space Bunny! OH! Careful with your
rocketship, Space Bunny. That’s Grandma’s
special shoe cupboard. Where did that
rocketship go? Hmm… Ah-ha! Okay, you’ve got
your rocketship. But I haven’t found anything
for my scrapbook yet. What are my old ballet slippers doing in Grandma’s
shoe cupboard? [chuckles] Too bad they won’t
fit in my scrapbook! But I can put this
ribbon in it! And then I can draw my
ballet slippers around it! Perfect![stomping]Max?
What’re you doing? Space Bunny! I see you’ve got some moon
boots just like Space Cadet! I knew you’d find things up here for your space adventure. There!
That’s perfect. Grandma will love it. Now… …what will I put on this page? Hmm… Hmm… Space Bunny. Hmmm…. Nothing in here
for my scrapbook. Where should
I look next? [loud clatter] Max? What are you going
to do with that? Space Bunny! Whoosh! Whooosh! That really does look
like a jet pack, Max. I’d better put these coats
back on their hangers. [gasp] It’s the Valentine we made
for Grandma last year! It’s perfect for the next
page of my scrapbook! MAX:
Space Bunny! Whoa!
Are you back already? I thought you were going
to fly to another planet. I guess you’d need a
real spaceship for that. [chuckles] Space Bunny! There. Now I only have two
more pages to fill. Hmmm, but with what? [loud clatter] [chuckles]
Max! Why did you empty
that big box? Space Bunny! Oh, I get it. You found your spaceship, so now you can travel
to other planets. [gasp] This is perfect
for the scrapbook! It’s the ticket from the train
trip we took with Grandma! And here’s a picture of
Uncle Nate and Aunt Claire! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Space Bunny! There. Now Grandma will never forget
our train trip together. Just one last page to fill. I have to think
of something else. Hmm. I remember when Grandma used
to make soup in this pot!RADIO NARRATOR:
three…two…one…Lift off!Space Bunny! Oh! Wooosh![shutter clicks]Gotcha!
[chuckles] Oh, what a wonderful picture
of my two spacebunnies! Really?It is!And it’s perfect for the last page of
your scrapbook, Grandma! My scrapbook? [gasp]
Just what I always wanted – a scrapbook full of memories of my two favourite
grandbunnies. How did you
ever come up with all these
wonderful ideas? Well, all it took was
a little imagination. And a lot of help from… Spacebunny! Eee! Ah!
Ooh! Ooh! [grunting] [sighs] [gasp] Sprinkler! What do you
think, Max? Tadaa! Louise, Valerie and
Martha are coming over for a Summer Fashion Party! Doesn’t that sound like fun? [sigh] You may not appreciate
the latest summer fashions, but we do![doorbell rings][gasp]
My guests have arrived! Why don’t you find something
summery to play with while I go
let them in! Sprinkler! [laughing] Welcome to Ruby’s
Summer Fashion Party! I brought glossy
fashion magazines! They’ll be full of
great fashion ideas! I brought summer
fashion accessories! Ohh! You can never have
too many accessories, Valerie! And I brought
high heels – in every colour
of the rainbow! [gasps]
They’re beautiful, Martha! Okay, I have the whole
party planned perfectly! What are we going to do first? Look at magazines! Choose accessories! Try on shoes! [laughing] [clears throat] Huh? You start,
I’ll be right back. What are you doing? Sprinkler! I know I told you to find
something summery to play with, but the whirl o’ water sprinkler
wasn’t what I had in mind. [sigh]
Okay. But if you’re going
to play with it, you have to make
sure you keep it away from my Summer Fashion Party. No one wants to get their
summer fashions wet! There, that should be safe. Have fun. Who’s ready for a
Summer Fashion Show? I am! Me too! Let’s start! [quietly]
Sprinkler! Lovely Louise never
makes a misstep showing off her
fabulous fashions! Only the very latest
fashions will do for very fashionable
Valerie! Martha’s sassy summer stylings
are a real eye opener! Nothing says summer better
than Ruby’s fun loving chic! [giggling] That was fun! Let’s do it again! I need more accessories! Sprinkler? Pah! Peh! Pah! [laughing] I love your new look,
Martha! What do you think of this,
Ruby? Ah-hem, huh? Uh oh. You go ahead and start. I’ll be right back. Max! You’re standing
on the hose! Sprinkler! Blocking the water like
that could burst the hose. And then the water
would go everywhere – including our Summer
Fashion Party. Why don’t we find you some other summer
toy to play with? Like this big bouncy beach ball! You’ll have lots
of fun with that! Thanks, Max. [quietly]
Sprinkler! Who wants lemonade? I do! Me too! Yum! Huh? [gasp] [laughter] Huh? [gasps]
Help yourselves! There’s a curly
straw for everyone! Whoa, Max! Sprinklers and
flying beach balls don’t belong near my
Summer Fashion Party. [sigh] [gasp]
I know! Why don’t you pretend
there’s a three-alarm fire, and rescue all your toys
with your Fire Truck? Here you go! Have fun, Max!TOY:
Alert! Alert!
Sprinkler. Who likes beach
blanket dancing? I do! Me too! Let’s dance! ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ Check out my twist,
it goes like this! [♪] I’m doing the Swim! [♪] I don’t know what
this is called… but it’s fun! [♪]TOY:
Emergency! Emergency!
Sprinkler! [♪] [gasps] Who’s having fun at our
Summer Fashion Party? I am! Me too! Woo hoo! [screaming] Sprinkler! Max! Your whirl o’ water
sprinkler’s getting our summer
dresses wet! [laughter] Great idea, Ruby! Huh? What a fun way to
let us show off our matching summer
bathing suits! Only you would think of having a summer
fashion sprinkler party! Max!
My Summer Fashion Party is an even bigger hit,
thanks to you and your… Sprinkler! We’re here for your garden
tea party, Grandma! Come on in! I’m just going to finish up
getting the tea ready. Mrs. Huffington
should be here soon! Okay, Grandma! [whispers]
Hurry, Max. We’ve only got
a few minutes before Grandma
comes back out. I’m going to surprise her by planting these
daisies in her garden! Grandma says daisies are one
of her favourite flowers. Hop! I know you want to
learn how to hop on your new pogo stick. But as soon as
Mrs. Huffington gets here, Grandma will be coming
out for the tea party. And I’ve got a lot
to do before then! [chuckles]
Okay, Max. I’ll show you
how to do it. The first thing
you have to do is make sure you’re
on hard ground – like this pathway. If you try to bounce on the
grass, you’ll just get stuck. Then you have to learn
to balance on it without falling over. Like… this. Steady…
Whoa… Steady… There! And once you’re steady,
you just start hopping! Hop! Whew! But now I better
“hop to it” if I’m going to surprise
Grandma with my daisies. First, I have to
loosen the soil. Then I have to dig
holes for the daisies. Then I’ll plant them. [grunting] Wow!
The ground sure is hard. Whew! This is going to take
longer than I thought! Hop! Hop. [grunts]
Hop. Ugh! Ooops! [chuckles]
That’s okay, Max. I’ll just go refill
my watering can. Hop. Oh, hopping on a pogo stick
isn’t that easy, is it? Why don’t I show you again. But it’ll have to be quick. Mrs. H will be here any minute. Hmm, I think I know how to
help you learn to balance. You stand here, okay? Sometimes it helps if
you hold onto something until you get your balance. Then… you… carefully let go. Steady, aaand… Hop! Hop! [laughs] Hop! Now you try. Lean on me until
you get your balance. There you go. Now, I’m going to
slowly step away, and you’ll be on your own. Ready? You’ve got it!
[chuckles] Okay Max,
keep practicing. I’ve got to get
my daisies planted before Grandma
comes out! [laughs]
Hop! Hop! Hop! [humming quietly] You’ve got it now, Max! Remember to stay on the path
where the ground is hard. Hop! Wow, the water
that Max spilled has softened up the soil
and made it easier to dig! Wait a second. That gives me an idea! There! Now I won’t have any trouble
digging up the rest of the soil. Hop! Hop! Ugh… [grunts] Hmmm… There. The garden is all
ready for planting. Now I have to dig the holes
for all these daisies. Whew! This is taking longer
than I thought. I hope I can finish
before Grandma comes out! Perfect! Helloooo Max! [gasp]
Mrs. Huffington is coming! And I still have to
dig all the holes and plant the rest
of the daisies. Oh well, I’ll just
do the best I can. Huh? Hop! Careful, Max! [gasp] Max, your pogo stick
makes perfect holes for Grandma’s daisies!Hello!Hi, Mrs. Huffington.[gasp] Perfect timing, Mrs. H. I was just coming
out with the tea. [gasp]
Max! I didn’t know you could
ride a pogo stick! I’ve got a surprise
for you too, Grandma! Ta-da!Daisies!Oh, they’re beautiful! You know, daisies are one
of my favourite flowers! [giggles]
I know! You did a wonderful job
of planting them, Ruby. Well, believe it or not, I couldn’t have done it
without Max and his… Pogo stick! [laughter]

David Anderson

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