Max & Ruby: Max and the Magnet / Ruby’s Parrot Project / Max’s Spaghetti – Ep.76

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]Max and Ruby…Ruby and her
little brother, Max…
[♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] I can’t wait to make
some jewellery with my new Bunny Baubles
Jewellery Kit. Vroom, Vroom! [gasp]
I know! I’ll make a brooch for Grandma! Grandma gave me
the jewellery kit, so it’s the perfect
way to say thank you! Making jewellery takes a lot
of time and patience, Max. I don’t think you’d like it. Hmmm… [gasp] But I know something
you will like! Uh huh! TA DA! The “Magnificent
Magnets Science Kit” that Grandma got you. Magnets are lots of fun. They stick to metal things! If you experiment with them, you’ll figure out
what that means. That’s what real
scientists do. Here. You’ll even look
like a scientist if you wear
this lab coat. While I make a
brooch for Grandma you can have fun experimenting
with your magnets, okay “Scientist Max”? Okay! [grunting] [gasps]
Magnet! The instructions say: Step one, choose a metal
shape for your brooch. Step two – choose the beads you
want to decorate with. Step three – glue the
beads onto the brooch. Step four – glue the metal clasp
to the back of the brooch. Hmm, I can do that! Oh, there are so many different
shapes to choose from. Thd question is which one
would Grandma like best? [gasp] [chuckles] [grunts] Hmm. [grunts] [grunts] Oof! Magnet! I need to find something
that’s just right for Grandma. Hmm, she likes leaves, but she doesn’t love them. A Teddy bear? Hmm, I don’t think so. Huh…? [chuckles] Magnet! Yes, the metal
in my jewellery is sticking to
your magnet. Thanks Max! Oh, Grandma will be here soon and I haven’t found the
right shape for her brooch. [gasp]
A daisy! That’s one of Grandma’s
favourite flowers! Now I just have to choose
the beads to glue on it. Hmm, Daisies have
white petals and a beautiful
yellow centre. I hope I have enough beads. [sneaky whisper]
Magnet… [sneaky wh per]
Magnet… RUBY: I’m more than halfway
done making the white petals. And I’m saving this beautiful
yellow bead for the middle! Then it’ll look just
like a rea daisy! Magnet! HUH? Max stop! Whew! OH NO! Aaah! Ahhhh! My Beads! Here’s one white bead. Oh! And another. Oh, there’s two more! Phew, the last one. Oh no! Where’s the big beautiful
yellow bead for the middle? It must be here somewhere. Max, this is
an emergency! I’ve lost
my yellow bead. [gasp] Magnet! Whew, that was lucky! Grandma will be here soon and I’m almost finished
making her brooch. It’s tricky work so… no more magnet, okay? [sigh] Hmmm… Done! Hmm… [gasp]
I KNOW! I’ll put it on and
when Grandma notices it I’ll give it to her! Oh!
She should be here soon! [gasp]
Here she comes! Ahhh! The brooch! What are you doing? Perfect!
You found it! Magnet! I guess the glue
wasn’t dry yet.[doorbell rings]Grandma! Hi Ruby! Hello,
“Scientist Max!” [gasp] Where did you get
that beautiful brooch? I made it –
for you! Oh Ruby! Did I ever
tell you daisied were one of my
favourite flowers? It’s lovely! Uh huh! I nearly lost the brooch,
but Max found it – by using his helicopter
and his Magnificent… Magnets! [laughter] [laughs] [squawks] [laughs] I think Pandora likes
it here by the window. I’m sure she’ll
be in good hands. I’ll be back later
to pick her up. Say goodbye to Rosalinda! I wish I could get
her to talk, but she just hasn’t
learned yet. Oh well, she’s
lots of fun anyway! Bye Pandora! Bye Max!
Bye Ruby! See you later. I’ve just had
a great idea! Let’s give Rosalinda
a surprise! Surprise? [squawk] [chuckles] Rosalinda wishes
Pandora could talk! What if we try to teach her? Surprise! [squawk] I’m going use this book and
teach her to say something by the time Rosalinda
gets back. Hmm…
Surprise! Now let’s see… “When you speak to your parrot, always use a happy,
positive tone.” I can do that! Guess what Pandora! I’m going to teach you how
to say ‘Hello Rosalinda!’ Won’t that be fun? [quietly]
Surprise! Do you think you can
learn to say that? “Hello Rosalinda!” Won’t t t be a wonderful…[Pop Goes the Weasel playing]Surprise! Aaah! [squawks] [squawking] [chuckles] That was a good
surprise, Max. But it’s not the kind of
surprise I was thinking of. The book says that
parrots like their home to be “calm and peaceful.”
Okay Max? Thanks. Now, let’s see what
else I need to know about teaching you to speak. Surprise! The book says… ‘Parrots like
company and attention and they also like
to have toys.’ Well, I can give you lots
of attention, can’t I? [squawk] Hi Pandora! [chuckles] But you still need some toys.[Pop Goes the Weasel][squawks] Surprise! Oh! [squawks] That was another
good surpr e, Max. [squawks] Hmmm, if I could
just find some toys to keep Pandora company. [gasp]
Your flipping chicks! I bet she would love these toys! [sigh] [chuckles] [squawks] She likes them! Maybe now she’ll feel
more like talking! Can you say
“Hello Rosalinda”? Say, “Hello Rosalinda!” I’d better look
at the book again. [gasp]
Surprise! ‘When teaching your
parrot to talk, start with a word
or simple phrase, and repeat it over and over.’ I think ‘Hello Rosalinda’
is a nice simple phrase. Don’t you Pandora? Hello Rosalinda! Hello Rosalinda! Hello Rosalinda! Hmm, aren’t you going to
say anything, Pandora?[Pop Goes the Weasel][squawks]Surprise! [squawks] That was another
good surprise, Max. [squawks] But I’m working an
even better surprise. Now let’s get back to work. [sighs] Thanks Max! Hello Rosalinda! Hmm, I think I’ll
check the book again. [sneakily]
Surprise… ‘Parrots like to copy sounds. If your parrot isn’t speaking, try an easier sound
like whistling’. Can you whistle,
ndora? Like this? [whistles tune] [chuckles] Now you try! [whistles tune] [whistles tune] Surprise! [Pop Goes the Weasel]Ribbit! Ribbit! Max! I’m trying to teach
Pandora to whistle. And Frog Prince
isn’t helping – Ribbit! Ribbit!
[squawks] Ribbit! Pandora! You made a frog sound! Ribbit!
Ribbit! Ribbit!
Ribbit! If you can do that, I bet
you can learn to speak, too! Say ‘Hello Rosalinda!’ ‘Hello Rosalinda!’ Ribbit! [sigh] Don’t you want to give
Rosalinda a nice surprise? [gasp]
Surprise! I know you can do it, Pandora! One more time… Say ‘Hello Rosalinda!’[doorbell rings]That must be her! Hmm, I guess hearing you say
‘Ribbit’ will be a surprise. Ribbit! Hi Rosalinda. Hi Ruby. How did you get on
with Pandora? We got along fine.
Only … Only what, Ruby? Well, I was planning
something special for you, but it worked out a little
different than I thought.[Pop Goes the Weasel]I was going to teach
Pandora to say…[Pop Goes the Weasel][squawks]
SURPRISE! Pandora!
You spoke! That’s amazing,
Ruby! How did you do it? [snickerdd Actually, I was
trying to teach her to say ‘Hello Rosalinda’. But it turns out, Max was
teaching her to say… [squawks]
SURPRISE! Ribbit.GRANDMA: Ready to catch
the spaghetti, Ruby?
Ready, Grandma.
I can’t wait for Mr. Piazza
to get here so we can start our
real Italian dinner. That’s right! I hope he likes- [gasp]
Spaghetti! [chuckles]
But it’s not just spaghetti. It’s spaghetti with
Grandma’s special zesty Italian
tomato sauce! Mr. Piazza’s going to
love it, right, Grandma? Well, I certainly hope so! I know he will! And guess what, Max. We’re going to
surprise Mr. Piazza by making Grandma’s
kitchen look like a real Italian restaurant! You know – with a red checkered tablecloth
and matching napkins… and candles and bread sticks. Goodness! Look at the time. Ooh, Mr. Piazza will
be here any minute and I haven’t freshened up yet! Mmm, Spaghetti! You’ll have to wait
for spaghetti, Max. When Mr. Piazza gets here, we’ll mix it with Grandma’s
special red tomato sau . But first we have
to set the table so it looks like
a real Italian restaurant. Did you know I can
speak Italian, Max? Fuseli! Rigatoni! Ravioli! Spaghetti! [chuckles] didn’t know you could
speak Italian too! There the table cloth. Spaghetti… Aha!
Bellissimo! That’s Italian for…[loud slurping][gasp][loud slurping]MAX! [gasp] Mmmm!
Spaghetti! [chuckles] You have to wait
for the spaghetti. And it’ll taste
even better with Grandma’s special
zesty Italian tomato sauce! Mr. Piazza will be here soon and then you can have all
the spaghetti you want. Just like in a real
Italian restaurant. [sigh] Now, that’s Italian! But it’s just the beginning. We need forks and spoons so we can eat spaghetti
the Italian way! Do you know the proper
way to eat spaghetti, Max? Like this. You get some
spaghetti on your fork and then twirl it
against your spoon. And then you put
it in your mouth! Spaghetti! [chuckles]
Not yet, Max! I was just showing
you for later. You can put these forks
and spoons on the table, while I get other things. Grazie, Max! That’s Italian
for ‘thank you’! [humming quietly] [sighs] This salad is named after
a famous Italian leader called Caesar. Caesar salad is only served in the very best
Italian restaurants. Oh – I can’t forget the
curly twirly bread sticks! Hmmm.
Something’s missing. Spaghetti? I think we’ll wait till
Mr. Piazza gets here. Then we’ll bring
out the spaghetti, and mix it with Grandma’s
special zesty tomato sauce right at the table. Won’t that be exciting? [gasp]
It’s perfect. Now all we need is… Spaghetti! [chuckles]
Music! You can keep setting the table
while I put on an opera. That’s a play sung to music. Opera is very Italian. Mr. Piazza loves music. He’s always singing in his shop! This one’s perfect. The Bunny of Seville. ♪[Opera music] ♪Spaghetti! Wow!
Everything’s perfect.[whirring noise][gasp]MAX!OH NO![doorbell]It’s Mr. Piazza!
Quick! Clean up the spaghetti
while I get the door. Spaghetti! Coming! ♪[Opera music] ♪I’ve got it, Grandma. Buon Giorno,
Mr. Piazza! Buon Giorno, Ruby! Yoo hooo! [kisses]
Ciao Bella! Do you like the music,
Mr. Piazza? I chose it just for you! THANKS!
I love opera! Now a’
That’s Italian! [chuckling] There’s more! Wait till you see
the dinner table!It’s just like a real
Italian restaurant,
with a checkered table
cloth and matching napkins and curly twirly
bread sticks! That sounds bellissimo! But, you know, there’s
really only one thing that matters in a real
Italian restaurant. I know what you’re
talking about! ♪[Opera music] ♪It’s spaghetti time! WHOA! [gasps] Nice catch, Max! You saved the spaghetti AND you mixed it in Grandma’s
special zesty tomato sauce! Bravo! Bravissimo! Well done! And now we can get to
the most important part! Where we all get to eat… Spaghetti! [slurps]

David Anderson

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